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I want be Human Resource, can you please provide me how to start my career

by Asrar Khan
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3 answers

RE: I want be Human Resource, can you please provide me how to start my career

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello There!

Human Resource is an exciting field of study and due to the changing dynamics of businesses across the world, Human Resource and its Management have become highly important. Research in this field is also increasing day by day and new methods, tools, techniques and strategies are being realised and brought out.

I am glad that you approached for seeking guidance on how to get into the Human Resource Management career. I am glad that you have chosen Human Resource as an option for your career.

Just a little about myself - I am an Educationist and Economist. I have been into career counselling for more than seven years now for students majorly from the commerce / management / law / engineering field. I have also been into writing on various topics including economics and career management for reputed magazines and newspapers published across the nation for more than ten years now.

For a stable, sound, confident career in Human Resource, it is highly recommended and apt for a student to do an MBA in Human Resource Management from a very good Institute of good repute and history. Looking at the bad state of MBA institutes and MBA candidates in the industry, it is very important to pursue MBA not just for the sake of the degree but from a high repute Institute/University. MBA should not be regarded as a paper ticket to employment.

As you may be aware that Human Resource Management involves many high end activities like Recruitment, Selection, Appraisal, Policy making, promotion policy, Payroll, etc. All these mentioned are routine, important and typical job workings in an Human Resource Management department.

However today due to the changing dynamics of businesses and complexities, one important aspect in Human Resource Management which is gaining high importance is "Training and Development". Training and Development is generally termed as T&D in corporate parlance. T & D has become a very crucial aspect in HR departments and success of this gets translated into organisation's success.

For a stable and growing career, an MBA from Institutes like Symbiosis, IIMs, IMT, MDI, XLRI will be the best. These Institutes a are reputed to produce high calibre and good candidates for Human Resource field.

Thanks and Best Luck.

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RE: I want be Human Resource, can you please provide me how to start my career

Nanda Dave
Nanda Dave
Verified Career Expert
Director- The Mentors - T & M Consultants.
  • Vadodara

Dear Friend,

You did not mention what is your present status ? What is current field of study ?
The first step is to qualify your self for Human Resource studies before you branch out as a working professional.

Hence u first need to graduate.

U can choose BBA / BMS / B Com with HR.
This basic degree equips you to understand the field and check your seriousness to pursue higher education.
A PG degree is always better than a PG Diploma.
Degree courses are usually for 2 years. PG Diplomas may be full time / part time / distance education programs as well. Any qualification where u need to attend the college, do the project, etc. forces u to interact with industry / fellow professionals, hence always encouraged. Distance learning programs are more academic stimulation though home assignments etc. may grill u well.
If u want to build your career or right footing, prepare well for competitive exams, go to A grade universities / institutes.
U can google search the institutes offering full time, part time, courses. pl. check their placement record and support.
with best wishes,
Nanda Dave
Director - The Mentors & Enablers

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RE: I want be Human Resource, can you please provide me how to start my career

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing and writing to us. A career in HRM is highly appreciated as this branch is continuously evolving into strategic spheres. Traditionally it was assumed as a mere administration role but in recent years, it has proved its space beyond that. A HR profession requires certain people skills to succeed in this type of career. A degree just on a paper will alone not help and you need to possess and demonstrate strong people oriented skills like effective communication, negotiating, listening, effective writing, presentation, conflict management, relationship management, organizing and much more. This role is a people oriented role, requiring you to interact with people in diverse workforce. So you should have an open heart to step forward and communicate with people. If you are a person who would like to mingle up with people well and doesn't sit reserved, this profession is a right choice for you.

As you are asking a question on how to start a career in HR, I assume you to be a fresher or a recent college graduate. HR is an ocean of opportunities with a variety of roles. Freshers wishing to enter HR field normally start a career in 'Recruitment' as this is the most common destination for anyone without related work experience.

You can find organizations that offer entry level role in HR like HR Associate, HR Trainee or the Management trainee position. You may also try with HR Consultancies in India, where you could be hired as a 'Sourcing Analyst'. This job requires you to find suitable resumes from job portal, match them with the job requirements and contact the potential candidates for interview. On the candidate's acceptance, you arrange for an interview and invite them to office. Your role as a 'Sourcing Analyst' ends here. You pass on the candidate details, resume, date and time of interview to the next level, which is handled by a 'Recruiter'.

The 'recruiter' conducts interview with the potential candidates to assess their fit for the vacancy. If the candidate succeeds in their interview, he/she is hired and the details are then passed on to the third level, 'Induction' team. The induction team conducts welcome program for the new joinees and do other formal paper work necessary to start employment with the company. Ideally, as a HR starter, you initially work as a 'Sourcing Analyst' then a 'Recruiter' and finally a 'Recruiting Manager' who heads the department. I hope this picture into 'Recruitment and selection' helps you as I assume you to be a fit in this role. You can become a 'Recruiting Manager' anywhere between 3-5 years depending on your work performance. Once you have mastered this department, you can try other arenas of HR like 'Learning and development (L&D) where training materials are designed and training programs are conducted for employees to update their skills; 'Employee relations' where you maintain the employer-employee relationship smoothly by attending inquiries and resolving conflicts; 'Compensation, benefits and pay roll' department handles your pay structure and are responsible for crediting the salary and any performance bonus you get every month. This department further extends to working on gratuity and pension funds for current and retired employees.

Next is the most important and senior most department of HR, 'Organizational change and development'. This is a strategic HR role only performed by senior HR members in the company that involves policy making, employee restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, manpower handling and a lot more. This department's work are strategically inclined and one must have had experience in all other areas of HR Management, to be able to work in this department. This department is crucial for over all business of the company as it handles the manpower of the organization. So to work in this department, one must have a minimum of 10 years experience from all other areas of HR.

Additionally to strengthen your career in HR, you should consider pursuing related course. An MBA with HR as the main specialization will be of a great help. Studying an MBA is challenging and could be rewarding, if you graduate from renowned Business schools. To get an MBA offer from top B Schools, you need to have a good academic record, considerable work experience and top scores in CAT exam or GMAT exam. B schools in India requires prospective candidates to compulsorily sit for CAT exam and there are some institutions conducting their own entrance examinations. But to get a career, with high salary package at a reputable company, a degree from reputed school is desirable. Alternatively, you may also choose to do a Post graduate Diploma in HR. Highly recognised schools like IIMC, XLRI, IMD offers the PG Diploma in HR. These courses follow similar admission process but could be flexible in terms of work experience, like the MBA demands. You can also choose studying part time without leaving work and there are reputed schools offering Executive programs in HR for working professionals. IIMC and XLRI are again reputed for executive HR Diploma in India. You can strengthen your career with these HR related degrees.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your future.

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RE: I want be Human Resource, can you please provide me how to start my career

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