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Which stream to select after my 10 th std ? as I am little interested in chemistry so which stream should I select?

I am a 10 th std student.i am confused about what to do after 10 th std?..i m little bit interested in which stream will be good for me.and I want to something exceptional which generally others wont do

by Anagha Deogaonkar
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3 answers

RE: Which stream to select after my 10 th std ? as I am little interested in chemistry so which stream should I select?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
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  • Meerut

Dear Aspirant, nothing to worry, since you have little interest in chemistry, so you should go with it, but there are many more subject, which will definitely fulfill your dream career. Here you have not mentioned that in along with chemistry in which other subjects you have interest, are you interested in biology or physics or maths.

Any ways, let me tell you things in detail. Since you have some liking for chemistry, you can take biology with it. You have not mentioned your liking about physics and maths. If you do not like physics and maths, then leave these.

You should take those subjects which understand and enjoy. In my opinion you should make a combination of biology and chemistry. This will help you in graduation and later in post graduation courses.

Another combination you may go for could be ; chemistry, and computer science. But from your question you seems more comfortable with chemistry subject. Lets talk about its future aspects and prospectus.

You opt chemistry as your main subject and take other subjects in which you have some interest. Then you have to take this in graduation and as major subject in MSc.

After MSc you will be eligible to work in any chemical company, or if you wish you may join any research organization. The future of chemistry is very glorious. The best opportunities for you will come in chemistry after completion of doctoral degree program.

After having masters and doctoral degree in chemistry, you can join a university, institute of any pharmaceutical company. In university you will be involved in teaching and research. again it depends upon you whether you are interested in teaching or not. If not then better join a chemical manufacturing, fertilizer manufacturing or pharmaceutical company.

If you are not at all intrested in higher education, then you must complete graduation in chemistry as one subject. After that join MBA as regular or correspondence course. You may join any company after graduation, and in service you should go for a management course. This will definitely give a boost to your career and you can join a management team in your company.

Hope I have answered your query.

Good Luck...

RE: Which stream to select after my 10 th std ? as I am little interested in chemistry so which stream should I select?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
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Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

Thank you for approaching counsellors at you say you are not that much interested in studying chemistry and it is fine. But i want you to consider your thoughts and interests on other subjects. You should have known by now if you belong to a state board syllabus or CBSE syllabus you are likely to follow either of three groups - PCMB- Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology or PCCM - Physics, chemistry, computer science and maths or Commerce group that includes commerce, Economics, Accountancy and Business maths. So chemistry comes in two groups out of the three groups. Evaluate yourself if you like other three subjects in the first group which are Physics, Biology and Maths. Next check if you like studying subjects in second group that is Computer science instead of Biology. You should also make clear whether you get low marks in chemistry or if you dont like the subject but has got good scores in 10th class.
Unorganised Sector
1. If you are a student struggling to study chemistry subject and had scored low in tenth class but would like to have a career in medicine or engineering in future, then you should take steps to get a good score in this subject at least to increase your overall total and percentage. You can go to extra tuition class for this subject to increase score in chemistry.

2. If you personally dont like chemistry, but dont want a career in Engineering/ medicine and are still interested to study the other subjects like Biology, Maths or physics - you can choose first group. But you should be clear that you are not going for an MBBS/ BDS/ Engineering if you get a score less than 60% in chemistry. But you can definitely get into subjects like BSC/ BTECH Biotechnology, BSc Botany, BSc Zoology BSc Biology BSc Maths BSc Physics and many more. But also make sure you are not suited to studying BPharm - bachelor of pharmacy as this is a chemistry oriented subject.

3. Lastly if you are not interested in studying chemistry at all then i recommend you to take the third group which is a commerce group but this also requires you to have some love for the subjects in this group. If you like to study each and every subject in this group then happily take it. I can relate you well with my daughter actually. She was a very good student in tenth but hated maths and chemistry so much. But her love for biology made her to choose the first group. However she passed 12th overall with very good scores and it was possible by giving her extra tuition support in Chemistry and maths. After 12th she choose to study BTech Biotechnology. And she was not dependent on a chemistry or maths oriented degree like this. Therefore i strongly recommend you to choose one subject that you love so much. Never mind if chemistry is there in that group. You can still make careers in the subject you love. If you have a strong love for biology take first group or if you love computer science take second group. if you love commerce then take last group. This is how you need to prepare your mind.

Finally taking a psychometric test from this website will also help you to understand if your personality matches commerce profession or biology or computer science profession. With this you can filter the options that dont match you.

You said you want to do something different. The why dont you do a PhD? PhD people always do something different as they are researchers finding new things now and then. You can certainly take a BTECH-MTECH- PHD route or a BSC-MSC- PHD route. This requires what subject you like to study upto PhD level and choose the subject accordingly. All the best.

RE: Which stream to select after my 10 th std ? as I am little interested in chemistry so which stream should I select?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar
Dear Student
Thank you very much for contacting contacting meracareerguide as one of the top rated consultancy unit in India which serves the best academics for your excellent career.
I am happy to answer your query in details as you are at the right age to develop the future strategies which will decide your future. It is good to know that you are interested to opt chemistry as your option is pre-matured as of now because still you have to screen your subject of interest as per the suitability in practical life.
In general majority of the students seem to be confused due to the following reasons:
Lack of fundamental fitness: to make it clear you have to understand the entire subjects at school level which is possible with the continuous effort and sincerity only then you will be able to see your specific interest and an ease towards certain subjects . As you are saying Chemistry seems to be little interesting, I do not know your criteria which are being implemented behind the interest. Sometime people develop the fake interest based on the fancy title of subjects and job entitlement which are imposed by the social references, print and electronic media, social websites-facebook etc. You are advised for a healthy approach which is possible by your self motivation and awareness which come through the elite companions of your family, friends, teachers, and resources. Try to join such club where you will be given a concrete conclusion and that is your self study based exploration club and non other then your parents or closely related to your study-TEACHER.

Unorganised Sector
Based on the above based reason I am sure you will pave your path with your individual interest and effort that could be Chemistry or anything else. As you have asked about Chemistry then I must answer it accordingly:
Chemistry is a basic science which could be explored at BSc, M.Sc and Ph.D. level or explore Chemistry at applied level like Bachelor in Engineering (BE) or Bachelor in Technology (B.Tech) in Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Synthetic and Structural Chemistry, Nano-chemistry and other disciplines like Biochemistry. These are all relevant streams where you can try your destiny for the enjoyable academic journey. Also, you will be comfortable in serving the humanity at global level. Concentrate on your fundamental studies at 10th to 12th level everything will be clear by that time.
Best wishes !

RE: Which stream to select after my 10 th std ? as I am little interested in chemistry so which stream should I select?

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