Dear Swati, Thanks for writing to us your query! Very good question. Well, future course after CA depends on you career goal. You can work as an independent consultant or full time employee with consultancy firm or corporates or in academia. Also, you need to determine area of work: accounting, taxation, costing, and corporate law Based on your interest, you can do Cost Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Information System Auditor (CISA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), IFRS, MBA and also do PhD without doing any masters course.  If you are interested in academics or research, you

Hello there! Hearty Congratulations for completing your Chartered Accountancy course. Glad that you are also working in a PSU. I liked your query very much since I appreciate your willing ness to further continue your education while doing your job. I have been an Educationist and have been counselling students from the commerce / management fiedl for more tha 7 years now and have been teaching and writing for many years now. To add value to your resume and to supplement your CA qualification there are many options available. Full time courses, part time courses, distance learni

No course is Hard in this world, it all depends on our will & determination.Well if you talk about CA. it is known to be a toughest course amonst all accounting institutes in India.Reasons - why it is regarded as toughest:1) This course actually make a person an expert in almost every field of finance & commerce, such:> Accounts> Financial Mgt> Auditing> Cost Mgt> Company Law> Other Allied laws> Direct Tax> Indirect Tax> Other subjects2) It is course where you have to do lot of self study. You need to study on daily basis to be an expert in the field.3) Durin

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,I am glad to know that you are thinking of upgrading your self and make your self equipped in terms of knowledge and qualifications to tackle the industry work challenges. Good to know that you are already doing your articleship and already near to the industry practices.I am glad that you decided to approach for seeking guidance and advice on your career query. I am sure that the experts here will be able to guide you appropriately.Other course along side Chartered Accountancy course and articleship:I suppose that you are still to complete your Ch

Dear Aspirant, As already mentioned by other experts about the eligibility criteria, I would like to make you aware that in the industry today, just being eligible by qualification is not enough, but you should have the employability aspects in you to get a good job. Qualification is just a ticket to take you to the interview desk, but how and what you perform on the interview desk, is much more important. So CA qualification will not just get you a good job, but skills of a Chartered Accountant will. so dont be behind getting just qualified, become employable. Best wishes!

The best thing about being an Actuary is that there is no routine work for you. However there are quite a few things that they often do. These are mentioned below:Working on spreadsheets to complete the review and analysis process.Determining the right prices and assisting team members in pricing the new products.Writing reports for the clients.Data management and working on the calculations to provide the detailed reports.Meetings with the management and clients.You can watch the video below to get more idea about the typical day of an Actuary:The work will often keep you busy but then it pay

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An expert guide to entry level jobs for MBAs Job hunting is always a tough task for graduates. Hunting for a job after MBA, requires prior research and knowledge about the prospects and scope of the work to be done after the study of MBA. One needs to give time to themselves, and prioritize their tasks so that they can better understand and search for the right job. Step by step guide for a better future USEFUL NETWORKING- Believe it or not, people who are having networks in their own field of work, have better chances to get a job. Recruiters actually are not always interested in investing

Check out this website where you can do an online course in General Management. The prerequisite is secondary school qualifications, so you will qualify for admission. The course will teach you the fundamentals of business, and the vectors that you need to check. Meanwhile, just start working in the business by assisting your husband, and learn on the job. Do not feel embarrassed about learning from the juniormost employee, if they know something that helps. It will also help you in discovering the area in which you would like to contribute. Soon, you will be controlling at least a part

Hello Sujata,  Interesting question and pretty interesting to see that despite not a conducive work culture and environment; as well as lack of interest in work, you have prolonged the work for 6 years. Pretty long time. How did you manage?.  Anyways, now that you looking out for a change, bettter late than never. But please note whichever field you opt for now, will make you begin as a fresher. Rather I would say talk to your bank manager and appear for internal exams and move up the ladder. Probably you could opt for an MBA in Retail bankingg or Financial management and opt for a b

Hello Yashraj,  I wish you had specified what you are currently doing. Anyways, the answer to your question is simple. Starting from the base, after 10th, you need to join 12th science in the PCM stream. After 12th you need to appear for AICTEE, IITJEE, CET entrance test for admission to a 4 years engineering stream.  Incase you are unable to make it to engineering, but still passionate about computers, you could opt for either B.SC Computer science or B.SC IT or BCA. Before selecting a stream read what the course entails.  Wish you good luck....

