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How 10th and 12th schooling is a foundation of the great career empire ahead?

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RE: How 10th and 12th schooling is a foundation of the great career empire ahead?

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School education lays the foundation stone in building the personality of a person. This 14 years of schooling mold the child’s career into a different level. Socialization, basic etiquettes, moral character, discipline, good habits and qualities, proper behavior and responsibility towards the society, awareness for various things, teamwork etc. are all implanted during schooling over the years. Teamwork is important and the more experience you have, the better. Until and unless you don’t mix with people from other backgrounds and communities you learn a little. Without having the base for education, one cannot move forward. Definitely, he will lack many qualities.


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The school education in India today has roughly three divisions:

The Primary education,

The Secondary education and

The Higher Secondary education.

Just like a nurturing baby, a school student develops in the same way. Also, schooling is important for the operation of the society. The school is important because it teaches you the basics you need to know for the future and so you can get a good job for money when you're older. It provides a foundation for everyday skills, more specific to primary education. "Everyone deserves a good start in life and getting a good education sets you on the right road. Getting the right education means the right job or career. Your day-to-day school life provides stability and friendship and should be a happy experience."

Right now, you are a student. Eventually, students become the citizens -- employers, employees, professionals, educators, and caretakers etc. of our planet. Apart from parents, the role of a teacher is highly important in building the career of a student. Like, a good teacher teaches collaboration as a value and skill set, evaluate information accuracy, help students learn through their strengths, use learning beyond the classroom and let the students think on their own. Over the years, students need to focus on-

  • Ones’ authentic self in terms of interests, temperament, personality, values, skills, talents, hopes, and dreams.
  • The types of activities, situations, and people with which one is most comfortable, happy and fulfilling.
  • The learning subjects in which one is most interested and the learning styles of which one is
  • most effective, engaged and comfortable.
  • The types of extracurricular activities, hobbies, sports, and pastimes one likes most.
  • Organizations that are seeking the talents one possesses and offer employment opportunities congruent with one’s career and lifestyle aspirations.

The 21st-century knowledge and skills demands one to market one’s talents, qualify for positions

sought or create new entrepreneurial opportunities, interact well with co-workers, customers,

and supervisors, and progress in a career path.

For a student who needs to be stable throughout their career, needs to know how schooling helps them in a real way. It’s important for you to start to think about your future career while you’re still in high school:

  • You’ll grow your network early- Networking helps a lot in your career.Schawbel notes: “By going to school-sponsored events, local meetups and connecting with your teachers, you can grow a powerful network that will support you in college admissions and beyond. Very few high school students take the time to meet professional contacts, leverage them to create opportunities and then keep in touch with them when they graduate.”
  • You’ll have a head start figuring out what you want to do after high school-You will develop at least a basic idea what to do next.
  • You’ll learn a lot-Of course, your 14 years of schooling will never go a waste if you had proper learning.
  • Learning to prioritize things-It is very important to know which things you should prioritize first in your career.
  • Professional learning-Professional learning is valued and staff has access to a range of professional learning opportunities including online training, formal courses, mentoring, supervision and access to the leadership team.
  • Proper education- It is both fundamental to the development of individuals and families and to building a strong society that has better health outcomes, greater social mobility, and strong economic growth, productivity and employment.
  • Finding Balance-One can learn to find the right balance between career and life.

In short, schooling is important for overall development of the students. It all depends on the lifestyle, environment of the student for complete development in a professional way for their future.

For more information, have talks with the Career Expert at Career Guide. Hope this helps you!

RE: How 10th and 12th schooling is a foundation of the great career empire ahead?

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