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How to go for psychology after 10th?

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RE: How to go for psychology after 10th?

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All individual express different behavior under different situations, they have different thought process according to their nature and surroundings in which they have grown up. Some people struggle a lot when it comes to socialization but to others, it is something that they enjoy and wishes to do every day. A lot of people suffer from mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, unconscious mind, hallucinations etc. Psychologists are the experts who study and treat mental disorders in humans. In this article, you will get to know about the scopes and educational journey of a psychologist in India.


Psychology is the study of human behavior under various situation and other different interesting facts about life-related to human’s way of thinking and behaving. The emergence of the science of human behavior took place in Germany, and it traveled to the United States during World War.  Then approximately 70 years later emerged in India. Indian Psychologists since then have been putting their efforts to establish Psychology as a separate discipline.


Subjects to focus on in school

Even though psychology could be pursued by a student of any stream as there are many schools that offer psychology as an optional subject. But being a science student will act as a plus point if you later wish to go for higher study. After completing your 12th Boards, you are supposed to pursue a bachelor’s degree.


Various Specializations


 There are several branches that one could opt for such as:

  • Clinical Psychology: Diagnose and treats emotional and mental disorders such as depression, anxiety etc.
  • Developmental Psychology: Deals with the psychology of children, adolescent, and aging-related
  • Social Psychology: Studies how society, group dynamics and interpersonal relationships impact individual human behavior including political psychology, psycho-economics.
  • Cognitive Psychology: Studies in depth about perception, memory, decision, learning, emotion and other essential aspects of the human
  • Criminal Psychology: Studies about thoughts, intention, morals of criminals. Studying criminals, sociopaths, psychopaths and rapists.



Bachelor in Psychology

Go for a UGC recognized university to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Psychology which would set up your foundation in psychology. You will get to study all the subjects of psychology, through which you will get the opportunity to explore your interests. You will be exposed to basic elements of psychology, if you plan to go into the field of research then it is essential for you to have in-depth knowledge of the subjects. A lot of colleges conduct workshops every year for students to gain practical knowledge regarding their work. Best colleges that provide graduation in psychology are as follows:

  • University of Delhi (New Delhi)
  • Jamia Milia Islamia (New Delhi)
  • Punjab University (Chandigarh)
  • Ambedkar University (New Delhi)
  • Banaras Hindu University (Varanasi)
  • Aligarh Muslim University
  • Christ University (Banglore)
  • Fergusson College (Pune)


Masters in Psychology

Once you have obtained a bachelor degree you can go ahead further to expertise in this field. The admission process is through either your score in graduation or in the entrance exam. In masters, you get to choose your area of specialization according to your interest. Due to intense competition just having a bachelor degree might not be enough. There is usually an internship of 2 to 3 months of duration. One could learn a lot during an internship because in this period you get to work under the supervision of experts.


Top Colleges for post graduation in Delhi

University of Delhi:

  • MA in psychology
  • MA in applied psychology with specialization mentioned above in this article.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences:

  • A in psychology with a specialization in counseling. clinical and HR.


Jamia Milia Islamia:

  • Masters in applied psychology with specialization in counseling, clinical and organizational behavior.

Ambedkar University

  • MA in applied psychology with a specialization in clinical psychology.

Punjab University

  • Masters in psychology

Banaras Hindu University

  • Masters in Psychology

Aligarh Muslim University

  • A in psychology with a specialization in clinical and organizational psychology.

Gautam Budh University

  • MA in applied psychology


Work opportunities for a psychologist

Psychology in India is gaining more and more demand day by day opening numerous jobs for a psychologist in various organizations for various positions such as:

  • Education Sector: They are required as school counselors, career counselors, trainers etc. helping students in their school years. Whereas career counselor help students decide right career path for them.
  • Clinical Psychology: Clinical psychologists work with a psychiatrist.
  • Organizational Psychology: This kind of psychologists work for organizations, MNCs, HR department and human resource
  • Research: These psychologists goes into research field.


RE: How to go for psychology after 10th?

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