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How to prepare for UPSC-CSE/IAS exam in a year successfully?

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RE: How to prepare for UPSC-CSE/IAS exam in a year successfully?

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The UPSC- Civil Service Examination and Indian Administrative Services are considered to be the direct ticket to serving the nation at development front. The candidates selected in these examinations are directly for National Defence academy, naval services, Combined Defence Services, Civil Services like IAS, IPS, IFS, and IRS, Medical Engineering Services, SCRA and mostly all the other government establishments. UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission and is considered to be one the toughest selection procedure in the entire country. This is because of the greater responsibilities and the higher position involve accountability for the whole commission or department. Due to all this, the selection procedure should be apt and reliable in order to select the best candidate to fulfill all the responsibilities. Also, that much of importance and much higher position makes the job more lavish and lure more and more people every year. This is why the competition in these exams is considered to be the highest. This all leads to an equally important and essential demand for the selection procedure of this exam. The UPSC or Civil Service examinations are hence considered to be the exams with most of the participants and with the least possible opportunities.


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The complete selection procedure of this examination is vast and is varied in three different rounds, each shortlisting the best possible candidates and downsizing the number of participants in each and every stages, making the competition intact and tough. The different rounds in these different examination procedures are as follow as:

  1. CSAT or preliminary examination: This is the first phase of the examination and is consists of all the objective type questions on the topics of general ability and English comprehension. This section is like another aptitude test with some additional topics like current affairs, history of India and other topics. The topics in this section are as follow as:
  • Current Affairs
  • History of India and National Movements
  • Indian and World Geography
  • Indian Political Sciences and Governance
  • Economic and Social Development
  • General issues on Environmental Ecology, Biology and Climate change
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Interpersonal skills and communication skills
  • Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • General Mathematics and Aptitude
  • Basic Maths and number systems.


  1. Main Examination: The second phase of the examination consists of nine different papers each playing an important role in order to improve the score. Each examination consists of its very own importance and is most important for the establishment of a greater score. All the papers in this examination are of a subjective type and are as follow as:
  • Paper 1 consists of one Indian language and is of 300 marks
  • Paper 2 is of English language and is of 300 marks again
  • Paper 3 is essay writing and consists of 250 marks
  • Paper 4, Paper 5, Paper 6 and Paper 7 are of general studies and each paper carries 250 marks each.
  • Paper 8 and Paper 9 are of optional Subjects and again carrying the weightage of 250 marks each

On combining each and every section, the total scoring is done out of 1750 marks and it is very important to have a good score in each paper individually to have a good score.

  1. Interview: Interview is the third and final stage of selection procedure and is considered as the personality check of an individual. In an interview, all the personal traits and characteristics of a person are checked and on the basis of these traits, one is judged to be the best fit for the position or not. The main idea is to check whether the person is mentally and physically prepared to keep the responsibilities of the job or not. This round is important since it involves the direct interaction with the higher officials as well as a nice impression in this round will end up in the best possible results.

As it is clear that examination is tough and hence it is important to ace this examination in one go. This can be done by creating and knowing the examination well. Here are the few tips that need to be kept in mind while preparing for the examination.

  • Awareness: The first point to ace this examination is to know about all the happenings in the country and keep a track of everything. This will be the best possible way to prepare for current affairs and also puts you in a comfortable position.
  • Time dedication: Time plays a most important factor here since, each and everything is dependent on time and hence creating the time table to study and complete the exam or questions in that much of time will always keep you in better positions. Also, better analysis of time stamps will keep you know about your strong and weak spots.
  • Know everything: It is impossible to know everything, still having an accurate knowledge of all the other subjects and fields will help you to score well in the exam and in each and every round. And also makes you deduce the possible answers that you don’t know in the examination.
  • Plan your study: There are a lot of papers and sections in these examinations and hence it is important to study each and everything The effective study of all the required topics regularly and in an efficient manner will help you to know things better and hence delivering better possible results.
  • Work on weak points: You need to know your weak points. In order to know your weak points, self-analyze yourself, and work and improve on your weak points. This is so because the mega number of sections in the examination and requirement of knowing each and everything.
  • Work on yourself: In the personal interview, you will be judged on the basis of your mental alertness and thinking capabilities and hence it is important to work on yourself and hence making yourself better in order to perform well in the interview.

For further information feel free to have talks with the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: How to prepare for UPSC-CSE/IAS exam in a year successfully?

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