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If I start as a Human Resource Manager, where should I see myself after five years, given that I keep working in same field?

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by Priya Nayak
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RE: If I start as a Human Resource Manager, where should I see myself after five years, given that I keep working in same field?

Nanda Dave
Nanda Dave
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Congrats that you think about long term scenario before taking a plunge.

First of all, no one starts as a human resource manager.
managerial ship in its real form and spirit needs to be earned building competence and track record. Other wise the very meaning of managerial role is defeated.
Any way, assuming that one is designated as HR manager, where does one go forward ?
In terms of :
Lets examine the context of the question.

Designation is the tag u enjoy.
Position is your position in the hierarchy - Junior / middle or higher level management
After 5 years one can expect to reach middle / higher middle management ie. senior management role and position. Designation wise one can expect Sr Manager or DGM. In case of exceptional performance / demonstration of skills & potential, once may be able to rise up to General manage's designation.

It depends to a large extent on the organization that u belong, company's philosophy, HR's credibility and personal credibility established and a host of other factors.

I however strongly suggest that u continue to do well. Doer of good does not come to grief !!
Best wishes !

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