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What are related jobs available for Professor?

I am confused and i am looking for help to sort this out

by Ayushi Singh
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RE: What are related jobs available for Professor?

Jyoti B Dhingra
Jyoti B Dhingra
Verified Career Expert
Education, Sports & Relationship Counselor
  • Mumbai


Professors have ample opportunities related to their subject. As education field is the most sought after field these days.Professors can work in school, colleges and various research centers.

They can work in junior colleges as teachers. The timings here are fixed and it gives excellent job satisfaction. Salaries are good and good increments you get as you continue with the organisation and contribute to the success of the institution, by giving good academic results of the students.

They can work as college professors ,where the timings are flexible, salaries depend on the location and the type of college. Here they can work as teachers and researchers and sources for additional information. Working in colleges gives good amount of job satisfaction.

They can earn two salaries if they wish to by using their teaching skills ,by working in various coaching classes around them. Some students want personal coaching by paying much more, such opportunities are very interesting because the timings are in your hand and you can work according to your choice. So like this many opportunities can be explored.

They can start their own coaching institutes by collaborating with some more like minded people and earn handsome salaries.

They can also work as research assistant professor in some institutes.I am listing some of the websites below ,you can explore them and understand the opportunities given there --

www.info.com /educational assistant

www.care.com /deals

Ask.com etc

The above mentioned websites can help you explore the various opportunities available and a lot of information on this subject. You may learn some thing which can be of help in the near future with some working opportunities.

ALL THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!

RE: What are related jobs available for Professor?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
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  • Meerut

Dear friend, thank you for your question, here you have not mentined your educational qualifications. If you are in this field then let me tell you about related jobs available for professor. Technically speaking a person can only be professor, if he or she is holding a doctoral degree in a subject and some years of teaching or research experience.

A professor can work work in government sector, such as universities, colleges or institutes. Here the professor is involved in teaching as well as in research. The senior professor is also entitled to work as Head of the Department, Dean of the College or institute, Director of the institute or idf some professor very good academic record then he can become the Vice Chancellor of the University.

Let me give you my example, I have done MSc and PhD in MIcrobiology. After my doctoral degree, I have work for three years in research projects, therafter for one year as lecturer in a reputed college. During this period I improved my qualifications by writing research papers and guiding masters degree students. On the basis of my qualifications, I got selected as Microbiologist in, MInistry of Agriculture in Gulf Country. I worked there for eight years. The job was not of teaching but more or research and capacity building. Back home I joined a reputed university and currently working as an academecian, involved i teaching,reaserch and other departmental related management responsibilities.

The other related jobs of a professor could be to guide students, in coaching institutes. Here the students can learn the basics of the subject and clear their concepts. The professor can also work in a college as a full time teacher. But here passion to teach is very important. Unless a person feels that he really enjoy teaching, the job will be a burden.

Now a days there are may private colleges, universities and institutes, where the professor can join as senior faculty, or advisor of the institute of college. In Delhi NCR region there are numerous private colleges and institutes, offering great job opportunities to senior professor for various positions. The person can work here even for the post of Dean, Director or Advisor. THe person can use his long experience to guide and teach the students. The experience of a professor can also be utilized in administrative assignments.

The professor may also contact a publication house to write a book related to his field or subject

The bottom line is that a profesor is a sesaoned person. His experience can be utilized in academic, research and administration.

With all my best wishes,

Good Luck..

RE: What are related jobs available for Professor?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
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PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. A Professor is some one who works at an academic institution for both teaching and research. Traditionally people thought a professor only does teaching at colleges and universities for students. But in recent times a professor is also expected to be engaged in research. I shall explain on the various job roles a Professor would likely take up.


