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Career trends 2017

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RE: Career trends 2017

Meenakshi Singh
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India is one of the fastest economies in the world and is progressing at a rapid rate. With digitization and advancements in technology, there are high expectations from the country on a global stage. With expectations, increases the opportunities. In past one year, India’s economy has seen several ups and downs in different industries which lead to the emergence of several new fields which were never so popular earlier. This has opened wide scope for young students in the country. They can explore their talents and can opt for a career which is interesting as per their own skills, talents and aspirations. Many of the career fields have emerged with the government’s drive towards digitization and using more of internet based solutions rather than manual work. The projected growth of India is also giving higher hopes to these new emerging career options in different industries. By 2020, India will be at an even better global position in the industries if manufacturing, agriculture, textiles, infrastructure, financial services etc.

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The growth in these industries will definitely open many new courses in the Universities which will lead to wider career scopes. Some of the new career options at the current time are:

  • IT and related services:

IT field has developed heavily from coding and the web developing to cloud computing and network security. Now is the time when all the applications are migrating to the cloud system. With advancements achieved so far, it has already reached almost every industry. Demand for professionals having skills in cloud computing is increasing. Along with development, there are requirements in maintenance as well. Amazon, Oracle and Google have achieved quite a few successes in this field and it has been opening new doors for several small companies in the country. This has increased job scope for the young generation. Apart from this, many colleges have started giving short courses in this field and helping students to enhance their skills in cloud computing.


  • Environment Sector

This field has been growing very rapidly in the last few years. The government’s and people’s response towards taking green initiatives and given a rise to business ideas revolving around environmental issues is giving opportunities to several candidates which have done masters or graduation in the field of environmental sciences. Apart from this, there are options in nuclear sciences, renewable energy science and green engineering. Although there were courses available in many universities related to environmental sciences, yet there was never given much attention to this field. Apart from teaching, there is a great scope in NGOs, start-ups and energy based companies.


  • Animation and Gaming

Animation and gaming has been in the market for more than last 10 years. It has seen several technologies and advancements. With better coding practices and applications, this field has recently achieved great heights. Now, it is being used in collaboration of different industries. One of the most popular combination is with education industry. Animation and gaming is being used to develop courses which can be informative to the students and help them learn easily through visualization. Also in the manufacturing industry, the animation is being used to train the new workers through animated and games based videos. Workers can easily be trained using such videos.


There is no doubt that current young generation is more fond of traveling and tourism. There is a great increase in inbound travel since last 2 years and it is increasing every year. This has given rise to several start-ups in this field. There are options in technology, travel guiding, resort managers, hotel hospitality team etc. The positive factor is that the courses are being provided by many colleges and Universities which help the students to land in a good company after graduation. Earlier only air hostesses were considered in this category, however, now, it has become an attractive career for the young generation.


  • Logistics

Globalization has brought the topic of logistics to almost every company and many are trying to optimize their logistics. Earlier, logistics was mostly need-based and was not very organized. However, with advancements in technology and emergence of new requirements and expectations from the customer, this industry has evolved greatly. Now, most of the things are managed through software and the internet. Tracking is easily possible and best services are guaranteed. To provide all this, world-class skilled resources are required which are highly motivated and passionate to help people. This industry has seen great changes in the past few years which are supposed to turn in a positive manner can help the students through new, interesting, fascinating and challenging job roles.


  • Web-based entertainment

The younger generation in the country is not very fond of televisions and rather they are more digital savvy. These people mostly use their laptops for 70% of their waking time and this makes their entertainment demands net based. Many users find it more convenient if their entertainment resources are available through the internet so that they can easily browse on their laptops. This has given rise to several fields such as web-based media which are these days much popular among youth. Another field which has recently got much attention is a stand-up comedian. Earlier it was never ever thought of a profession. However, these days, entertainment has taken the form of laughter. One who can make others laugh can now gain money from it. This is probably due to technology advancement as well since people now need fresh content to destress themselves and they prefer innovative entertainment media targeted for youth only.

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RE: Career trends 2017

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