What are the books that every Professor must read?

I am confused and i am looking for help to sort this out

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3 answers

RE: What are the books that every Professor must read?

Adhunika Naithani
Adhunika Naithani
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  • Noida

Hey Dear,

To become a professor one needs to read a lot of books for sure but what you want to read depends on what you want to do.

Though reading is a good habit and everyone must have it to increase ones knowledge but to become a professor one must follow something that is of your interest.

First of all you must the criteria of becoming a professor and accordingly study. You must follow simple steps to become a professor.

First of what is choice of subject for example math, English, Hindi, History, Physics etc.... what ever interests you should be taken up by you in your graduation.

Once you complete your graduation you will have to go for your masters and prepare for the entrance exam in the same. Here it will be demanded that you are thorough with your basis and have a good subject knowledge and hence you will have to study the course books in detail with the relevant depth and sincerity.

After you qualify your entrance exam for your masters you will have to complete your masters and hence for that you will have to study the course books in detail but this time with more depth of the subject knowledge.

After completing your masters you will have to give the NET exam which is divided into 3 sets and each set focusing on you knowledge base. The first paper is of teaching skills hence for that you should have studied ample books on the same. Reasoning is also a part of it. For this paper Books of Arihant publications will be best for you.... though you can study some more if you want.

The next to papers focus on your subject knowledge and hence you will have to study all the possible books that match your curriculum that UGC has defined for your subject.

Studying more is not a problem but yes if you study less will definitely lead you no where ...... Once qualifying your NET exam you can apply for PhD and if qualify the Lectureship exam then you can apply for being a professor.......

Work Hard at every level and focus on quality study.......

Best Wishes......

RE: What are the books that every Professor must read?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
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PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I understand your question is about skill development for professors. I am giving you suggestions in general and please apply these suggestions with respective of your subject of study/research/teaching.

I understand your question is about developing skills for someone who is already a Professor in position. A Professor is a person who works in academic schools, engages with active teaching and research and is highly knowledgeable about his subject. For example, if you are considering a Professor in Management subject, these are the things a professor should do to expand his knowledge and develop his skills.

1. A professor should have already achieved a Doctorate degree to be in their current Professor position. So this says he has already contributed some extra piece of knowledge to the existing body of vast knowledge. Say the professor is working in the area of Human resource management and in particular he is a specialist in Recruiting and selection area of HRM. In this way a Professor has to read books all that works on 'Recruiting and selection' field and he should also have sound knowledge and understanding of other areas of Human resource management like the Performance appraisal, strategic human resources, learning and development. So the professor should have read every book that were written specifically on 'Recruiting and selection' as it is the field he works in.

2. The professor should also read books on industry applications on his area of subject. Apart from theories existent in the academic literature, he should understand how his subject theories are applied in present industries. Industries practice many creative ways in solving real world business problems and the professor should know how the theories are practiced by the industries around him. He should try solving the real world business problems using his subject theories and could release it as a research paper/ research article/ practice book. To get the knowledge of problems faced by industries, he should read articles on newspapers that mentions the problem faced by industries.

3. A professor should read journals and articles that are published in his area of research. This is the only way a professor should be able to update his knowledge on recent trends and changes. The professor is expected to read his peers research and review it critically. He can also read books written by his peers on his subject apart from the research articles or journals that his peers publish.

Hope this helps. Many thanks.

RE: What are the books that every Professor must read?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar


You must be talking about the temperamental book which is very specific as per the persona, mood and overall aptidude of a life as a professor. Being an outsider you must know what is a professor, what he does in his or her professional life, how a professor carries the conduct, etc if you understnad like an external only then you can understand the answer of a professor in terms of his or mental inputs.
First let me explain you the the role of professor before giving the name of books which are quite known to everybody.
1. A professor used to be the best reader, quick learner, and propellor which deliver or transmit the best to the society. Therefore a common line of conduct is required which seems to be prevelent for entire teaching community whether a person holds school teaching job or university teaching job. Though a professorship comes thorugh the aptitude and sanctity of the profession which are natural, imposible to obtain the character through artificial approach or being influenced by the glamor and fame of academics. It requires series of hard work, course work, excellent performance throughout the career, descent behaviour, honesty, moral value, thinker, phillospher, friend and guide.
2. Being a professor in a particular stream the temperamnet also gets rotates and accordingly a like minded book is required
. It is not mendaoty one has to read such complementery book to enlighten the phillosophical niche moreover typical professors in sciences, technology and engineering do spend time with their tools, techniques, field, nature, laboratory and read, analysise and imbibe them as books. Eventually they write very good book or novel like watson and crick has given the shape of novel to his postulation in DNA modeling-double helix. Even some professor never get time to read the typical books as they have already gone through the scientific, humanity based or whichsoever as per the background.
Try to understand the many relevent books are there for a specfic gallery which might be irrelvent for other so no one can recommend the specfic name of books untill meeting you personally or knowing your interest as per the stream speciality.
3. Your future path of development will lead you to the specfic book gallery though you can read some sparking thoughs to enhance your mind set.

RE: What are the books that every Professor must read?

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