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Have opted for commerce without maths ..want to know the scope in it

Have opted for comerce without maths .. Whts the scope in it ? N cn I do bban mba .. Aftr school .. As in for its entrance exam do we need maths ?

by Namarata Masand
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3 answers

RE: Have opted for commerce without maths ..want to know the scope in it

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Hello dear friend...

Opting for commerce with out maths is not a problem at all according to me. You can easily pursue for many courses like BBA that is bachelor in business administration and MBA that is master in business administration even CA that is chartered accountant.

Yes of course you need to give entrance for some courses and there maths will be there but that no where will be a twelve maths rather the question will be of basic mathematics like percentage, ratio and proportion, Time work, energy, etc.

So no need to worry about the entrance exam with little practice of basics maths topics you can clear easily and enroll for the courses you desire.
apart from this I would like to tell you that people very often confuse maths in commerce is mandatory and one cannot excel with it, but it is a complete mis conception. yeah no doubt it will help to grasp an learn many things fast but it is not compulsory to grow and succeed in commerce line. There are many options and lines in commerce which demands less of maths like CA, CS company secretary, but the only advantage will be the calculation speed and accuracy. You can even go MBA in finance as in master level courses generally calculators are allowed and not to worry that much about calculation part at all.
so just complete your course well with maths or with out maths does not matter that much what matter more is good score and doing good in what you opt for. It is always important to go for interested area rather than getting stuck with something in which you are not interested at all.
Hope you got the answer to your doubts and will face no difficulties in the same line in future for not choosing maths.
I can give you assurity on that as I have seen many live examples and they succeeded and well placed in big companies too. They are very happy and satisfied with their course as well as job life which in itself is a green signal for you to got for it with confidence and with no hesitation in behind. Keeping doubts aside and just focus little on basic knowledge of maths, move ahead and get your desired place.
Thank you

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RE: Have opted for commerce without maths ..want to know the scope in it

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,

In my more than seven years of career counselling experience, I have come across queries where students are afraid of maths and want to avoid it in their course - graduate or post graduate. However fearing maths and running away from it is not an answer. I would like you to please understand that maths which is taught for science stream is NOT required in the commerce field. Maths only relevant to business transactions and commerce is required. There fore high levle of mastery in maths is absolutely not required. I can tell you this since I myself fear maths yet I did not face any problem in my career till now, since I managed to learn maths only upto the level to which it was required in my commerce and MBA courses.

Please relax and dont fear maths at all.

I am thank ful to you for approaching CareerGuide for seeking guidance and advice on your career concern.

Commerce without maths:

Commerce career is definitely possible without maths but to tell you knowing and ability to understand the basic level of maths is very much required and necessary.

There are courses under commerce stream as already suggested by my dear colleague Ms. Sonia Agrawal like Company Secretary, Law, Hotel Management, Media, Event Management, Mass Communication, Marketing, Human Resource, etc. Here too, there is little maths involved.

BBA and MBA:

You can surely do BBA and MBA later. This would be a good career choice for you if you feel passionate and from the bottom of your heart willing to take efforts and learn and get knwoledgable in the particular domain area.

In the entrance of MBA, there is definitely a maths section which is called as Quantitative Ability Test section. This section has questions on maths. The questions asked are of all HSC level maths. If you practice the mock tests, you will be surely able to get a hang of them and become a master and appear those questions with good confidence.

Practicing Maths can only be an answer if you wish to do an MBA froma a reputed Institute in India. You should join a coaching class where all the sections of the entrance test of MBA are taught and you are also taught how to answer them smartly in lesser time.

Best Luck

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RE: Have opted for commerce without maths ..want to know the scope in it

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing Meracareerguide and writing to us. Commerce without maths? No problem if you are willing to pursue a career where maths is not necessary but it will be a problem if you pursue a career where maths is the basic subject.

Please spend a few minutes in taking up the psychometric assessment from this website and you will understand where you want to go in future. Let me ask you a few questions now. As you have taken commerce at school level, where do you want to be in future and in what position and in what industry? Do you like to do an MBA in future or at least a CA - Chartered accountancy? If you say yes for either of these two professions, then you are definitely required to study Maths until 12th level. If you say no to these questions, stay relaxed and choose the other career line.

Without a maths, you can pursue the following education and related careers. Mass media, Visual communications, History, Geography, Economics, Commerce (BCom), Hotel management, Fashion technology, Textile designing, Interior designing, BBA Bachelor of business administration, BBE Bachelor of business economics and Catering technology and management. Ask yourself if you are happy to pursue a career in either of the mentioned fields. If yes, stay away happily from maths all your life and you wont have it even at entrance test at any point of these careers.

However if you aspire to do a career in finance, accounts, business then maths is deemed as necessary and plays an integral role in each of these professions.For example, if you choose
Finance: Maths is an integral subject in finance. Your job is only playing with numbers, doing analysis of investment, making budgets, tallying budgets and suggesting budget requirements and control. Investment banks are the main source of finance careers and the entrance test to their job also contains maths, not just school level maths but also a higher level maths regarding investment theories, equations and calculations.

Accounts: This will most often lead students to pursue Chartered accountancy and this again is dealing with numbers. Your career will be most often into auditing where you will audit your customers or firms on their annual company balance sheet statements.

Business/ MBA: Getting into a BBA is relatively easy but not into an MBA. An MBA admission itself requires students to get high scores in CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ GMAT where maths is almost 50% of the entrance test paper. But this entrance test maths will only test your proficiency on maths that you studied until 12th level and so brushing up on the school level maths is highly essential. If you have not studied maths until 12th level, students may find it pretty hard to excel these competitive entrance tests with a high score. Although there are students who spend money on coaching class like going to TIME coaching centre and spend at least a year in being coached, to prepare them for the competitive exam.

Finally I advice you to ask yourself if you are comfortable in pursuing a career where maths is never necessary. If you are happy, then choose the careers accordingly. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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RE: Have opted for commerce without maths ..want to know the scope in it

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