The best thing about being an Actuary is that there is no routine work for you. However there are quite a few things that they often do. These are mentioned below:Working on spreadsheets to complete the review and analysis process.Determining the right prices and assisting team members in pricing the new products.Writing reports for the clients.Data management and working on the calculations to provide the detailed reports.Meetings with the management and clients.You can watch the video below to get more idea about the typical day of an Actuary:The work will often keep you busy but then it pay

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Dear Student,   The actuary designs insurance and pension plans, determines insurance premium rates and contract provisions for each type of policy offered, compiles data related to rates of mortality, sickness, injury, retirement and property loss from theft, accident, fire or any other hazard. She/he analysis claims ( insurance) from corporation or com[any. S/he also creates new attractive policies to further the organization's business. To sum up the main work areas of actuaries in the area of finance are:- Life, General, Health Insurance & Reinsurance Companies-

Below is the list of the important personal and professional skills that one needs to have as an actuary so that he or she can get the job:1. The actuaries need to be very good in their mathematical and analytical skills. They need to do a number of calculations and the analysis in order to do the financial accounting. They often do these calculations on the computers and the calculators and therefore need to be good at using these tools.2. The actuaries usually work as part of the large teams and therefore they should be able work with them. They should be good team players so that they can p

Dear student, Here I will explain stage 2 to you.   To practice as a certified actuary you need to have a certification from the respective governing body of that country. As I explained in the previous post, haveing any other qualifications are a requirement for taking this certification exam. They alone will not suffice if you want to practice as a registered actuary in any country.   For example in India it is the Actuarial Society of India (ASI). Similarly there is the Institute of Actuaries, London, Faculty of Actuaries, Scotland; Inst of Actuaries, Aus

Hi You must have seen, heard and read about companies which provide insurance cover to policy holders in case of any eventuality like accidents, hospitalization, household hazards, thefts or death and still others who look after investment schemes, employee benefits, retirement benefits and pension schemes. The policy holders are required to pay a fixed amount as installments at regular intervals and later they get benefits on policy completion. Do you ever wonder, who do all these calculation and who designs these plans. This is what a actuary does. An actuary has to combine the skills of a