How To Become A Dietician In India

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How to Become A Dieticians and Nutritionists analyze and evaluate the eating habits of people and advise them to eat a balanced diet based on the principles of dietetics and nutrition. They study the science of nutrition and use this knowledge in health care and treatment. Our busy work schedules and fast running life leave us with the least time to take care of our health. The easiest way of doing so is to have a check over what we eat.Here is article on How To Become A Dietician In India

In today’s modern world, the proper diet plays an important role in sustaining good health, and to check the diet plans, people often approach dietitians. Thus, a career as  Become a Dietician or Nutritionist in India can be great, and to become one, the aspirants need to undertake a Nutrition and Dietetics Course. Before becoming a nutritionist, one needs to know what duties are to be done by nutritionists or dieticians.

  1. To know the nutritional values of different food items.
  2. To offer nutritional assessment to patients with medical conditions.
  3. Suggest and train patients with diet-related disorders.
  4. Deliver correct nutritional care goals to patients with the illness.
  5. Encourage health and well-being by updating the public about the effects of diet and nutrition.

Dieticians can cure different complicated health-related issues. If you look at the nutritional value of all food items before eating them and think if you are eating right? Are you excited about telling others about the right kind of food and nutrition? If yes, then you can choose a career as a Dietician.

How To Become A Dietician In India?

Dietician In India
To become a Dietician, follow these steps below:
  • Pass the class 12th with any stream, science with biology is a good choice though.
  •  Do B.Sc or B. A Nutrition or B.Sc Food Technology.
  • Do a PG Diploma in Nutrition or  M.Sc. in Food and Nutrition. Do an Internship for 6-months and pass the Registered Dietician entrance exam to get the Registered Dietician license from the IDA.

Become A Dietician: Courses

Various courses to pursue in your graduation to become a dietician in India are B.Sc Nutrition, B.Sc Home Science, etc.  Admission to these undergraduate programs is merit-based.

1. B.Sc. Or B.A. Nutrition

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It is a 3-year course paying attention to a variety of topics like basics of nutrition, human physiology, food biotechnology, weight-loss strategies, health, human physiology, etc. The degree concentrates on general health along with expertise in areas like maternal and child nutrition, public health, etc. You will be shown the techniques of food preservation, fundamentals of the bakery, food and quality analysis, etc. At the end of the course, you will be trained in planning diet charts and working on weight loss plans independently.

2. B.Sc. Food Technology

It is a 3-year course that aims at the safe use of food. Food Technology is the process in which different principles of food science are used to the selection, preservation, packaging, and safe distribution of food. You will get to know the basics of food technology, principles of food science, nutrition, food processing, and engineering, food preparation, etc. during the course. Another area of the training will be food quality testing and evaluation. This course will give you an understanding of the science behind food and nutrition and will open many options beyond nutrition.

B.Sc. Food Technology is a bachelor’s degree program that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of food processing, preservation, packaging, and quality control.

The course curriculum for a B.Sc. Food Technology program typically covers topics such as food microbiology, food chemistry, food engineering, food safety, and quality control.

Yes, some institutions offer B.Sc. Food Technology programs online, which allow students to study at their own pace and from any location with an internet connection.

3. Post Graduation Courses In Nutrition & Dietetics

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After graduation, opt for postgraduate diplomas in nutrition and dietetics like Post-Graduate Diploma in Dietetics & Public Health Nutrition or a Master’s degree in Food & Nutrition.  Pursue your Master’s to get an edge over others in the job market. The degree provides you theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the form of internships and research.

4. Post Graduate Diploma

Post Graduate diplomas are 1 year long and will expose you to the fundamentals of nutrition, public nutrition, public health nutrition therapeutic nutrition, and institutional food management.  Most of these courses end with a 7-8 week’s internship compulsory at a healthcare center. Admission to PG Diploma courses is through merit. A PG Diploma is sufficient if you want to obtain a Registered Dietician License.

A Post Graduate Diploma in Dietician is a specialized course that is designed to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in the field of dietetics and nutrition. It is a one-year program that focuses on the principles of human nutrition, medical nutrition therapy, and dietetic research.

The program is typically assessed through a combination of coursework, exams, and practical assignments, such as case studies and research projects.

Difference Between A Dietician & A Nutritionist In India

 Become a Dietician and Nutritionist are the terms that are used synonymously, but their educational qualifications and job roles are different. Nutritionists are the professionals who guide people on the types and amount of food intake needed mainly to increase or decrease their body weight.

Whereas, the dietitians are the experts who guide medical patients in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. about the right kind of nutritional intake e.g. a person recuperating from an accident will have different food requirements from one ailing from cancer. They are trained in nutrition for different types of people especially clinical patients. Dieticians can be Nutritionists, but Nutritionists cannot be  Dieticians.

Scope For Dieticians In India

  • Clinical Dieticians: They work with patients in hospitals, nursing care centers, etc., and help them with their nutritional intake.
  • Pediatric Dieticians: They work with children of all age groups like infants and adolescents and suggest nutrition. They can work in hospitals or can do independent practice.
  • Sports and Health Dieticians: They work with different sports hostels, sports clubs, and athletic teams. They create diet plans for the sports personnel to maintain their weight and body muscle and to keep their nutrition levels in control.
  • Research and Development: Dieticians can work in the field of research to ascertain the quality and nutritional values of food items. They work in labs and study the effects of different diet forms on the body. The main focus is on the nutritive components of food. 
  • Academics: They teach in universities and colleges to give the knowledge of nutrition to aspiring dietitians. They can work as Home Science teachers in school or as lecturers in colleges.
  • Community Dieticians: Dieticians can work with different fitness clubs, public health agencies, and government projects to educate people on food nutrition and eating a balanced diet to avoid diseases.  They can work with large groups and communities.

FAQs About Study Dietician

A study dietician is a professional who is trained in the science of nutrition and provides advice and guidance on healthy eating habits to students. They work with individuals to develop personalized meal plans that meet their unique nutritional needs.

Any student who is interested in learning more about nutrition and how to develop healthy eating habits can benefit from working with a study dietician. They can help individuals who are struggling with weight management, food allergies or sensitivities, and other health issues related to nutrition.

The benefits of working with a study dietician include learning about nutrition and healthy eating habits, developing personalized meal plans, improving overall health and wellness, and managing chronic health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

You can find a study dietician through your school’s health center, a private dietician practice, or an online dietician service. It is important to do your research and choose a dietician who is experienced and qualified to provide the guidance and support you need.

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