Hello Utsab,  Firstly, do you not have belief in your skills and potentials. Secondly are you hardworking or not?. Thirdly do scores or percentage define ones intellect. If you think percentage defines ones intellect you are highly mistaken. Percentage is just a gateway to a course. Your intellect is defined byhow you are able to make use of the aquired knowledge. Coming to your question. Yes. You can target top B-schools. Only criteria apart from percentage is your self  confidence and willingness to put in hardwork. You may join classes for the same. But remember there is no substi

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You must have heard about acturial jobs. Apart from that Investment analyst, CA, CS, Banking jobs, economist, lectureship, Economics writer, stockbroker, counselor, civil services are available options.

Hello Harpreet, Whether a college is good or bad, depends on various criterias and they are mainly personal. Only a student can decide which college is best suited to them. It would depend on various factors, one obviously being the course curriculum followed by the teachers qualification and industry exposure. I am listing down few college offering economics. Check their websites for the criterias you are searching for and select it accordingly. Ramjas College, Delhi Christ University, Bangalore CMR University, Bangalore M.E.S. College of Arts, Science and Commerce (MES College), Bangalore H

Hello Harpreet, As such generally speaking when we speak of masters degree, it would mean specializing in the subject in which you have the basic knowledge. Thus if you have pursued Economics at the Graduation level, then definitely you can pursue a masters degree in the same.  Hope this help[s. Wish you good luck...

Hello Heena,  Firstly please note CA is not a diploma course but a certificate course. Secondly as such one cannot define a course as being the best. A course you choose based on your interest and potentials can be termed a best course for you only. You must choose a course based on your interest and one that matches your degree as well. Also it must match or be equivalent to the role and industry you wish to work in. As a counselor I would suggest, first gain work experience and then based on the industry demand and your comfortability choose a course. Ofcourse it is your choice. Few cou

Hello, Thanks for Asking..!! There are lot of career options available after 10th or 12th studies. But firstly you have to find out the field of your interest. Ask yourself, What do you want to become? What are your dreams? Which subjects you find interesting? It is a really big decision of your life. So you have to decide it wisely. Because your complete career depends on this. You also have to check the career opportunities & Jobs in that field. Well, if you want to make career in Banking field you can go for Commerce field. To get into banking field, Graduation is required in any stre

well thank you so much mam.. thats some serious advic.. helps a lot :)  

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Dear Aspirant, It appears that you are bogged down by now due to over studies of the banking exams. It is December 2016 that means that you have spent almost 1.5 years in studying for the banking exams and not successful. It is not that every body who appears for the banking exams clears in the first attempt. Therefore if you are really still interested in the banking sector for a long term career, then you should try more by studying smartly. If you wish to leave the banking sector and not sure what to choose, then I would strongly suggest that you take the Ideal Career Test from CareerGuide.

Hello Srishti,  Interesting and doubly interesting to see your determination to join IIM only for management studies.  Firstly if IIM is your dream make it a passion. And that is possible only when you do not sound negative. If you are determined and can work really hard and take help of coaching classes and focus on concepts then no one can stop you from reaching your goal. You had enough time from june till november /december. Anyways now no looking back. Take action immediately.  My suggestion would be appear for CAT this year. It will give you an idea as to how the paper is.

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Hello Piyush,  A course when introduced in the market, definitely follows the market trend and future possibilites of success. Please note that the scope of a course is purely based on 2 things. Firstly your basic qualification and secondly  the job role one is targeting. Someone with basic knowledge in accounts and finance or a banking graduate would definitely find this course beneficial. Please do sit back and analyse before choosing a course. Wish you good luck.....

Hello Kamna,  Interesting to see you are taking an interest in your brothers career, but disappointed to see his lack of interest. It is his career he too needs to start taking initiative. Never the less you show him the way. Firstly do not judge intelligence based on the percentage. Sometimes students are unable to express the concepts resulting in poor score. Secondly do not choose a career based on percentage. Choose a career based on ones interest, aptitude and liking.  Here I would suggest opt for an Aptitude test or career counseling test also available at Mera career too. The

I have completely studied myself...and  Really confused about it... Maths I liked it...only arithmetic and money matters... Biology is always upto mark and has extra knowledge of that...even worked as pathological labs...with gynecologist... Physics and chemistry I just hate them ... Language(English) favorite to study ... And I love writing poems and thesis... But I don't wann