  1. Teaching at Universities: As usual as a Professor you can handle teaching at Colleges and Universities. With a Masters degree you can handle teaching for undergraduate and Post graduate students and with a PhD degree you are exclusively to take higher academic positions as an Assistant Professor, Professor and teach all range of students like the under graduates, post graduates and Doctorate students.
  2. Thesis supervisor: As a Professor who holds a PhD degree and a minimum of three or five years work experience as aProfessor, you will be allowed to supervise or be a guide for prospective PhD students whowrite thesis under you.
  3. Release publications:As a professor you can write and authorise articles and research publications worldwide. A professor's publication receives more credibility than a person without a Doctorate degree.
  4. Research at Universities: You can engage with your own research design and experiments by utilising the laboratories existing in colleges and universities. A Professor who is actively engaged in research can split work as 50% teaching and 50% research.
  5. Private research labs: You can also work at private research labs. Consider the biotechnology industry for an example. With a PhD degree you can work full time at private research labs. You may also choose to work part time at private research labs if you arealreadyworking as aprofessorat a college.
  6. Consultant: You can work as an Industry consultant at industries. For example, if you are a professor of management you can engage with local industries as a part time consultant in advising them on current business issues. This part time consultant is a regular work on a yearly basis.
  7. Interim consultant: But an interim consultant works for a minimum of one month to a maximum of three months. Interim consultants are high academic experts like a Professor or even an industry expert like a Director. These interim consultants sign up work at an organisation where they are required to attend a severe problem.
  8. Academic expert and consultant: As a professor, if you are promoted as an academic expert you can work as an academic consultant at universities and national board of education to design curriculum for students education at various levels.
  9. Dean/ Head of the department/ Vice Chancellor: As a Professor if you continue work with good performance you can be promoted as the Head of the department, faculty dean or even the Vice Chancellor of the university.
  10. Visiting research fellow/ scholar: As a professor you can act as a visiting research fellow by signing up research contracts with other research universities. This explicitly improves research productivity and scholarly expertise.
  11. Visiting Professor: As a professor you can also be a visiting professor by going to other universities for a month or semester to teach. You only sign up teaching contract for a period and not as a whole.
  12. Private teacher: As the other counsellor here pointed out, you can work at private coaching class as a teacher/ tutor to earn some extra income.

Hope this helps.

RE: What are related jobs available for Professor?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

Thank yo for contacting CareerGuide.com, as yor qestions are not academically and professionaly valid. I am confsed to nderstand that how come a professor can do other related job, I wish I am wrong?? Though I will explain you the job of a professor forst then I will define the other associated involvements at the professional level.
Irrespective of any stream one has to maintain the excellent academic records starting from 10th to doctorate level. This is the first criteria to claim the highest position in academics. It does not matter in which disciplie yo are in yo have to qualify UGC-NET (University Grant Commission Sponsored National Eligibility Test) where you will given Junior and Senior Research Fellowship which is meant for the assistance towards yor doctorate research work for five years. It gives you a descent amount on monthly basis. For details you explore UGC/CSIR/DBT/ICAR/ICMAR website will let you know the entire information.

After qalifying NET you need to qualify the entrance for individual test at host level which is meant for Ph.D candidatte it depends on the sbject and descipline type.
Overall yo have to walk a long way to beocme a professor and then you will be offered lecturer job or assistant professor job depends on the suitability and academic credential.
After doctorate one can go for Postdoctorate that is also very much reqired in research and academics which allows yo to incubate the research experience and then earn the descent acheivents. One can go abroad or remain in Indian University depends on your interest, effort and eligibility.


As far as other associated jobs of a professor are concerned it is not possible and academically not ethical to pursue any side business rather research project, councelling, manuscript editing, Ph.D stdent guidance etc are the associated jobs infact these jobs are not the out of box and profession. So never treat these exercise as the extra jobs.
A professor can go on sbatical leave to avail th e other offer for a particlar tenure like visiting professor in other university abroad or can avail postdoc position abroad but can not avail more then three years on a stretch.

Be assred that job of professor is quite interesting and responsible at the same time a respectful job in the society.


RE: What are related jobs available for Professor?

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