Career Options After 10th And 12th

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Career options after 10th There are different career options available for students. As a class student, you are really at your young age and influence faster by new things. Keep reading, improve your knowledge and compare courses instead of choosing it career options after 10th Read out the following article for the idea of fields and different job profile options you can get:

A best career options after 10th is a person’s chosen profession or occupation that provides a means of livelihood and enables them to pursue their personal and professional goals. A successful career typically involves a combination of factors, including education, experience, skills, and personal attributes. Choosing a career is an important decision that requires careful consideration of personal interests, values, and goals, as well as job market trends and opportunities. Successful best career options after 10th often involve ongoing learning, skill development, and networking to stay competitive and advance in one’s chosen profession.

Best Graphic Design Courses After 12th In India:

Makeup Artist/Beautician

You can do any certificate or diploma course like cosmetology, beauty culture, spa therapy, makeup artistry, beauty culture, etc. With different genres, this field can give you a good best career options after 10th. Career options after 10th Skin anatomy, non-clinical cosmetology, skincare methods, products, professional ethics, physiology, basic facials, skincare equipment, and so on

Clinical Laboratory Technician

Students can go for certificate courses like CMLT (Certificate Course in Medical Lab Technology) and diploma courses like DMLT (Diploma in Medical Lab Technology) after 10th class. Students after their 12th can do courses like B.Sc in Medical Lab technology.

Event Planner/Management

Students have the option to do a professional diploma or certificate course and best career options after 10th. You can pursue up to MBA in event management if you want.


If you want to become a photographer and passionate about it, then it’s a good course. Career options after 10th If your reason is money or you are attracted by money, then instead of only a photography course, choose to do it side by side with any other course. And do some degree too.

Diploma In Food And Beverage Services

Students after 10th can opt for this. Female aspirants are more in this field.


Career options after 10th Students after 10th can do ITI certification course. It is a non-technical two-year course.

It is not a career in gaming. It is a combination of sales, content creation, business development, etc related to sports. Career options after 10th After descent knowledge, you can go into sports marketing, sports agent, and sports coach fields.

Career Options After 10th Commercial Pilots

A good career option. Students need to have 18 years of age and 55% in all PCM subjects.

Social Media Management

Creating, managing, posting, and understanding posts, managing social media pages.

Diploma In Skill Training Programs

Career options after 10th There are several skill programs like Diploma in animation, agriculture, and fashion technology. Students can pursue these courses after the 10th class.

Students will learn different aspects like products, chemicals, hair science, client consultation, and self-grooming


Digital Marketing

Career counselling after 10th A booming best career options after 10th. A student with CS in 10th and 12th are eligible for the course. Focus on interviews after completing the course.


Enroll in this course by a skill training program offered after class 10th. Then students need to do a degree course like BSND (Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics) after the 12th class.


If you like teaching, you can always become an educator. You can start teaching online or offline classes.

Diploma In Nursing Assistance

Students after 10th can opt for this. Female aspirants are more in this field.

Fashion Studies/Design

Students after 10th can do one, two, or three-year certification or diploma courses. For a good job approach, people who are working already in this field.


A student with any stream in 12th can pursue journalism. Skills – writing, reading, presentation, communication skills, and knowledge matter more in this field as compared to a degree. After a course with internships, you can get into the job.

Content Writer

If you have a good command of English and you like writing, then content writing is a good best career options after 10th for you. Presenting, researching, lots of writing, communication, and networking are the main skills you should have.

Market Research

Students after 12th can do a bachelor’s degree in computer, mathematics, or statics. Certification courses are also available for students. Also, if you have strong communication skills, then it is a good job career option for you.


If students want a career only in SEO, then also it’s a good career option. But for good career growth, you need to be upgrade and skilled.

Diploma In Art

Students from any stream in 12th can pursue a career in the field. There are diploma courses, basic, and medium foundation courses too. You can become an artist, exhibition designer, fine artist, freelance artist, or art teacher.

Career Options After 10th Important Tips And Suggestions:

  • Practice by yourself on weekends, do an internship, and, if possible assist someone who is already in that field.
  • There are few career options that can be explored ahead of enrolling in them. Choose it as a part-time option with studies. And if you feel confident about your work then go for that course. Like photography, event management, content writing, etc.
  • Understand the difference between a hobby, passion, and a job.
  • Studies have their value, don’t drop studies in between. Education and knowledge give confidence, good communication, and the possibility of success.


The STREAM SELECTOR™ TEST is an assessment tool used to help students in India determine their ideal academic stream (or “stream of study”) for classes 11 and 12 based on their interests, skills, and abilities. The acronym STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, which are the five main streams of study available to students in India after class 10.

Q.What is the Stream Selector Test by CareerGuide?

A.The Stream Selector Test by CareerGuide is an assessment designed to help students determine their most suitable academic stream or career path. It is an online test that evaluates various factors such as interests, aptitudes, personality traits, and preferences to suggest the most compatible streams or best career options after 10th options after 10th options.

Q.How does the Stream Selector Test work? 

A.The Stream Selector Test typically consists of a series of multiple-choice questions that cover different aspects of a student’s personality, interests, strengths, and goals. The test analyzes the responses and compares them with predefined parameters associated with various academic streams or career fields. Based on the analysis, the test generates recommendations regarding the most suitable streams or careers for the individual.

Q.Who can take the Stream Selector Test? 

A.The Stream Selector Test is designed for students who are in the process of choosing an academic stream after completing their school education or those who are exploring potential career options after 10th options. It can be taken by students at various educational levels, including high school, college, and university.

Q.How can I take the Stream Selector Test? 

A.To take the Stream Selector Test by CareerGuide, you need to visit the CareerGuide website or platform where the test is available. You may be required to create an account or provide some basic information before proceeding with the assessment. Follow the instructions provided on the platform to complete the test.

The STREAM SELECTOR™ TEST is designed to help students make an informed decision about which stream to choose, taking into account their personal strengths and preferences. The assessment typically involves a series of questions and exercises designed to evaluate the student’s abilities and interests in different subject areas, as well as their best career options after 10th goals and aspirations.

The test is commonly administered by career guidance counselors or educational institutions in India, and is often available online as well. By taking the STREAM SELECTOR™ TEST, students can gain insights into their own strengths and interests, and make more informed decisions about their academic and career paths best career options after 10th.

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