Snehal Bandivadekar

What are the things apart from academics, if a Professor learns, will be helpful in long run?

I am confused and i am looking for help to sort this out

by Snehal Bandivadekar
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4 answers

RE: What are the things apart from academics, if a Professor learns, will be helpful in long run?

Deepak Rana
Deepak Rana
Verified Career Expert
Author: Sky Beyond the Clouds
  • Kangra

There are quite a few things that you need to learn apart from academics if you want to succeed as a professor in your career. Below are some of those things that will be helpful to you:

1. A professor has to learn how to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas to other people o that they can provide the valuable contribution as an educator. The communication skills are not limited to your oral and written communications but also the non verbal gestures and the body language. The whole idea of communication is to make your students understand think and grasp the idea of the subject. You also need to understand that the role of a teacher is not only to teach the students but also to guide them and inspire them to take the action to continue their learning.

2. The other important task in the professor's work is to do the research work and provide the contribution to the subject field. The professors have to keep discovering the new ways to do the things. The innovation is very much required on their part in order to contribute in the research field. It is almost mandatory for them to do the research and therefore are required to produce the research papers from time to time.

3. The professors are required to maintain the healthy relationships with the other professors. And not only the professors but also other educationists. The relationship building is an important exercise in their role. Also the professors need to maintain a clean public image, because they are the guides and inspiration to many students and thus it is important to show the right way through their actions and not words.

4. The professors need to work on various non academic works. They have to maintain the records and fill the sheets and maintain the data and information. That kind of learning is also important for you if you want to become a professor. Therefore you need to learn things beyond academics as well as a professor if you want to succeed in this career.

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RE: What are the things apart from academics, if a Professor learns, will be helpful in long run?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing Meracareerguide and writing to us. I am glad to help you with this query. I am a Management researcher practicing in the UK and I would like to contribute some valuable points apart from the ones that Mr Deepak Rana has already penned down in here. A Professorship is a very demanding, challenging and highly responsible position. A Professor is expected to engage in both teaching and research. So, it could be definitely said that a Professor cannot be restricted only to teaching. Some of the skills a Professor is expected to demonstrate are:

1. Creativity: A professor should learn to creatively engage his audience while teaching or producing his/her research findings.
2. Critical analysis: A professor should learn to critically acclaim his peer's research findings. A professor should develop critical thinking and critical writing skills especially when dealing with research in social science subjects like Economics, Management, Psychology or the Sociology. They should develop critical inquiry skills to point out the plus and minus in their peers research work.
3. Continuous research: A professor is expected to conduct continuous research to address the changes in industrialization in the recent era. A professor is expected to set up a research lab or research centre at the University where they work. They should produce their research findings in terms of articles and newsletters representing their research centre.
4. Engage with industries: A Professor is expected to engage with industries to understand the gap between theory and practice. Industries will be going through many issues and it is a professor's scholarship that will enable him/her to address such issues. Industries will be benefited as their issues are addressed and the Professor could also contribute to the existing literature by expanding his research.
5. Engage with journal publishing: A professor is expected to be a part of journal publishing. They should engage with standard national and international journals and work as Editors, Associate Editors or as Chief Editors to critically evaluate the research papers submitted to the journals.
6. Engage with other schools of research: A professor is highly expected to engage with other academic researchers not only from his/her own institution but even beyond it. They should interact with researchers from other schools or institutions to expand their work. They can work as a Visiting Professor by visiting other institutions for at least a semester and conducting teaching. They can also work as a Visiting Researcher by periodically visiting other research centres in their field and develop the research activities.

Hope this helps.

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RE: What are the things apart from academics, if a Professor learns, will be helpful in long run?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear Aspirant, you have asked a very good and practical question, let me tell you that, academic is very important for a Professor, but it does not make a professor a complete personality. The academic makes a professor technically eligible to teach and get selected in an organization. But by being academic only , one does not able to transmit information into the mind of students, colleagues and others.

Here the role of interpersonal skills comes. This skill is very crucial in any human being and for a person who is involved in teaching or involved in public relation, interperonal skills are a part of business.
Let me tell you something about interpersonal skilss, then you will come to know its importance;
Interpersonal skills are life skills we use every day to communicate and interect with other people both individually and in groups. People who have worked on developing strong interperonal skills are more succeful in personal and professional life.
THe common types of interperonal skills are as;
1. Verbal communication skills; what we say and how we say it
2. Non verbal communication; here we do not say or we communicate without words, example is our body language
3. Listening skills; How we interpret verbal and non verbal skills communicated by others
4. Negotiation, working with others to come to final conclusion
5. Problem solving; working with others to understand and solve the problem amicably
6. Decision making; Exploring and analyzing options to make sound decision
7. Assertiveness; communicating our values, ideas, beliefs, our opininions on a common platform.

Interpersonal skills become so natural that we take them granted, and we never think that how we have to communicate with other people. With a little time and efforts you can develop these skills. Good interpersonal skills acan develop many aspects of life of person both professionally and personally. Many organizing now a days are hiring a person only with good interpersonal skills.
A Professor has to teach the students, and a person having poor interpersonal skills cannot transmit the ideas into the mind of students effectively. A professor is a personality which a student used to copy and try to inculcate. A person (professor) without good qualities (interpersonal skills) cant be hero of his or her students.
Hope i made it clear
Good Luck....

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RE: What are the things apart from academics, if a Professor learns, will be helpful in long run?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

You have asked very intersting question that all aspirants must know before joining the academics. I have experienced the best things out of my life and learnt that a professor shows the best path to his / her students not only by teaching a course rather transmitting the statement of life and eventually becomes a role model of mass. Kindly try to understand the moral of story by narrating the followinf themetic points:
1. Humanity and natural world: This is the foundation of any profession which is understood just like a poure container which keeps your entire inherent property which you gain from the parents, family and society. So must know the definition of humanity. Therefore your humanity must reciprocate t the natural world which will be reflected in your personality.
2. Wisdom and ethics: These two are very sensitive parts of life your wisdom will control your aggression while attending any owckward situation in life if you succeed it then it becomes the ethics for others. This conduct will make you more stronger and certainly students will follw the same even notorious students will start to think about your nature and will admire you.
3. Desciplined Life: Teachers alwyas complain about the classroom descipline and scold students that why you are being indisciplined actually it is the defeat of a teacher which is being reflected in ugly manner. One good professor never shouts on students neither teach the lesson of discipline rather carry the discipline while teaching subjects modules in flow, delivering the relevent lecture -there is no mixing of loos talk, no pin point, puntual in classroom, never show any interest in any student -stereotyping, never creat any uncofortable sitaution among colleagues and students. maintain balance in personal and professional life.

4. Respectfull life: Respect begets respect do not think that you deserve respect from student by showing the agression and humiliating students rather show the sense of respect to your students. Even your student do not wish you does not matter wish them and extend the hands of friendship not with malafied intension though you teach them good lesson of moral. It will be impressive and students and junior coleagues will follow the same.
I think a professor has all these valauble assets to carry out the job of academics.


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RE: What are the things apart from academics, if a Professor learns, will be helpful in long run?

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