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How to prepare for UGC NET economics?

by Karan Bhut
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2 answers

RE: How to prepare for UGC NET economics?

Ravi Mahawar
Ravi Mahawar


The National Testing Agency will be the organizing institute of UGC NET Dec 2018.

The exam will be conducted for 84 subjects including Economics.

If you have completed postgraduation in economics with good marks (minimum 55%) then you can appear in it.

To prepare yourself for this subject you can follow these tips –

  • Basic understanding of UGC NET Economics is the first step of preparation so it will be helpful for you to get detailed information about UGC NET Syllabus and exam pattern.
  • Get only quality study material for NET preparation. You can take help from examrace, career endeavour, eduncle  UGC NET material or from the other sites which provide NET Exam material. All are helpful to crack the NET Exam.
  • Make a routine for study and follow it. You can divide hours with 10 minutes intervals to make a perfect routine.
  • Revision in compulsory to boost up your preparation level.
  • Start practicing through UGC NET Previous Year Papers and to get aware of the questions that will be asked in the exam.

So, these are some basic guidelines to be followed for preparation of UGC NET Economics and for other subjects too.

Best of luck!

RE: How to prepare for UGC NET economics?

Rohit kumar
Rohit kumar

Hi Karan Bhut,

The basic strategy for UGC NET JRF 2021 should completion of the whole syllabus within 6 months as the examination for this year will be conducted in June 2021.

Essentially, the UGC NET JRF exam is conducted in Two Papers- Paper 1 and Paper 2. While Paper 1 includes general topics like teaching aptitude, quantitative aptitude, polity and constitution, environment, etc. This paper is generally deemed scoring and easier to crack.

Whereas the syllabus of Paper 2 is totally based on the syllabus of graduation and post-graduation syllabus. Dedicated preparation for three months is required to crack this exam.

According to my a minimum of 6 months of preparation is required to Prepare for UGC NET Examination. These 3 months can be divided into

  • 4 months for Preparation
  • 2 month for Mock Tests

Out of these 4 months for Preparation, you can allocate one month each for Paper 1 and Paper 2.

There are approximately 20 topics in Paper 1. You can give 6 days for each topic. In these 6 days, you can read about the topic for the first 4 days and the third day you can practice questions related to that topic. If you follow this approach, you will be able to complete the syllabus of Paper 1 in two month and similarly, you can complete the syllabus of Paper 2 (Commerce) in two month.

Now, you have to start giving Mock Tests. Start with past years papers and that too move from old to recent past years papers. Make a set of 5 papers. Solve them and look for the subjects in which you are facing problems. Then you can start working on improving that subject.

Divide your subjects into three categories, i.e., Strong, Medium, and Weak. Start your Preparation with Strong Subjects, then go with the medium one and at last the weak ones. The reason to follow this approach is that there is no sectional or subject-wise cutoff in NET Examination, you just need to maximize your score.

Now the question arises, How will you find out which are your strong subjects and which are the weak one. Doing this is quite simple, appear for 2–3 Mock Tests before you start your preparation. These mock tests will help you assess the following:

(a) The difference between your current preparation level and the level that is required to pass the exam.

(b) If you need to work on certain topics from scratch.

(c) If you are taking too much time in solving questions.

Then you can make a list of topics in the following categories:

(a) Topics that you are comfortable with and can solve quickly. - (Strong Subjects)

(b) Topics that you are comfortable with but taking time in solving. - (Medium Subjects)

(c) Topics that you have solved earlier but forgot the method of solving. - (Medium Subjects)

(d) Topics that you are not at all comfortable with. - (Weak Subjects)

I am providing you with the syllabus of UGC NET Economics 2021 as an in-depth understanding of the same would enable you to competently prepare for the examination by deploying your efforts and time in the right direction.

RE: How to prepare for UGC NET economics?

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