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What is the average salary of a Doctor?

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RE: What is the average salary of a Doctor?

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The work of a doctor is to save people’s life. It is one of the noblest and selfless deeds done by a person. It’s not an easy task to become a doctor. A lot of hard work and self-motivation is required to be a doctor. Since it involves experimenting with the human body; they need to know everything about the human body be a nerve or a bone. Getting into medical colleges is all the more a difficult task. The aspirants have to give a NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) exam. This test is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Examinations (CBSE). This test paves a way to enter into all the medical colleges in India. Like any other professional, a doctor gets fees for the work done by him. He has the option of either working in a hospitable or a charitable institution or to do his own practice by opening a clinic.

Their service conditions, in general, are regulated by the Medical Council of India although, their salaries are not. A doctor’s salary in a private hospital is different than the one working in a government hospital. Periodic Pay Revision Commissions are set up in the government departments for providing fair and just salaries to the doctors. In the private hospitals, however, salaries are given on the basis of skill, competence, hours of work, etc. Therefore, the salary structure of a doctor varies from organisation to organisation.

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Career Prospects of a Doctor

Doctors across the world have lucrative career opportunities. They are in huge demand everywhere especially in countries like UK, US, Australia and the Middle East. The average salary of a fresher in a government hospital varies from 10000 INR to 25000 INR. In a private hospital, on the other hand, the salary of a fresher may start from 40000 INR. The salary of the doctor also depends on the kind of specialisation that he has. For example, the salary of a surgeon is much more than the salary of a dentist or a dermatologist. The Health Ministry of India has given a hike of 25% in the salary of the doctors who work in rural areas and a hike of 50% for the ones who work in areas that are not easily accessible by road.There are contractual doctors too which get an average salary of 12000 INR to 25000 INR as per their qualifications and the work done by him/ her.

There are specialists in Andaman and Nicobar Islands that work on a contractual basis and earn an average salary of 55000 INR per month. Also, the paediatricians in Madhya Pradesh get an average salary of 35000 INR per month. The highest salary is paid to the doctors of Delhi, then the doctors in the state of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and West Bengal respectively.



In some institutions, doctors also get additional perks from their employers like a car, or transportation perks, etc. At the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), the assistant professor gets a minimum salary of 30000 INR along with along with academic grade salary of 8000 INR. A senior resident, on the other hand, gets INR 18750+ INR 6600(GP) + other allowances.

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Eligibility to be able to practice as a doctor:

To become a doctor one has to study the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology in their 12th exam and also clear certain medical entrance exams to gain admission into the medical colleges across the country. He/ she also have to do an internship with a medical institute. After completion of MBBS / BDS degree and internship period, one can apply as a junior or fresher in any healthcare Institute.

Medical practitioners hold degree specific to the university from which they have graduated. In India, there are many practitioners that specialise in Ayurvedic medicine. This type of medicine is made from natural products such as leaves and oils and is without any side effects. People from all around the globe come to India to get Ayurvedic treatment for their problems. For example, people come especially to Kerala to experience the massages for which this state is famous for. Career prospects in ayurveda are also quite good. Doctors open their own personal clinics for this and earn about 20000 to 25000 per month on an average practising this.

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Therefore, doctors are extremely important to save the lives of people. Even in the earlier times, when there were no doctors as such, there were people who used to treat other people and serve the purpose of a doctor. Plants and animals were used to treat the problems. For instance, leech was used to suck out excess blood from the human body. The milk of poppy was used to get relief from pain. Thus, even though there were no doctors, people knew how to find their way to prevent and cure certain diseases.


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RE: What is the average salary of a Doctor?

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