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I have completed my engg in IT branch now I want to do teaching in engg college in can I apply

I am interest in teaching field I want job in teaching field ....what can I for this..can any one suggest me.

by Devesh Sharma
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3 answers

RE: I have completed my engg in IT branch now I want to do teaching in engg college in can I apply

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Founder & CEO: Discovering Careers India
  • pune

Hello There!

The word teaching in your query made me feel happy and glad and very exciting to answer your query. I must appreciate that in today's generation you are inclined to take up teaching job as a full time employment. I compliment you for this.

Before I advice you, please allow me to tell you a bit about myself in brief... I am an Educationist and an Economist! I have been into career counselling for more than seven years and have counselled many students from the fields of engineering / law / management / commerce / finance, etc. I am also an author and my articles and research papers are published across the nation in reputed newspapers and magazines for more than ten years and have been writing on various topics like finance, economics, career management, etc. I am also into teaching for more than three years.

I understand that you have done your Engineering in Information Technology and wish to do teaching as a full time activity. As already complimented, you have taken a right decision and I suppose that you have done so based on your interests, passion and determination.

I would like to suggest that for a teaching position in engineering colleges, these days the requirement is of Master degree holders. If you have not completed your Masters in Engineering or MTech, then it is highly recommended that before joining a college as a Faculty or Assistant/Junior Professor, you must get a Masters degree in your liking area of specialisation. Getting a masters degree is a mandate for colleges taking faculty for their courses.

Basedon your engineering graduation degree, you may be able to get faculty jobs but they would not be secure and stable and you will face competition from the master degree holders and even doctorate candidates.

For being in the education field and teaching field, today it is very important to have a PhD (doctorate) degree. Therefore after you complete your Masters in Engineering of your choice, join a college for teaching job, however along side then you should also aim for completing Doctorate as early as possible. Because once a PhD, you will never have to worry for future and stability.

I hope you will give a serious thought to my suggestion and implement for you own good.

Best Luck

RE: I have completed my engg in IT branch now I want to do teaching in engg college in can I apply

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear friend

well you have very discent background and could be easily compatible for teaching, as you know teaching is the most challanging as well as communication skill oriented job. So start to set your mind and do look at your potentials if you carry all these then must involve into this profession.

Now a day many academic institutions / universities at govt, PSU as well as private level offering you core teaching or teaching cum research position and still a big sortage of potential candidates is there at national level so govt is encouraging youngester for higher education. Ofcourse Kota attracts you most becoz of high salary package and also expect something special in response otherwise very tough to sustain for long.

Now come to the preparatory level and let us discuss the points structurally:

1. As you are from engineering background and must be having BE / BTECH / ME /MTECH which simply lead you to attend the invitiation for interview. But it is not as easy as we discuss institution like Kota has the stringent criteria to screen the candidate befor calling any candidte for interview. Therefore you are advised to work out on your profile which must be represented in appropriate manner as your CV and statement of purpose. Must know you have very good command on english speaking along with the bright academic background throughout your career.

2. GATE/NET for teaching it is a prerequisite for academic profession which reflect your academic credibility before joing teching profession. If you have any of this then fine otherwise you must clear which gives you extra boost and confidence to claim the best package, definitely you will be given priority amongst the applicants.

3. For teaching job you must prepare the modules of interest what you will teach, in fact panel wil ask you do give demonstration for instance and naturally you will be nervous to the extent at first trial or you will try to be over confident to get rid of such problem so workout on these points and be comfortbale while delivering anything. Always opt out the best suited topic for your first demo lecture which will bring you to the series of questions from other side so be prepared.

4. Now a days aspirants adapt the electronic mode to showcase the potential. Better record your lecture in a good audio-video studeo and showcase it through youtube broadcasting and express your talent in extraordinary manner. Be careful while doing so you need to check the content and authenticity of your lecture otherwise it could be the matter of grievancess from anyside.

5. Very importnat aspect of your career is the background material what you have studied never forget your stength at fundamental level and do not try to explore irrelevent things.


RE: I have completed my engg in IT branch now I want to do teaching in engg college in can I apply

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

I hardly get to hear very few students aspiring for a teaching career and i am so happy to hear your career interest about teaching in colleges. You are almost at the right path to a teaching career. There are three ways to get into teaching career in general. First is the teaching career at school as teachers, second is at the college as lecturers and the third is the teaching at universities as professor. I am expalining to you in brief one by one here.

1. Teacher:
With a engineering degree in It, you can work as a teacher at local schools to teach students at 10th and 12th class in computer science subject or information technology subjects. You also need to get school teaching certification like the B.Ed and the M.Ed degrees to increase your teaching qualification. With a BE and B.Ed. you have high scope for teaching at schools.

2. Lecturer:
Where the first option is for teaching at school, this option and the next is for teaching at colleges and university level. With a BE degree, there are no colleges that accept you for teaching. However you need to qualify the national lecturship exam known as the UGC LEC to qualify for teaching at universities level. So with a BE plus UGC LEC, you can do teaching at colleges. UGC LEC is run two times a year in july and dec. I would also like to alert that almost only 10-15% colleges in India accept Bachelors qualification for teaching where as about 80-90% colleges prefer masters degrees with UGC NET or UGC LEC exam. Therefore you should complete MTech in Information technology course and qualify either UGC LEC or UGC NET exam. Both these exams are conducted two times a year in july and dec. It is good to have a MTech degree with national teaching qualification rather than only having a BE/ BTech degree.

3. Professor:
This is the professional path that most of the students follow to obtain a teaching career at colleges. For this, students should complete 10th, 12th class with minimum first class and then do a Bachelors degree. After the bachelors degree, you also need to complete the masters degree. Now then you need to write UGC NET exam and qualify it, with this qualification you are eligible to apply for a PhD in It subject. So after completing this PhD you can work in colleges as assistant professor initially and after a couple of years work experience you are eligible to work as a professor in college.

Choose the best path that you like and progress to your teaching career. All the best.

RE: I have completed my engg in IT branch now I want to do teaching in engg college in can I apply

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