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How should I plan my career once I have enrolled in Mass Communication?

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RE: How should I plan my career once I have enrolled in Mass Communication?

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First of all, it’s important to know what mass communication stands for. Mass communication involves the study of media which comprises of radio, television, internet, newspaper etc. It is more useful than the other forms because at a time it connects a large number of people.

Generally, in today’s world, a person of even a small cadre can raise his voice and make millions of people join him in his fight. To be heard, it is not necessary to be a public figure or have a big surname. It has generally helped the poor and middle-class to raise their voice against the corrupt who snatch their rights. Mass Media is used to bring issues to the limelight, help in creating awareness also can be used as a way to entertain people, largely it helps you to connect the world and helps you to know all the minor details of all the political strategies going around in your country.

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What this field wants:

A person who has the determination, strength to work hard, the power to break the stereotypes plus a creative mind to explore more opportunities, you’re fit for the job because this is what this field demands. There are plenty of job opportunities like if you wish to go in the broadcasting department, advertising, you wish to become an editor and the most popular these days the online journalism.   

Every field requires success, and this is a hard fact everybody needs success in terms of money but also there are some people who require success morality wise. Having a good public image both corporate wise and social wise is very important. Providing the audience with only the correct and elaborate news because that’s what all the moral success is about.


Early steps

Well, during the graduation


  • The Foremost thing is the full and proper knowledge of your trade. Learn each and everything very cautiously and brace yourself up, build confidence, set your objectives straight and having communication skills.
  • Plan for a postgraduate degree, because that really grooms you up and it also sometimes helps in achieving high positions in your job. Well, they say ‘Experience always counts’.
  • Try working on blogs and websites, plus in the yearly holidays, you can also plan for interns at some newspaper companies or media associations. Where you learn to work before your job, and helps you work more efficiently.

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Things to keep in mind:

  • Job opportunities – Depending upon your interest, you can choose your own job because this profession has plenty of job opportunities like you can become a journalist, editor, correspondent, direction, it also opens opportunities in the film industry. To summarize, work hard, gates are open for you.
  • Pay – The starting salary of a mass communication graduate goes from INR 12K – INR 25K. Doing a mass communication degree from a well-reputed college does certainly gives you benefits like exposure, confidence and well, the tag says everything.
  • Negatives – Well, every job has its own negative’s and these in this job include having no personal time because you have to be committed every time and forth. Breaking news doesn't decide the time and come, it’s more of a spontaneous job. Sometimes you have to work all day out, some news demand closure and another common man opinion. IF YOU CHOOSE THIS, KEEP IN MIND EVERYDAY’S GONNA BE A CHALLENGE.
  • Top companies to apply to – There’s a huge network of the Zee TV, Times of India, BBC, CNN, Republic, The Tribune, Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Viacom.


At the end, it all depends upon the child’s interest. If you have good oratory skills, and you have good communication skills go for the department of anchors or advertising also needs such qualities. Got skills in the digital field, go for digital media which handles all the internet links. Creative minds can opt for print media, where you can brace up the information in your own way to make it catchy and easy to understand by the audience.

You have to be updated by the new technologies and advancements. Old ways are gone and this is the new era where people ask for brief but correct news plus which is a bit catchy by eyes.

Hope, you make the right decisions and work hard.


For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: How should I plan my career once I have enrolled in Mass Communication?

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