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Web design course is very good for job opportunities, There are many short term courses , which you can take for a 3-6 months. As Chetan suggested your location will help you spot web design institute better ! All the best !

Hello Anish,I am not sure if this will be helpful as reply is too late. However, I would just like to say that there are more than enough opportunities floating around in web design domain if you are a good designer, specially in and around mumbai. All the best!

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,Good to see you clear CPT of Chartered Accountancy course. However sad to know that you are not interested in this field as a career option. Never mind, its not a problem at all. It happens that as we move forward in some thing we realise that that particular thing is not our cupt of tea or is not what we would really like to do for the whole life in the career.I am glad that you decided to approach CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance and advice on your career query and I am sure that the experts here will be able to guide you appropriately.Shifting from commerce

Dear AspirantWelcome to CareerGuide.comWe help you choose the right career in accordance with your skills and attitude.You are already doing BSc honours in computer science. Great. MCA and MSC computer science are next options. Or you can choose MBA systems or IT. That aspect also should be looked into if you are interested.You can go for MCA or MSC if you want to be a designer in computer science. I hope you are aspiring to be web designer. Developing and coding includes complex arithmetic or binary. Web designing includes artist skills. Web designer use interfaces to design web pages.I since

Dear career aspirantGlad that you are here to make us help you in your career.I am very glad to help you.As we all know, Information Technology sector is very lucrative as career perspective. I am very glad that you are an aspiring Information Technology person with a zeal to perform better and better. your aspirations are very high and I am sure that you shall reach there.Web designing, animation, coding etc are different fields. Web designers design the web sites for their clients with the help of software and html and other related basic coding. Animation is related to mainly gaming and mov

Hi,I don't think that you need to be tensed about that because you can appear for most of the exams with that percentage in your graduation although you will need to work hard in other areas.Your graduation percentage do not play a major role in most of the entrance exams. You can work hard and good score in written exams, GD, and most importantly personal interview.You should be so confident about your strengths that when you go for the interview then your graduation percentage do not become a obstacle in your path.Another solution can be that you can go for MBA after having some years of wor

Hi,   You have done well in the course you have mentioned. CSE is computer science engineering and it is not possible with out maths . You have a multiple query question, let me take one by one and answer all the parts of the question.   First of all let me tell you that you have done well in CSE by scoring 70%. Secondly you are saying that you are weak in maths and science. You may not be interested in maths and science , that is a different issue but you are weak in these subjects is a different issue all together. So i want to say that you may not be bad in maths and science, its

In order to figure out whether you have the right interest or aptitude to become a Web Designer you need to ask yourself following questions.1. How good you are at designing? Not specific to any work but designing in general. This is the most basic part of this profession and therefore you need to be naturally good at designing.2. How good is your sense of colors and patterns? This again is very important as it describes the actual look and feel of the website. You need to add the right colors and design based on the kind of website that you are designing. 3. How excited you are to design

There are many myths about the work and lifestyle of Interior Designers. Here are a few:1. Without a Course in Web Designing, You Cannot Become a Web Designer:There are so many web designers who are self taught. The web designing is a combination of technical expertise and creative mind. In a world of internet and online learning, we don't necessarily need to have certifications. In web desigining you will find a number of people who are doing great work but don't have attended those courses.2. Student Designers Don't Get Paid: This is again a myth which many people have. Many

I am listing down the 30 institutes which offer web designing courses in India:Opel Multimedia, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) Suraksha Computers, Chitradurga (Karnataka) Bhagwant University - Institute of Computer Application, Ajmer (Rajasthan) Vaayaa Education, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) Adoro Institute of Multimedia, Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) Gurukul Digital Arts and Animation Studio, New Delhi (Delhi) Walk _ in Academy of Animation and VFX, Mumbai (Maharashtra) Arena Animation Banashankari, Bangalore (Karnataka) Gemini Animation, New Delhi (Delhi) Arena Anim

Creativity is an important aspect of web designing. One thing you must understand as a web designer that it's not just your technical skills that matter as a web designer but also how creative you are with your designs. In fact on most occassions you will be judged by the creativity of your design rather than anything else.This is how creativity is important for the role of a web designer:1. Appeal of the colors:The colors have their own appeal. The sense of the colors and use them with great variation is one of the key things as a web designer. How different color combination can enhance

The typical day of a web designer is very interesting and exciting. It's one of the rare careers where technical expertise meets the creative energy. This is how a web designer spends his/her day:Working on Overall Goals – A web designer will spend his or her time trying to achieve certain larger goals; for example, he or she will need to ensure proper design, layout and coding of websites. Every element of these websites will fall under the website designer’s job responsibilities, including technical aspects, graphics, and overall aesthetics (the site’s appearance). 

Below is the list of the Books that every Web Designer must read:1. Adaptive Web Design: The book will give you historical context as well as practical use of progressive enhancement. It will take you from the world of machines to the humans and help you understand designing in a better way2. The Web Designer's Idea Book: This book contains more than 700 websites and their thematic display, so that you can derive your inspiration from. You will get plenty of new ideas which you can utilize in your website.3. A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web: It will help you unders

A resume is a ideal place / Opportunity to exhibit your designing talents.    Show to the world in the shortest possible time, about your skills.. say a few seconds.. that is the time most will have to look at your profile, in case they land up there for some reasons.    Try using free sites, pages, create a good portfolio as suggested earlier. But just have an ordinary profile wont take you anywhere.. It has to be really innovative, creative, eye-catchy and of course, your original work!!   Good luck! Ben