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What are the career opportunities after getting a Medical degree?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: What are the career opportunities after getting a Medical degree?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
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Hello Rohit,


The only and the top most advantage of obtaining a medical degree is that you qualify as a Doctor.


Whereby you can start practising as a general physician, either by opening a clinic of your own or associate with any hospital or polyclinics.


In terms of higher studies, you can surely opt for either MD or MS can specialise in any one branch of super speciality offered right from gynaceology to cardiology to endocrinologist to radiologist to psychiatrist etc.

Or you could opt for clinical research, Pharmacy, alternate medicines, MBA in Hospital management etc.


Hope this helps you.


Wish you good luck...

RE: What are the career opportunities after getting a Medical degree?

Lambodar Rout
Lambodar Rout
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MBBS stands for bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery. It is an undergraduate degree in the medical field. The duration of the whole course is 5.5 years. Only those students who have their background from science stream can apply for medical. It is one of the all the rage course in the world.

In this students are learning deeper knowledge of human body through theory as well as practical learning. MBBS students can use the title “Dr” after completing their degree. This title is a big achievement in itself. In Guinness books of the world, MBBS is marked as a most difficult course. The basic subjects taught under medical degree are physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, anatomy, pharmacology, and pathology.

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After MBBS what?

If students wish to study further and practice more in medical field and want to kick start their career then they can choose from the following options such as

  • Post graduation: there are many options in this such as one can go for MS, MD or DNB.
  • Research: One can even opt for research in clinics which in common language is known as D. There is a lot of scope in this field also after completing MBBS.
  • Hospital management: Under this, you have options either to go for MBA or you can go for MHA. These courses are also for 2 years. One can earn a lot in this field.
  • Foreign studies: One can go for PLAB and USMLE. These courses are available in foreign countries only and are much difficult then post graduation. Its difficulty is rewarded later on as one earns much more than any usual doctors.
  • Clinical practice: if anyone wants to do something simple and not anything fancy then he/she can practice in a clinic or can find a job in any private or government hospitals. They can even start their own clinic and practice there.



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Some more Career options

Now the times have changed, it is not at all like after taking a medical degree, one will become a doctor. There are many varieties in medical field also such as

  • Medical teacher: this is one of the precise and best choices after completing a medical
  • Medical photographer: this is that one field where one can apply its creativity as well as their medical skills. They can even publicize information on health.
  • Medical researcher: this field is developing continuously. Here people conduct experiments and learn deeply about a human from the results of their experiments.
  • Transplant manager: in this field, people are linked to activities where a donation of organ and transplantation of organ are done. These people look after everything, such as finding the donor, who needs it and it’s after care services.
  • Sports and exercise medicines: this is a new field in medical science. Here people deal with the medical conditions and injury of players or athletes who always take part in sports activities.
  • Volunteer work: volunteers are always in demand and are always appreciated by the world. There are many opportunities in abroad for voluntary work in medical field.
  • Health journalist: journalism these days is a very trendy course. It is even more advantageous for the ones who have some scientific experience. People generally take this option for their career as an additional work, instead of an alternative
  • Forensic medical examiner: you can even go for this after taking your medical degree. Their role is to deal with results and medical examinations on the person who are
  • Medical legal advisor: the role of these advisors is to manage cases which are legally involved. They are even required to visit court and court’s seating, they can also run their workshops.
  • Crowd doctor: this field is something for those who don’t want to work in a restricted area and wants to work in different areas time to time. This is a great job also one can help a number of people in this way. These doctors basically provide medical aid to those victims who are watching events which are on large scales such as outdoor food festivals or any event which is held on a large.

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Thus, there are lots of options in the medical field apart from being a doctor.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!



RE: What are the career opportunities after getting a Medical degree?

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