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Looking to start a career in hr how to start?

I have been recently graduated (2014) and looking to start my career in hr field and I am looking to start my education in HRM with some work experience and what I am thinking is to go for a short term course i.e a diploma course and get a job in relevant field(hr) and then to go for a full time HR Management course .Will this really work if yes give me some list of good institutions offering short term diploma in hr management. Thank you.

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3 answers

RE: Looking to start a career in hr how to start?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing MeraCareerguide and writing to us. Choosing a career in HR is highly appreciating. But an interest into this field will alone not help. A HR profession requires additional people skills to be successful in this type of career. You should develop and demonstrate excellent people skills like effective communication, effective writing, presentation, listening, negotiating, relationship handling, conflict handling and organizing skills. As this job requires you to interact with people from a variety of ethnic culture and background on a day to day basis, you should be a person with open heart and easy to get along. If you are a person who would love to engage with people and not be reserved, this field is a right choice for you as you possess the required skills naturally for this type of job. Regarding your question, I can base my answer for you in two ways.

1. Work then study: As you have graduated now, you can directly go to work. So, you don't have to think of doing any degree or diploma now. Find suitable entry level jobs in HR and start working. Being a fresher, you will be suitable to work as a HR trainee or a Management trainee. You may be suitable for 'recruitment and selection', as this is the ultimate destination where most of the HR freshers land up. Lot of companies and HR consultancies in India offer entry level roles in recruitment field like HR Analyst, Assistant recruiter, Sourcing Analyst. This job requires you to identify suitable candidates for the respective job vacancies, invite and schedule them for an interview. You may also work as a Recruiter if you possess relevant knowledge in recruiting the person for the job he is hired for. As you progress in job, you will be promoted to Recruiter, Senior recruiter and then Recruiting Manager. You may come into this position in two-three years time if you perform well at work. After this three year experience, you can consider either doing a PG Diploma in HR or an MBA with HR. Doing either of these degrees after gaining some work experience will eventually help you understand your subject more in depth and could also help you in getting high scores in your MBA or PGDM. You also stand with good probability of being hired after your diploma or MBA in HR as companies prefer candidates with work experience. If you are considering a Diploma in HR, IIM Calcutta, XLRI, IMD, NMIMS, Xavier, IIT KGP, IIM Ranchi, Welingkar Institute of Management are the reputed ones for diploma in HR, in India. You can also consider doing an MBA with HR as major specialization at the IIM's, IIT's, ISB Hyderabad as they are world renowned B-schools from India.

2. Study then work: If you are keen to study now and then work, you can still do so. You can sit for CAT tests and get top scores and apply for PGD-HRM in India. You can consider the above mentioned reputed B-schools for applying. But please understand that gaining some work experience first and then studying further is always good. As I have already said, you attract employers quite easily with a professional degree + work experience rather just having a degree certificate.

I would sincerely suggest you to start working in entry level roles now, gain substantiate work experience and then do a professional degree like the MBA in HR or if not, the PG Diploma in HR. In case you cannot leave your job and go back to study a full time degree, you can consider studying part time with reputable schools. This website has information on India's most reputed schools that offers part time courses for working professionals: www.hugheseducation.com You can attend evening or weekend classes without leaving your job. They are highly recognised degrees for executive professionals.

I hope this helps. Please write back if you have any further queries. Good luck.

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RE: Looking to start a career in hr how to start?

Priyamvada Agarwal
Priyamvada Agarwal
Verified Career Expert
Education Consultant & Trainer
  • Kolkata

Well , when you say you are graduating in 2014, why not aim to join a HR Management course full time for a period of 2 years and get a proper degree and knowledge about it before joining a job.

Look you havent mentioned the course from which you are going to graduate, but i am assuming it to be BBA. In that case you have been introduced to the HR sector theorically but have no practical knowledge. Then why would any private/corporate company offer you a job in their HR department right from the begining when you will be a fresher. They usually take freshers for the junior level basic job work, such that they can judge you and your strenghts and skills.

If you do a diploma course which will be a 6 montha course and at the end of the course you will be given a certificate of completion which will not add too much advantage to your profile and also might not be valid every year and then you will regret the time and money spent doing the course.

So instead , i did suggest that you go for a HR Management/ MBA/PGDM course. Now its up to you to decide along with your parents that you would like to do this course in the full time or distance mode.

Well if you do it in the full time mode, you will have advantages along with some disadvantages like - you might have to stay away from family but you will gain practical experience like seminars, workshops, talk shows, internships, summer jobs etc. You will have the burden to study lots and in a specific deadline but you will be able to improvise your skills and develop your communication skills.

In-case if you do it in distance mode, again you will have advantages and disadvantages like - you can study from home but that will not help you improvise your skills and communication skills . You can stay at home and work part time.

Well watever you decide please be serious about it, dont get influenced and discuss with guardians before you take the next step.

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RE: Looking to start a career in hr how to start?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Dear Aspirant,

If you are recently graduated, I would NOT recommend you to go for short term or distance course in HR.

Human Resources is a big field and it would be best interest of you and your long term career, to do a full time two year MBA in HR from a reputed BSchool (preferably Top 20).

Getting experience at low level and then doing just a diploma in HR will take you 10 years to get into a really good job.

Please do think for long term and not short term.

Best wishes

RE: Looking to start a career in hr how to start?

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