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Electronics and communication engineer works in the field of information technology. This branch of engineers mainly develops the devices such as transistors, integrated circuits, television, computer systems, cell phones etc. They involve in the electrical transmission of information across the channels such as optical fiber, coax cable etc. They work on designing of equipment such as routers, electronic switching systems, copper telephone facilities, multiplexer, switches, and fiber optics. They basically mean to deal with the electronic devices and software interface. Communication engineers are to direct the procedure of installation and to rescue the system controls. They also ensure the functioning and safety of the devices. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Electronics & Communication Engineer answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Electronics & Communication Engineer

The jobs and responsibilities of an Electronics and Communication Engineer vary greatly with the type of industry they are working in. However we can combine those tasks and present a generalized view to show the day to day activities that they perform. The typical day of an Electronics and Communication Engineer involves more or less the following activities.   You will have to check your emails at the start of your day as an Electronics and Communication Engineer. The day is generally started with a meeting and scheduling the day's activities. You will have discussions with you

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being as an engineer there are lot off opportunities , first of all you make a point where you want to build your career 1. software testing 2. software development 3. customer support 4. service/ maintenance 5 coding 6 sales and marketing 7 academics 8 govt jobs 9 banking jobs   check your area of interest and go ahead

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Dear Friend The background with Electronic and Communication and GATE scoring give you confidence to take it ahead at M.Tech level. As far as the EC is concern I always share my opinion with all types of aspirants that the opted subject by you is a natural destination which offers you the prospectives in return of your academic understanding for the same subject.    Keeping the matter of fact in mind you must explore the implications of subject where you will play a key role to extract the outcome which depends on your digesting capacity. As I do not know the score card

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Dear FriendI am really surprised to hear this kind of odd statement which has become a general trend for the struggles. First come out from this dilemma and estimate the strength of your subject  what you have opted and spent time, effort and money, surprisingly you started to blame the subject. I am not in the favor of changing the stream without any justification as i understand you look for the kind of subject which will help you as per your terms and conditions--impossible for you, and not only you into this category majority are chasing the same illusion and eventually get frustrated

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technology keeps advancing there is no one fixed skill that one a great engineer. What one a great engineer is his long term vision. His vision of the future.

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Electronics and communication engineer can find employment with core electronics companies, communication engineering companies, computer and IT companies or other manufacturing industries in their production, quality control,maintenanceor research and development department. The companies that usually recruit electronics and communication engineers are but not limited to :- Core Electronics Companies :- SIMENS LG SAMSUNG PHILIPS SONY MOTOROLA HITACHI WHIRLPOOL INTEL ORIAN XEROX HP NIKON CASIO THOMSON SAN DISK Communication Engineering Companies ERICSSON NOKIA SIEMENS BHARTI AIRTEL ZTE VO

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