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Scope and career prospects for management profession in India

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: Scope and career prospects for management profession in India

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Every organization or company has a business to run, and make some pretty good profits. In order to do that successfully and in the best possible way, every company requires some great managers. Managers are those skilled and field professionals who supervise the whole structure of movement in their department and take care of each and everything in the best possible way in order to provide best results to the company and find the best possible solutions needed in order to solve the problem and get the job done. This makes the management sector as most desirable job opportunity in our country as well in foreign countries with a center of all the gem companies. According to facts, Management sector including all its departmental sections outsources second most people after the IT professional. Also in an organization, average salary of a management professional is much more higher than any other professionals and are always provided with a team leader or supervisor positions in the organization.


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As the best possible management sector within itself consists of multiple departments and each consists of its equal importance and can be looked forward in order to have a career in the management sector. The following streams are as follow as:

  • Marketing Management: Marketing management is the stream in management studies that focuses on planning the advertising and public reach strategy for a company. The main responsibility of the people in this sector is to create better strategies to create a better product reach of a product without ruining the budget allotted for the marketing. Apart from the marketing and advertising create and analysis of the positive and negative reviews about the organization and its products and maintaining the good reputation also comes under the agenda of this section.
  • Finance Management: Finance management is the management of all the financial assets of a company in order to increase the company’s revenue and hence results in better and more propagated results. The main idea is to use all the financial resources of the organization in the best possible way without compromising the quality and functional dependencies resulting in the best approach that can be followed.
  • Production Management: Production management or production and operation management can be considered as a job ort management maintaining all the requirement props and fulfilling the results. The main job of this section is to keep an eye on the demand for the utility and creates a better strategy in order to The production manager controls the production and manufacturing by maintaining all the factors responsible for the proper development of the commodity. The planning, organizing and directing of development unit is done in this sector.
  • Human Resource Management: Human resource management can be understood as the management of all the inside employee and hirable manpower for the company. A human resource management works with maintaining the work and responsibilities of every member of the team and fulfilling his or her requirements to a possible way and creating a better environment to work so that efficiency of each and every employee can be increased. These all the roles of a human resource manager.
  • Personnel Management: Personnel management is the field of maintaining all the employee and their work power in the organization. This section mostly emphasizes on the management of all the employee or people working in the organization from an administrative point of view rather than environmental basics. The main idea is to manage the expenses, hiring and will get paid on time. The role of Personnel Managers is to provide the organization as well as the employees well and as per required.
  • Office Management: Office managers are the professional group who manages and administers all the tasks that had to be done in the organizations. All the administrative tasks and roles are considered from the office managers and are hold responsible for the management of the whole office, and had to work on the work division and service management of each and every employee. The performance of the whole office depends on the office managers.
  • Inventory Management: Inventory management deals with the maintenance, management and stocking of all the goods for an inventory. The main responsibility of this type of people is to track all the activity in the inventory and overcome all the desired requirements in order to maintain the supply in order to meet the demand.
  • Banking : The banking management is the study of all the investment and analysis of the commerce section in order to create a potential investment strategy This field involves a vast study of taxation, capital investment, fund management, seed funding and venture capitalism and other principles of commerce in order to create better and more risk-prone strategies for the organization.

Due to extensive streams in management, the career possibilities are vast, involving a rich and most desirable future in the top most MNCs and banks, and at strong positions with some great responsibilities making the management sector one of the great streams to look forward too.

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RE: Scope and career prospects for management profession in India

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