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To be an entrepreneur one needs to be determined, hard-working, disciplined, open-minded, confident, competitive, creative, having strong communication and interpersonal skills, self-starter, passionate, having strong work ethics. These are the most demanding qualities if you plan to build something on your own. There are a few things that one needs to keep in his/her mind before starting your business.   Identify:First recognize your skills, figure out what is it that you feel passionate about. Is there something that you could offer to the world? Find what that is. There might already

you can go for any stream...for the business stream is not mandatory your knowledge and your skill is required..

Hello Jennifar, Interesting question.  But please note, being a successful business requires good management skills, innovativeness and most importantly being alert of the market and the consumers demand. And these skills are self developed, and no qualifications can help you develop these strategies. Nevertheless, having management knowledge especially entrepreniual knowledge followed with marketing knowledge can be helpful in the beginning and in the long run. Hence pursuing an MBA in Business management or entrepreniual management could be helpful for you.  To pursue an MBA , mini

Dear Sonu, I would suggest few of good institutions are offering Entrepreneurship Courses in India   EDI - Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad offering 2 years PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management-Business Entrepreneurship) course. SP Jain School of Global Management, Mumbai is also offering 12 months PGP - Global MBA in Family Business & entrepreneurship program.    NIESBUD, iSEED, IIE are also offering short term entrepreneurship courses in India.   Thnx & Regds Lambodar Rout                

Dear Aspirant, A career in Business? It really sounds nice. What business are you thinking or planning or have an idea about to do? Having a business idea is the first important thing to decide on doing business.  What is your current education level? If you are planning for a business in a technical domain, then having a relevant technical qualification is recommended. Studying that particular domain can be a good thing when you start a new business and you are the first employee as well of your own business.  Business can be done by an illiterate person also, however the type of b

Hello Sahil It’s good to see that you have already decided your path. Now it’s time to decide what kind of business you wish to do? Do you want to go for traditional or online business? Also think whether you want to enter into service industry (eg. Beauty and wellness), Merchandising (eg. Grocery shop) or Manufacturing business (eg. Jute bag factory). Once you decide this, you can finalize things like source for capital, place for outlet etc. If your family is into business you can simply join them and take experience for a couple of years and then start on your own. Working on in

Dear Aspirant, Nice question and the answer to this question is 'WITHIN YOU' only and nowhere else. One can become successful by knowing himself/herself.  You can become successful in your own terms and do not relate yourself and compare yourself with anybody to determine the success level. What education have you taken till now? If you can let me know it will become the base for further advice and guidance. I would suggest that you should know first what are you real interests, inclinations, aptitude, capability based on which you should choose one between those. I would strongly re

Hello Dear Aspirant, Thank for visiting us and writing us your career query. I am glad to hear you wish to become a businessman in the near future,very few students give a thought of becoming an businessman and act on it on the same direction.India is the growing economy of the world and it needs a lot many youth having their own startups and businesses. I am also pleased to hear you have been trying to gather the information with regards to the formal education in order to become a businessmen. You can become a businessman in any of the field like it would be IT,Education,Manufacturer,Agri

Dear Aspirant, Good to know that you are wishing to become an Entrepreneur. Good ideas cannot be found or executed just like that by asking people. Ideas are individualistic and unique. There is no book or website which gives ideas for entrepreneurship. I would suggest that for getting into business, you will need to find out the most important thing and that is "Problem area" and then whether you have an idea or a thought which can solve that problem. Locating a problem area and finding a solution to that problem is basically required to get into business. However you can also do business

Hi There, It looks like you are running behind two things and much away from Reality. As said before,. One in olden times could become an entrepreneur because of the scope available. But these days unless one knows about a product and the market value for it, [settling as an entrepreneur gets difficult][1]. Firstly, my advise will be, to get a degree that will help you even if tomorrow you fail as an entrepreneur, hope it never happens. Secondly, if business is your further goal, why do you wish to [opt for a masters degree][2] and invest time , money and energy. Rest all routes for a mas

Hi There, As mentioned by the above two counselors, I wont repeat what they said. Only I would like to add that, since you wish to start a business, you definitely have some sort of plan and idea. Since business is ones own child and one cannot be guided as to which business to begin with, but once you decide, we or others can help you how to progress in that bhusiness. Moreover, would like to add that, before setting up your business, please do a survey, as to - the importance of the business to the people around you, - culture followed in your area, - is it friendly to them, - wh