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How is the typical day of a Professor? Is it too hectic?

Please help me out

by Sagar Hirani
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RE: How is the typical day of a Professor? Is it too hectic?

Deepak Rana
Deepak Rana
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The work usually starts early in the morning with the preparation of day's activities. A professor has to be well prepared for the topics they want to cover on that day. Huge amount of homework and research is required on their part. Once they get ready and reach the university/college, they interact with students and discuss the assignments and other work.

The lecture begins and it's often a challenging job. Professor has to be interactive throughout the session and maintain constant communication throughout. They also have to face the questions asked by the students. It's important that they clarify all the doubts.

After delivering an average of three lectures a day, professors find time in between for the lunch and the coffee. They also work on their research and thesis, which is an important part of their work. They spend times in labs or libraries to gain more knowledge and understanding of the concepts. One of the main challenges for professors is that they can never stop learning.

Below is the video depicting a typical day in the life of a professor:

RE: How is the typical day of a Professor? Is it too hectic?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Being a professor by profession I am happy to write about our typical day to day life which make us sharp and attentive.

1. A professor is given his or her time table for the lectures in advance and accordingly they start to prepare the lecture.

2. A lecture takes 50-60 minutes which is sufficient time to cover a topic if topic is too big then split it into multiple lectures but must inform the students in advance.

3. Lecturers start the day with hot coffy or tea to imbibe the lecture it is my style and then access the library near by or electronic media digital library avalialble with us to prepare a meaningful lecture.

4. Attendence of student by the name looks better. Each topic is very important for a teacher and has to be tought with full understanding, if you are not prepared then better to drop the idea of today teaching module and discuss the taught complex module which seem to be tough and convert the class room as a tutorial class which helps the student by soloving the puzzles and time will not be wasted.

5. media of teaching is always english as per the recommendation from UGC if require then speak in hindi

White board and marker must be there to draw the graph, table, derivations, equations etc. At the same time we prepare lecture in electronin media also like animation, video clips, Powerpoint Presentation -PPT projected through the didgital projecter.

5. A good teacher alwas prefer to interact with the students in frequent manner before taking another topic one should declear the topic name, related book, review articles etc so that your help could be fruitful to explain the topic and it will be taken as an interactive class. befor starting the topic you must refresh the last taught matter so that you can link the current topic and then it becomes easy to deliver.

6. To make your lecture interesting you always give the contemporery references and show the relevent model etc.

7. Once you finish the lecture after the lecture then you must be feeling tired now rush to caffeetaria for refreshment or hightea to recharge yourself again get back to your cabin and be ready to attend the next call from your senior as your boss knows about your time table and accordingly they fix the meeting for academic and research discussion.

Many more things are there to discuss if you have any further query must call us.


Dr. Manoj

RE: How is the typical day of a Professor? Is it too hectic?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
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Dear Aspirant, I am going to write something about my daily routine in the Institite. Since I am in the same profession, therefore I am very happy to answer your question. The day of a professor starts with planning of lectures, meatings, guiding masters or docatoral degree students and obviously some official or admisnistrative works.

A professor goes through the notes, it could be paper materials or powerpoint, an efficiant professor always uses many teaching techniques to make his or her students undserstand the topic. Normally a lecture is of one hour, but initial five minutes is just revision or discussion of previous lecture and last five minutes again for revision of what he or she taught. The 45 to 50 minutes in the lecture, the professor regularly teach and interact with the students, the quesris of the students also sovled at the same time.

After the class, the professor revitalizes himself with a cup of hot coffee or tea. This time he or she may spends with colleagues and many times some students do drop to discuss some topics and may be their career or technical training related queries.

Normally a professor takes two classes per day, but the work load depends upon the size of the department and classes.

Besides taking regular classes the professor also involved in research activities. It includes regular monitoring of resrch work done by masters degree of doctoral degree student or by research scholars working in research project.

A professor has to write research projects to the funding agencies, if he or she wins it then again busy in recruting of research scolars, paper formalities and meetings.

A professor also find some time in day to write or correct research papers, review articles or book chapters. If some projects are in the progress then he has to write or correct the montly, tri monthly, six monthly and annual reports.

Finally there is some time for departmental meetings, it could be of any topic, ranging from academic to research related topics. The meetings may lasts from half and hour to one hour or more than that.

The professor has to find some time to read and reply official and personal mails.

And ultimately, the time for evening tea and lunch is flexible, it depends upon the availability of time.

But over all the things are very exciting and satisfying.....

RE: How is the typical day of a Professor? Is it too hectic?

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