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How important it is to have sound understanding of mathematics to become a Professor?

I am confused and i am looking for help to sort this out

by Yashna Shrivastava
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3 answers

RE: How important it is to have sound understanding of mathematics to become a Professor?

Adhunika Naithani
Adhunika Naithani
Verified Career Expert
School Counselor at Step By Step School NOIDA
  • Noida

Hey Dear,

I am really amazed to see your question..... who said that to become a professor one must study mathematics???

In fact one can become a professor even when he does not know how to do simple operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or even division. In fact to become a professor one might not need to study Mathematics..... because that is not the criteria at all.

Did you mean a professor in a college??? If you are talking of a professor in a college and you want to be one and you are not good in mathematics then just chill....... No need to study math.

To become a professor you need to have the required qualification and not particularly a subject.

To become a professor you will have to do a PhD in a a subject. To do the same you will have to do your graduation and then masters in the area of subject of your choice after which you can even do an M.Phil or do a PhD directly it is completely your choice. You will have to sit for an exam for PhD and then go for an interview. Once you qualify both the rounds a merit list will be prepared and then according you will be given admission. You will do your PhD under a professor and kit takes around 4-5 years to complete the same.

Also apart from PhD you will also sit for an entrance exam called the NET or SET and qualify the lectureship test in the same after which you can apply for being a professor in a college. Colleges also take People who are under PhD or are still doing their PhD but qualifying the NET or SET exam is really important. And remember in this process only your area of expertise should be your priority and nothing else.

But of you want to become the professor of a Mathematics then also the procedure remains the same but studying math will be unlimited........

Best Wishes!!!

RE: How important it is to have sound understanding of mathematics to become a Professor?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend
Mathematics is the integral part of our academic and social life where all the activities revolve around the maths. Starting from day to day life to higher position at professional life require maths at different level, we learn elementery math in school which provides us the strong base till the end of life. As far as professor job is concened math is invitable to solve the purpose at every walk of day to day acaedemic and administrative exercise. As general maths for entire community is much needed while specilized professor require it to solve the individual assignment in specialzed manner where derivatives, operational, binomial eqation, excel oriented algorithm etc apart from these many others applications of maths are expeienced for academic job.
We need to understand the requirement of maths as per the catagorization of professors like humanities, sciences (basic and applied), science and technology, engineeing, management, geography, economics etc. Pofessors are engaged in lecturing, reseach and development at large where maths are required to do the data analysis, and its representations in numeric forms.

In research laboratory scientists are quite dependent on mathemetical tools where core maths are not required though a complementery mathemetical tool is explored in different forms. Scientific professor are having comand on maths up to the certain extent but can not solve any formulae based typical equation. We are growing in highthroughput computational era where entire world is dependent on computation maths which is already programmed and installed in our PC. So professors must be having computational knowledge otherwise very difficult to manage the bulky data which is harvested fom the crucial obsevation. For example a biologist is explianing the DNA and RNA quantification from different populations then howcome it will be representesent in mathematical form which must be self-explanatory for entire scientific and non-scientific community otherrwise there is no use of such study which can not be explained in proper manner. Maths has its own definition where professors exploit it with their own terms and condtions, since computer engineers -hardware and software are quite useful to develop the software which is the digitalilized version of maths being used at large scale irrespective of any specialization.
Hope you must me developing interest in explaining the maths for your academic puropose.
All the best

RE: How important it is to have sound understanding of mathematics to become a Professor?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear friend, many thanks for your question, here you have not mentioned what is your academic qualifications and what you are doing at present. As you have asked about sound understanding of math to become a professor, it depends upon in which field the person is working as professor.

The professor of Sanskrit do not need to study math at all. On the other hand a professor of Hindi, English or any other language generally do not use math during study, teaching or research work.

But math is really very important for person who is involved in research with some calculations and measurements.

Let me explain with some examples; the person working as professor in chemistry, needs some basic knowledge of math, as the professor has to calculate the amount of certain chemicals, while preparing a solution. The normality, molarity, molal solution can only be prepared, if the professor or person have some knowledge of math.

On the other hand, in the subjects like biology like microbiology, biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology many times math is also required for calculations. These calculations are required at the time of some experiment, for preparing a solution of certain concentration. Obviously, here the person with no knowledge of math will face difficulty in carrying out research work.

But it does mean that person not having the knowledge of mathematics will not be eligible to become a professor. Even if some one is poor in mathematics can become successful professor, by getting help from someone for mathematics related problems when ever required.

In my opinion, the person should have sound knowledge of ones subject. As we study math since our school days, every one knows the basics of addition, subtraction, multiply. This is enough to work as a professor. But the professor of physics, geography, geologist, chemistry, architecture and some engineering subjects should have good knowledge of mathematics. The reason being is that, they have to use calculations and measurements at most of the times. It is as simple as that, the person who are good at mathematics are selected in engineering branch, and they have to study some higher level of mathematics during degree program. Person who are not good at mathematics usually opt biology as career. But opting biology for higher studies does not mean that the person can escape from mathematics.

If some one has basic knowledge of mathematics, then he or she can easily survive and progress as professor.

Good Luck...

RE: How important it is to have sound understanding of mathematics to become a Professor?

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