Online Psychometric Assessments For College Students

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College students are the most perplexed group of young people when it comes to their careers, with many reservations about their choices in terms of prospects, financial security, job acceptance, hazards, and the list goes on. With the world becoming more globalized every day, employment alternatives are expanding dramatically, which is certainly good news, but it also brings a lot of confusion, and because many new era professional options have yet to be explored, the terms and conditions associated with them are unknown. Online Psychometric Assessment can be used to make this discovery.

As the number of opportunities in each of the four major streams increases, so do the demands. In this circumstance, an Online Psychometric Assessment may be the best alternative for determining which career options fit under your areas of interest and which career options have risk connected with them when viewed in the long term. This article will focus on the range of Psychometric Tests that are open to college students and also the types of stream-based psychometric exams which are available for both graduates and postgraduates.

online psychometric test in india

Ideal career selector test

The Ideal Career Selector Test is the most adaptable online Psychometric assessment available on CareerGuide, with applications in all possible fields and age groups. Graduates and postgraduates alike can benefit from the Ideal Selector Test. The finest feature of the Ideal Career Selector Test is that it connects your passion to every conceivable career path, whether it’s through further education (a master’s degree for graduates or a PhD for post-graduates) or work preparation. The above-mentioned Psychometric Assessment is usually beneficial because it not only measures your love for a particular stream or job but it also informs you about your strengths and shortcomings. Knowing yourself well will always assist you in making decisions in your life.

The four key components of the Ideal Career Selector Test, a sort of psychometric test, are Motivation, Aptitude, Interest, and Personality. Money, fame, challenge, flexibility, creativity, stability, variety, leisure, leadership, and recognition are just a few of the characteristics that encourage people to perform better at work. Verbal ability, logical reasoning, numerical analysis, spatial ability, clerical ability, and critical dissection are all assessed in the aptitude portion. A strong aptitude is a prerequisite for any student in any field to pass any admission exam, whether for a career or a higher education. This section details your strong points as well as the areas on which you should concentrate your efforts.

career counselling for higher school students

The Interest part tells you about yourself and recommends the best career for you, one that will keep you interested and driven, and one that you can quickly master. The RIASEC theory (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional Theory) is the focus of the interesting part. The final component assesses your personality, i.e., if you have a factual, decisive, conscious, extroverted, introverted, imaginative, or passive personality. As a result, the Ideal Career Selector Test, a form of online psychometric assessment, is the complete package for better understanding oneself and acting accordingly for successful endeavours.

Commerce stream selector test

This online psychometric assessment is specifically created by CareerGuide for commerce students, as the name implies. The test’s major goal is to inform participants about business opportunities in both the financial and non-financial sectors. Based on your potential and interests, the results of this Psychometric Test will tell you which vocation to pursue. The test is scientifically developed to measure each student’s unique interest, as well as to match your activity preferences, presence of mind, specific real-life work environment preferences, and atypical personality or image that is required for many professional vocations in commerce.

Humanities stream selector test

This online psychometric assessment is designed by CareerGuide specifically for students of Humanities and Social Sciences who are unsure about their career possibilities in the Humanities. The results of this exam will correctly map you to the best Humanities career option for you. The test report is quite detailed, and the facts are mainly expressed graphically, making it easier for pupils to grasp themselves.

Professional skill Index test

Professional Skill Index is a metric that determines whether or not you are industry-ready. If you have a high professional skill index, you are more likely to be hired for that particular career option and to be more successful than others. A low professional skill index often indicates the need to update basic skills needs to join a career, such as communications, poor time management, lack of ethics and integrity, teamwork, and so on and is based on a scale of 10. Apart from these psychometric tests, CareerGuide provides different types of psychometric tests for all age groups from class 9th to working professionals. Visit CareerGuide now and specify the right career for you!

By: Sananda Kumari

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