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What are good study habits for medical students?

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RE: What are good study habits for medical students?

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The medical field or medicine is the science which deals with the prevention, diagnosis and curing of diseases. The person who practices medicine is referred to as a medical doctor, physician, medical practitioner or simply doctor. The people who want to help others, have a caring nature and want to heal other people should try to become a doctor. A doctor is a life saver for many, hence, this profession is considered to be of a very high stature.

There are several medical institutions in India which provide a degree in medical science. It is not necessary that you will get proper education from all medical colleges. Before choosing a medical college you must examine all the pros and cons of it carefully. Even if you hold a degree of medicine but lack appropriate knowledge of this field then your career is deemed to go down. For getting admission into prosperous medical colleges an aspiring candidate has to go through immense competition. The procedure of admission into the best medical colleges is very tough. Even if you manage to take admission in premier college then also the study of medicine is really hard. It needs persistent hard work. The habit of persistent hard work doesn’t come in a day, one needs to indulge some habits and wait to see the results.

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Now I’m going to state some study habits which can help a medical aspirant achieve a milestone in the field of medicine-



  • Set goals: Whenever you have a desire to achieve some goal like getting 9.0 percentile next semester, record it. This helps you to be accountable to yourself and help you benchmark your progress.
  • Try and complete your toughest assignments first: You cannot escape doing assignments in a medical college. So instead of doing them unwilling, why not do them enthusiastically. If you delay it for the end, you have to do it in a hurry. This way your assignment is never apt. When you complete assignments at the beginning of the week give satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Get organized: Start listing what work all you have to finish and do accordingly. Write down all the class information including projects, assignments, and deadlines. Maintain a calendar to see everything in place and adjust accordingly.
  • Reduce distractions: You first need to figure out what all things incline you towards your goal and what all things divert you from it. Choose an environment where you can study with full concentration. If this means away from home, then you must go for it. Use mobile phones to a limit, it is a big distraction. If you want to score well in a medical college then you must get rid of temporary enjoyments.
  • Schedule study time: Schedule specific and dedicated study times in your planner and make sure you do justice to your commitments. Give enough time to study in a day but do not just go on studying when you need sleep. Studying in a sleepy mode does no good. Schedule you study time in such a way that you can take enough sleep too.

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  • Revision: Always do a revision of whatever you studied in class the same day. By applying this technique, whatever you studied in class becomes crystal clear in your mind.
  • Divide into parts: When you have an important exam with the vast syllabus, divide that syllabus into parts. Don’t rush in studying all at once, this way you may forget some this. In the study of medicine, you have to remember a lot of this at the same time. So you should study one part by heart and then go to the next.
  • Power naps: This really works very well. Instead of studying for 3-4 hours in a stretch, study for an hour with full concentration and then take a short nap of 10 minutes. This way you study in a fresh mood for the next one hour. The study hours and nap time may vary from person to person but the nap time must not exceed 15 minutes.

Every day is precious. Never ever miss a day and delay your work for the next day. Don’t become a book worm, one must relax and recreate. Once you are out of medical college no one is there to teach you, use the college time appropriately. Do justice to your studies and it will do justice to you in becoming a renowned doctor. 

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For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: What are good study habits for medical students?

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