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A college is an exciting place. It is a place where students grow. They learn different things here. They become fully independent. When a student passes out from school, they have a lot of expectations from their college life.

Let us have a look at some of the expectations of students from their college-

1. Great Infrastructure

All students want to study in a college which can provide them with the best infrastructure and facilities. They want a large classroom, library, campus ground, and many other things.

But what do they want them to be?

  1. The ideal large classroom is a classroom that can hold a lot of students. So that a large number of students can come and study together. This will help students in learning from each other. They can also make new and more friends. A classroom plays an important role in building the mind and perspective of the student.
  2. Every student is going to college for a reason. The reason being that they want to study and fulfill all their dreams. What is a better place to study other than a library? A library should have all the academic books so that students, who cannot afford the book, can come to the library to study from those books. Other than Academic and syllabus books, the library is also expected to have a lot of magazines, novels, and comics. So that the students who have different interests can come to the library as their hobby too.
  3. After and between all the studying of the day, where the Student is expected to get relief? In College ground with his friends is the suitable answer. The ground is expected to be open and far away from the classrooms. It has to be big so that in one corner everyone can play, in the other they can sit and talk, in the other they get exercises, etc. These Infrastructural facilities also consist of many other things. And infrastructural priorities differ from person to person. To some, the college infrastructure and its facilities play a major role and to some, it doesn’t even matter.

2. More Internship and practical projects

We usually see that internship programs and practical projects fall into the pocket of senior students. But the question that arises here is why. Do only they need the practical information?

A student when they move to College expects a lot of exposure from college. They want more experiences so that they can get habitual of career life after College.

They want more Internships and practicals so that they can learn as much as possible.

3. Wide variety in subject courses

There is a saying that the more flexible your academic background is the better will be your opportunities for the career.

It is true. Students want to learn and explore everything in their college life. Similarly, they want to explore every subject too. The college should not limit them to choose one subject or stream. They should provide freedom to students to choose any subjects they want to study.

These will not only build a wide career opportunity for the students but it will also help students to know what they are interested in and what they want to do next.


4. New and lifetime friends

Many students who were introverted till the school expect to become ambivert in their College. Therefore they expect to make more friends. A college should hold a friendly environment. So that students can connect and get to know each other well.

College friends are very important. They see your best side and also your worst side. They have seen you attaining top position in an exam and they have also seen you struggling for notes one day before the exam.

If College friends tend to be the right ones, then they give you a lot of good and unforgettable memories and experiences.

5. Not much pressure

One thing a student doesn’t want to live in is pressure. Students already go through a lot in their school, like, the board examination, the results, the admission in College and much more. So they don’t want to go to the college that forces them to do anything that they don’t want to do. This doesn’t imply that colleges should stop focusing on students’ careers and academic life. This says to not pressure students. College life is meant to be memorable. Those 3-5 years are meant to have a lot of memories, both good and bad. The students expect their College to provide them with a basic enjoyable environment, where they can study and enjoy together without any sword hanging over their head.

This is all about the expectations of students from their College. There are many other things too, which can be included in this list. Such as-

  • Supportive teacher and faculty.
  • A friendly environment.
  • Clean hostel and good food.
  • Security.
  • Programs that help them in developing their skills.
  • Good connection inside the campus or free Wi-Fi facility.
  • Platform to groom their skills.
  • Better placements.
  • Gymnasium and swimming pool.
  • Introducing and making them ready for the real world.


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So this is the end of the post What do students expect from college?. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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