10 Tips To Get 99% In An Examination

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Achieving a score of 99% in an examination is an extraordinary accomplishment that reflects exceptional dedication, intelligence, and hard work. Such a remarkable feat requires a combination of effective study strategies, unwavering focus, and a deep understanding of the subject matter. Attaining such a high percentage demands meticulous preparation, including thorough revision of all relevant topics, comprehensive note-taking, and regular practice of sample questions and past papers.

1. Set a positive mentality Before Examinatiom

A positive mentality is that the essence of strength that helps you accomplish your goals in spite of however exhausting the journey could also be. Board examinations are typically perceived because of the toughest hurdles and a serious threat by a majority of the scholars. However, you want to confine your mind that board exams measure neither threats nor competitions, it’s a medium of constructing your learning higher. So, continually keep impressed from among.

2. Begin your preparation early

Most of you tend to pay less attention to the college textbooks at the start of the educational year. If your final goal is to get the best marks within the boards, then develop the habit of early preparation. Revise the coated chapters on an everyday basis. Early preparation helps you in memorizing them for the end of the day. Early preparation is one among the ‘top tips to get highest marks in twelfth board examination.

3. perceive the Examination curriculum

Oftentimes, we tend to get unfree amid the extensively long notes and complicated calculus issues. So, ‘how to get ninety nine marks in twelfth board exams?’. we tend to tend to induce nervousness and panic-struck by the amount of chapters due for study and revision. Each destination board follows a particular and exclusive examination pattern. Thus, it’s necessary that you simply recover adjusted with the curriculum pattern, as this breaks the complexity and makes the preparation simple and stress-free.

4. Improve your writing skills

Writing matters as a result of it represents you. Bad, untidy, and indecipherable handwriting can produce a foul impression on the examiner. you can’t risk writing the answers just like the approach you probably did at your ninth common place. The simplest way to improve your writing skills is to apply it. This may assist you con your answers for an extended time. It conjointly improves your handwriting and writing skills, that is very useful for the end of the day in any skilled domain.

5. Solving previous years Examination question

You can score outstanding marks in boards if your preparation is tactically. one among the suggested or, ‘top tips to get highest marks in twelfth board exams’ is to unravel the previous years’ queries. apply mock board examination on your own with the previous years’ queries as this may assist you perceive the question pattern, the number of your time needed, and therefore the areas wherever you would like improvement.

6. don't ignore your School’s Text Books

When it involves boards, the bulk of the examinees require additional passion about the guidebooks and therefore the notes provided within the lecture rooms. Some rely upon the unreliable sources on the web and find themselves vulnerable to losing their grades. totally finding out your college book is one among the simplest ‘board test tips and tricks’. Your college books square measure the reliable supply, within which every subject chapter is strategized as per the curriculum pattern.

7. Avail facilitation from your mentors

They say ‘you can realize what you seek’. If you would like to understand ‘how to get smart marks in the twelfth board exam’, then request facilitation for each very little doubt. Most of the scholars tend to feel kept in posing for facilitation from their academics or mentors. Most of them are to do it for the concern of being judged, or for being labelled as a slow learner, etc. With the burdened doubts in your mind, your anxiety can worsen. Thus, ne’er hesitate to evoke facilitation regarding your studies throughout the board test preparation.

8. don't neglect the class/pre-board tests

We often overlook the importance of sophistication tests and therefore the pre-board tests. Most folks regard it excessively and should look towards it’s preparation. We tend to fail to understand that getting ready for the category tests and therefore the pre-boards tests itself are the effective steps towards the board test preparation. ne’er overlook the pre-board, take a look at queries and therefore the marks they carry, as they might be the probable queries that are additional seemingly to be perennial in your boards.

9. build a routine, Pay equal attention to each subject

If you would like to find out ‘how to get smart marks in twelfth board exam’, then you would like to remain organized in terms of preparation. Draft a study routine dividing equal time for every subject. For effective preparation, begin finding out by choosing the best and your favorite subject. This method helps you adapt to the mode of finding out and revel in the board test preparation. On the course of preparation, certify you pay equal attention to every subject, be it your favorite or the one that you simply dislike.

10. Beware of your health and Don’t get stressed

Board test preparation is very exhausting. Amid the effort and juggling between books, notes, and anxiety, you may forget to take care of yourself. continually bear in mind to require excellent care of your health. A healthy body is the foundation of a sound mind and higher retention power and can contribute to board examination preparation to a good extent. Eat healthily, drink enough water, maintain an everyday temporal order for sleeping and obtaining up, and more. Keep the strain level unfree by meditating.

Stay positive and believe in yourself. make sure the presence of mind throughout studies. Fall taken with no matter what you are doing, albeit it’s determination a troublesome calculus downside. If you dream of success and attempt towards your goal, it’ll be yours.We want you all the simplest for your boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Factors such as consistent and disciplined study routines, thorough revision, comprehensive note-taking, regular practice of sample questions, and seeking guidance from teachers or mentors can significantly contribute to achieving a high score.

Time management is crucial. Create a study schedule, allocate specific time slots for each subject, prioritize difficult topics, and ensure a healthy balance between studying, breaks, and leisure activities.

Yes, practicing sample questions and past papers is essential as it helps familiarize you with the examination format, improves time management, and enhances your problem-solving skills.

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