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What are the placement opportunities for a Human Resource Management student?

I unable to figure this out, can you help

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4 answers

RE: What are the placement opportunities for a Human Resource Management student?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

As an HR graduate, you enter an industry at the trainee level, depending on the criteria set by the organization you join in.

Here your basic job would be related to recruitment, which would include searching Resumes on the job sites and informing them about the vacancy and lining them for an interview. It would also include job posting, describing the job to the individual.

Depending on the company promotion technique, you get into into actual interviews, face to face meetings for hiring a candidate.

Apart from this HR encompasses, Payroll management, which includes managing the salary of the employess, PR, which would include maintaining a customer relationship base,.

Most importantly Employee satisfaction which includes the grievance cell, employee management. and addressing an issue between employees and management. Also includes employees feedback while the employee quits the job.

Next would be the training cell, which would take attest10-12 years of work experience for you to perform as a trainee.

Apart from this the HR could also include handling certain day today activities of the organization, arranging for training and motivating employees to work in the organization

But to move to the higher level will take you years into the organization, so don't jump for higher roles, try taking one step at a time

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RE: What are the placement opportunities for a Human Resource Management student?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru


Thank you for contacting us and we at Meracareerguide are happy to help you with your question today. I understand you want to work in human resources. And you are currently a student right? Human resources is vast and has many divisions. But as a student, who just graduated from degree, you are a fresher with n work experience. So you cannot directly start working in every area of human resources but you can start with the recruitment department.

As a fresher, you can consider the following options.
1. HR Trainee - Companies recruit students directly as a HR trainee. This is a direct status and it is very good to start as a human resourcer. You should find companies who have this position. It will let you work in all areas of hr department and you will have a good idea of human resources function in a company or business.


Management trainee with HR - If companies dont have a direct HR fresher position, check if they have a Management trainee position. As a fresher you can work as a management trainee and this way you can work for every department of the company as well the human resources. This role is to try and check which department you like to work with during the training period. It will also give you an overall understanding how businesses functions with the help of every department functions. After completing rounds from every department, you can finally settle working for hr department if you still have the liking to work there.

3. If you dont have luck with the first two options. As a fresher you can very easily find a job into 'recruitment and selection' department. Most freshers usual destination and easy destination is this department only. You can find many HR consultancies offering this role. As a fresher you will be initially involved in sourcing candidates matching job requirements from the hr database or the job portal. You should find suitable candidates for the vacancy and contact them. You should arrange for an interview and put tehm to recruitment team and they will handle the interview for the new candidate. Initially you will work as a sourcing analyst and after a few months experience, based on your performance, you can be promoted to Assistant Recruiter then Recruiter, Senior recruiter and then a Recruiting manager.

You have a variety of options but this is how a fresher starts in hr role. Good luck.

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RE: What are the placement opportunities for a Human Resource Management student?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


In the past years human resource management was more isolated to human resource administration of a company but in the recent years it has taken a much better shape[. For a graduate with a degree in human resource management, they will have a variety of options as mentioned briefly below.

  1. HR Trainee:
    If you are someone new into the human resources sector, you may well start as a HR trainee. Being a HR trainee, you will get a good opportunity to revolve around every corner of human resource department within a company. Candidates often get to work withe every department and this way by the end of their trainee placement, they could themselves where they are comfortable and would also be a good fit. Almost 50% of entry level jobs at the corporate sector are usually the HR trainee roles.

2. Payroll:
You may start as a payroll professional which is one of the scetors within human resource management. In fact, students with labour or industrial relations are often selected for payroll work. In this role, you will be the sole responsible of employee's salary credits every month.

3. Employee counselling:
You can do employee counselling if you have studied HRM. Even courses like psychology, industrial psychology, counselling psychology will be of a great help to get job within employee counselling in corporates.

4. Learning and development:
You can start working in the learning and development section within huamn resources with a HRM degree. Learning and development are seen in two ways in India, one as technical programs learning and development and the other into persoanlity training and development. HR members might either organise technical training for employees or organize persoanlity development workshops themselves for their employees.

5. Performance appraisal:
HR professionals can also start work in performance approaisals. They will have to work along with the team/ line managers to prepare performance appraisal for teams and team members.

7. Recruitment:
You can certainly start in the field of recruitment, and it is often surveyed that recruitment is the almost the 95% of HR's first position in their HR career. So recruitment is often the most desirable step one in the career of human resource management.

8. Leadership:
At last HR professionals, who have been through almost every area of HRM department, and have gained considerable years of work experience could progress to leadership roles within HRM thereby overlooking all the areas of HRM of the organization.

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RE: What are the placement opportunities for a Human Resource Management student?

Sachin Grover
Sachin Grover

its depend on ur skills and ur knowledge on hrm

company ask more question about hrm like what is the work of hrm?
what is the mean of placement in your opinion?

RE: What are the placement opportunities for a Human Resource Management student?

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