Sanskrit Bharati Navdaheli Pariksha

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Sanskrit is called the “language of gods”. It is said that this language existed right from the beginning of mankind. We also have heard many times that almost 200-300 languages spoken around the world including languages such as Kannada, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, and many other local languages are the offspring languages of the Sanskrit language. This language is considered the holiest language among all the presently know languages around the world.

In Hindu mythology, it is said that gods also communicated with each other in the Sanskrit Language. It is also written in Hindu mythology and has been proved with the help of the modern archaeological techniques that the olden transcripts and all the stone carvings which were found after the excavation were written in the Sanskrit Language. Also in the Hindu, cultures, customs, and traditions, it is shown that the ways to pray to god and also the holiest book in the Hindu Religion which is the “Bhagavad-Gita” has written the Sanskrit Language and then was translated to Marathi, Hindi and English Languages and the other languages as per the requirement.

It has also been proved that the Mughal Dynasty also relied on the Sanskrit Language for maintaining their records, sending messages, etc. We can conclude that Sanskrit is a very old language and has to be perfectly preserved to make sure that every person once in his lifetime comes across the usage of this premier language. So, for this, a Mandal has been established which is known as the “Sanskrit Bharati Mandal” which is a group of enthusiasts who care for preserving the Sanskrit Language.

The main motive behind the formation of the group is declared by the working committee of the Mandal which says that “this group is formed to preserve, betterment, spread, and upliftment of the Sanskrit Language”. This group makes sure that the Sanskrit language is spread in every corner of the world and is also taught in a maximum number of schools and by doing so this language is preserved. This group also organizes many meet-ups, competition also gives job placements for the aspirants which are associated with this Mandal as its members by taking the membership of Sanskrit Bharati Mandal.

To all the members and non-members, the Mandal organizes a Sanskrit Pravinya Examination for the school students which are organized in two groups which are given as follows:-

Group 1- Sanskrit Sarala Pariksha (For the students of 9th Standard)

Sanskrit Pravinya Examination Group 1 is particularly for the students of 9th standard only. The registration fee for this examination is 120/- which includes participation in the competition and reference book for this competition. This competition contains a basic understanding of the Sanskrit language in the form of alphabets, words, numbers, colors, days of month/week, and some short proses which are asked in this exam and are also given in the reference books. The examination for this standard is of description pattern and the prize distribution pattern is also evaluated as per the questions answered.


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Group 2- Sanskrit Sugama Pariksha (For the Students of 10th Standard)

This competition section is particularly for the students of the 10th class only. The registration fee for this examination is 150/- which includes participation in the competition and reference book for this competition. This competition now will contain some advanced subjects in Sanskrit which are not mentioned in the syllabus of the SSC Exam and are very helpful for the students who want to study further. The pattern of this exam is also descriptive and the prize distribution pattern is also evaluated as per the questions answered.

For the students to win the Sanskrit Pravinya Examination competition, he needs to study hard to achieve success and the winners are given prizes and also get an opportunity to present their views in front of the Sanskrit Bharati Mandal which is a very prestigious opportunity. Overall looking at the decorum of the Sanskrit Pravinya Examination, it is a must participate one. Wishing you Good Luck with this Competition!!

Frequently Asked Questions

To prepare for the Sanskrit Bharati Navdaheli Pariksha, you can refer to Sanskrit textbooks, grammar guides, and practice workbooks. Sanskrit Bharati also provides study materials and sample papers that can help you familiarize yourself with the examination pattern and content.

 The Sanskrit Bharati Navdaheli Pariksha has multiple levels, typically categorized as Prathama (Basic), Dwitiya (Intermediate), and Tritiya (Advanced). These levels are designed to assess the varying proficiency of candidates in Sanskrit.

The Sanskrit Bharati Navdaheli Pariksha is open to individuals of all age groups who have studied Sanskrit and wish to test their proficiency in the language. It is suitable for students, teachers, and Sanskrit enthusiasts.

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