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What should I opt in class 11 medical or commerce ?

Im very confused about wat should I opt in class 11 . I have given my board exams nd now is tym to finally choose .im intelligent , I get 91 + percentage but I am confused about what I should opt in class 11

by harsimar banga
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4 answers

RE: What should I opt in class 11 medical or commerce ?

Ashwani  Mohan
Ashwani Mohan

Dear aspirant, First of all I would like to congratulate you for getting Ninety one percent and appreciate you to come on right platform for right guidance. Before giving answer of this question, first I want to introduce myself. I am career consultant and counseling Psychologist and I have been working for last seven year in this same field.

As per your question that you have already completed your board (10th ) and you got Ninety one percent and you want to ask which stream is good for you to take admission in 11th class. As I always suggest, before selecting any stream, you should asses three things like your own aptitude, your own Interest and your own resources. When your these three things match with each other, you opt same stream. Now, thing is this,how can you know your aptitude? for this either you can take professional help or you can contact to CareerGuide.com . com. In same way , you should know your interest and recognize your resources. Ultimate suggestion of mine will remain same, you opt stream in 11th as per your own interest , aptitude and resources.

Good Luck!

RE: What should I opt in class 11 medical or commerce ?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

Thank you for approaching counsellors at CareerGuide.com to seek our advice. Your confusion is highly common for students of your age and as a counsellor myself I handle at least three students a week on this query. Choosing medical or non-medical is a common confusion so relax that it is not something unique to you alone.
Bank Officer
Before you decide on what you like to do I advice you to take the psychometric test that is available on the mera career website itself. Taking this website it will help you to understand your personality a lot and know you better to yourself. Next it will tell you what sort of careers you may be suitable for. Alternatively i also suggest you to take a career report by requesting from this website. If you want more information about a career, CareerGuide.com will provide you a detailed in depth report for you. It will help you understand, studying a subject where you can work and how your profession will be.

Next this is the strategy as we counsellors we usually follow to make students understand what you want to study at 11th and 12th class. I can post some of the questions for you here and please take a paper and pen. For every question give your answer in terms of points. For example, if you strongly feel no give 0 if you strongly feel yes, give two points. So mark your answer for these questions
1. Do you like to work in a field where you want to help people?
2. Do you like to be kind to others?
3. Do you like to offer compassion to people?
4. Do you like to be a professional in future aiming for professional careers?
5. Are you very good in Biology?
6. Are you good in Chemistry?
7. Are you not scared of operating people or handling surgeries?
8. Do you love drawing figures/ diagrams?

Now give points to each of the question above from 0-2. If you achieve an over all zero point, you are definitely not suitable for a medical career. If you achieve over all 16 points you are most suitable for a medical career and i highly recommend you to take PCM/ PCMB group in 11th and 12th class. If your score is less than eight overall, you are still suited to studying Commerce and definitely not Medical. If your score is between 8-16 you can go into science group and may try to study other branches of science like Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Physics, Maths and many more.

Your success of 10th class score is very evident that you are a highly suitable candidate for medicine but apart from that asking yourself these questions and rating you is highly necessary. Wish you all the best.

RE: What should I opt in class 11 medical or commerce ?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar
Dear Aspirant
It is good to know that you are such a brillient student and having ery good academic record as of npw, keep it up, Your fundamental is very sound but check the interest of subject from your transcript which will indicate the highest marks.. Make sure that you are comfortable with that and can develop the original concept, this is one of the legitimate approach to check the strength for your future academic career. If you are talking about commerce or economics then you must be doing good job in that subject combination as compare to sciences.
I am trying to discuss the rele to relevant pathway to reach a conclusion which must be based on your fundamental strength as being reflected tenth level.
Once you make it clear that your subject is your inherent choice where you have shown the fundamental credential then no question to discuss with anybody just do it and succeed it.

Next level of screening is the proximity towards the particular course study like commerce where you need to see the level of input requirements accordingly you will prepare yourself. Let me clarify one thing that never opt any stream under the influence of others like job prospect, relative reference, for the sake of ease and many other factors -monitory, trends etc. This type of approach leads you to the frustration after a certain period. So avoid the pre-mature decision in life.
Bank Officer

Now come to the final aspect of career that is the destination point which is being decided by your interest. You have given the choice to commerce becaus you know the future implications of such study. All the course have its own definitions which are reflected through the learners as a suitable career. Suitability is very sensitive issue for the overall transmittance of content at subject level rat her aspirants do not complain the subject as it has become a general trend that this subject has become saturated that subject has high value in job market and eventually we loose the objectives of our concept and the subject and not justifying the course content in blind race.
You are also advised not to repeat the same thing as I highlighted the common flaws of generaourtion, stay calm and composed and read the subject with interest and make use of that utmost you will be the brilliant in your career.

Good luck !

RE: What should I opt in class 11 medical or commerce ?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

Dear Students, congrats first.Your score shows you to be an intelligent student


But choosing a career basedon your score does not seem to be the right choice.
It is good if you first know your skills and then choose a line. Second most important factor is the required time limt in acourse.eg, in Medical graduation would take around 5 years, and then you wouldhave to specialise which takes another 3 years followed by a 1 year internship in rural areas strictly. So are you ready for approximately 8 years of study.Lastly also taken into consideration the financial aspect.
It would be good to check your aptiutde and thenmake aconfirmed choice.
If your Aptitude tests shows aninclination to both Medical and commerce, you would have to then make aself analysis and then decide.
Please note Career is not aonetime affair, its a lifelong backsupport, so just dont go by what friends or family or the world says, decide for your own.

RE: What should I opt in class 11 medical or commerce ?

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