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With what educational qualifications I can become a Human Resource Manager?

I unable to figure this out, can you help

by Rayan Bhagwagar
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4 answers

RE: With what educational qualifications I can become a Human Resource Manager?

Alok Agrawal
Alok Agrawal
Verified Career Expert
Mananger at Etoe Group/Career Counselor
  • Bangalore


Thank you for contacting counselors at CareerGuide.com!!!

[Human resource management][2] is having good scope in future as job prospects are also good in near future years. In all companies may be private or public sector, there will be a human resource department. The work of human resource manager is like managing employees, recruitment process, providing good working facilities to employees, day to day needs of employees and many other work like salary process, bonus, incentives,etc are also a part of human resource job, it can be executive, senior executive or manager.
Coming to your query about the educational qualification to be a human resource manger is MBA- master of business administration in Human resource(HR), PGDM / HR - human resource are the choices to go ahead in human resource field.Many colleges and universities are having programs like specialization in personnel management, Labor relation managementcoursesetc . others are also there like HRM- human resourcemanagement, HRA- human resource administration, compensation and benefits, Recruitment and selection , training and development, performance managementcoursesetc.
Based on qualification you can apply for various sectors like education, [marketing][3], training, infrastructure, FMCG etc.

A lot of scope is there in market for people with human resource degree. You can even try for government companies and banks for Human resource manger post with good score in your degree, for that an entrance will be there written and if you clear that group discussion and personal interview will follow. If you clear all you can work in public sector company and have a good career growth.

For more clarity you need to refine your query and come back with specific data like what is your back ground, what area you are focusing in human resource as it is a vast course, having many options to specialize with. Do mention your preferred location in case you want college names providing degree in human resource management.
Hope all above mentioned points clarifies your query about the educational background for human resource manager and now you can better think about to make a career in it or to think of any other choices as per your interest areas.
All the best for your future and career growth
Thank you

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RE: With what educational qualifications I can become a Human Resource Manager?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello There!

Thanks for approaching counselors at CareerGuide.com!!!

Education is a very important aspect for a stable, secured and growing career in the long term. I am glad that you seem to have realised the importance of this aspect and therefore it makes further happy to see you approach CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance and clarification to your wonderful query.

Human Resource Management has been gaining wide importance all over the industry and sectors, since India is a labour intensive and human population strong nation. not everything can be done by machines or technology and therefore human resource is an ever required and important aspect in the growth of the nation.

Human Resource Manager is a very high level designation majorly involved into strategy making, policy making and implementing in the organisation. Human Resource Department (HRD) is one of the important and vital parts in the organisation, since this is the department which looks into sourcing, training, recruiting, training and developing the human workforce in order to make the organisation reach its defined goal and objective.

Today Human Resource Management has not remained limited to only selecting and recruiting candidates, but it has evolved further into training and development of fresh recruits, middle level staff and also senior level staff. Human Resource is now a major function and has not remained a department which calculates the staffs leaves and gives salaries.

To be into the Human Resource Department, one generally starts from the Executive HR level and then according to the experience and qualification progresses towards the Manager / Vice President level.

Human Resource Management is best learnt in a post graduate program like PGDBM / PGDM / MBA from a reputed Institution or University or abroad. Gaining post graduation in this field has become a necessity considering the avenues, research and theories in developing human resource is concerned.

Best Luck.

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RE: With what educational qualifications I can become a Human Resource Manager?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru


Thank you for contacting us at CareerGuide.com!!! and i am happy to help you today with your question. I see you are already into a human resources role and want to upgrade your career into a manager level. There are some ways by which you can upgrade to manager level. First you should be extraordinarily with performance and added to this you should have related hr certifications or hr qualifications.
If you are currently working in HR, you may consider taking a break from work and study MBA in Hr? Completing an MBA in Hr, you can directly work as a human resource manager and you know that? Because you have some work experience already, plus you have done a professional degree like the MBA in HR, you will be directly recruited to the Manager level. In case you dont want to leave work but still want to do an MBA, consider studying part time but not by distance. There are distance MBA HR courses but they are of no use. MBA is a professional degree and it requires testing practical applications in business and management. A distance MBA will not usually allow you to practically test the study theories in business environment and due to this employers ususally dont prefer distance courses, it is of no value at all. But you can do part time and it is good.

You can see part time MBA courses from reputed schools and universities in India. You can also consider a PG Diploma in Human resources program to either study full time or part time. PG Diploma is less costly compared to what it costs for studying an MBA.

You can also consider executive level program in human reosurces.

IIM Calcutta is number one in India for executive program in human resources. They have a program called EPHRM and you can study this program while also working at a comapny. It takes a year or two to complete the program. After completing the program, you can submit the certificate and your company will consider this certificate during your next appraisal. This way you can get to manager level promotion easily.


EPHRM from IIM calcutta ( https://www.iimcal.ac.in/) is well recognised and rewarding too. They have classes only after 5 or 7pm in the evenings or probably weekends. They also give you the opportunity to visit their campus for upto 15 days. It wont disturb your current job but will give so much value to your hr role.

All the best.

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RE: With what educational qualifications I can become a Human Resource Manager?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thanks for visiting at CareerGuide.com!!!

Good to hear you are willing to become a human resource manager in your career and here today I shall explain the types of educational qualification that you will need to become a human resource manager. I am not sure of what is your present educational or career standing and therefore I shall give you some guidance in detail.

If you are in the stage of doing your bachelors/ undergraduate course, you may consider studying the Bachelor of business administration or Bachelor of business management course with HRM. As part of these both degrees you have an option to specialise in one area of management field and here you may choose to study HRM.

2. Bcom with HRM:
If you are in the stage of entering your bachelors degree, you may consider studying the BCom with HRM course. Almost most of the colleges in India offer HRM as one of the specialization of the Bcom degree and this might serve as a nice step right from the undergraduate level.

  1. BSc Psychology/ Sociology/ Social work:
I would like to point out that psychology, sociology and social work courses can indeed take you into human resource management career. There are plenty of candidates going into the field of HRM, from these subject backgrounds which is not widely known to many of the present generation. Many students think only a BBA/ MBA with HRM could get a career in HR and it is totally wrong. These social sciences subjects indeed teach students the skill a human resource professional needs to have. Though these subjects help you with an entry into HR jobs, you are also required to develop the rest of HR work skills from your work experience.

4. MSc Human resource management:
You can study a Masters degree in Human reosurce management irrelevant to your undergraduate subject. Yes, studnets from any subject in their bachelors degree could do this subject at MSc level. Additionally the cost of doing the MSc is also a liitle cheaper and admission seems to get easier compared to the professional degree like the MBA.
5. MA Applied Psychology/ MSc Industrial Psychology:
Similarly irrelevant to your undergraduate background, lots of colleges these days recruit students for MA Applied psychology or MSc Industrial psychology courses. These courses indeed teach the work skills that a human resource professional requires to demonstrate at work. Completing this degree studnets can work in any area of human resources and more particularly they are often choosen in recruitment, assessment centres designing, employee engagement, employee counselling, learning and development.

Almost all the degrees above doesnt require work experience however having some work experience might deem to prove useful to work in human resource manager. If you have studied any bachelors degree and have worked in human resources, and want to move to the manager level, the MBA/ PGDBM in HRM will prove useful.

Hope this helps.

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RE: With what educational qualifications I can become a Human Resource Manager?

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