Dear Friend,Greetings of the day!!!Let me Introduce to you myself  i am a cost accountant and have done my MBA in Finance.As you know everything is linked with economy when you have good economic activity there are higher jobs available in market and the reverse is the case when there is a slag in economy then you may seen decline in jobs.As far as cost accounting is concerned with the recent change in regulations by government which made it mandatory for companies to manage the cost accounting books for regular audit. There has been a sudden increase in cost accountant needs. Lot of comp

Cost Accountancy gives more weight-age to Cost Accounting as a subject. Or you can say that it is like professional degree with Costing/ Cost Accounting as a major subject. I hope you know what Cost Accounting means. This is allocating costs to each unit produced. This is more useful in manufacturing industries. Cost Accountants can do Cost Audit which is compulsory for certain manufacturing companies under the Companies Act, 1956 in India.  As against this, Chartered Accountants get specialized knowledge in Taxation and Auditing. They have to undergo practical training under a qualified

A fresh Company Accountant will join as an Assistant in the secretarial department under the Company accountants or a Deputy Company accountant or Legal Counsel in the company. Generally the salary offered for a fresher CS is around Rs. 30,000 If you are a CS and LLB candidate, you can definitely get that salary. You will also be exposed to legal department work along with the routine secretarial work. As you go on working and gain work experience, the salary keeps increasing and you may achieve the designation of Company Secretary when you become competent enough to lead. This course will giv

Hello there! Looking at your query I can definitely say that you have touched upon a very important aspect of education, especially for Cost Accountants. I am glad that you approached for seeking clarification to this very good and unique career query.I am an Educationist and have been involved in career counselling for many students from commere / law / management stream and also I have been involved in teaching and writing on career management for many years for reputed newspapers and magazine all over India.I suppose that you are already a Cost Accountant or may be on the ve

Dear aspirant Thank you for approaching counsellors here. Becoming a professor is a highly reputable academic career and i highly appreciate you for choosing this career line. To become a professor of cost accounting requires a few certain academic procedures to be followed in India. i will explain it in brief one by one below. First you need to pass 10th class with a compulsory maths subject. Then pass 12th class with a compulsory accountancy or business maths subjects. Ideally students who choose to study in the commerce group are well suited for this career. Therefore your 12

Hi Friend,Thank you very much for coming on this platform with your current queries, we at MCG try to help you solve your problem by giving you the best advise suitable for you.Before going further let me just brief you with the Cost Accountant.Cost accounting is a process of collecting, analyzing, summarizing, and evaluating various alternative courses of action. Its goal is to advise the management on the most appropriate cause of action based on the cost efficiency and capabilities. Cost accounting provides the detailed cost information that management needs to control current operations an

Hi, This is indeed a good question. Yes, a cost accountant has a good and some of the better job prospects. The corporate houses are in neck to neck competition to reap the all possible benefits from the current and upcoming free markets all over the world. The more the businesses expand, the more will be the job prospects for cost accountants owing to the critical need of cost accountants to oversee financial and management operations to help organizations work smoothly and efficiently. As I said earlier a Cost Accountant has many such opportunities in various fields such as, own practice, as

Well, Cost accountancy is basically a profession where you work for corporate houses to help them work efficiently in terms of financial matters. A cost and management accountant would collect data and financial facts of the organization and would analyze them to help reduce the cost to the company. A cost reduction and maintain efficiency in operations, going on is the main work and the area of expertise for any Cost and Management Accountant.   What does a Cost and Management Accountant do? A cost accountant would manage inventory, review the cost invested and other such matters. The an

Hi Neha, IAS is related to Civil service examination. Thus you would have to appear for the civil service exam conducted by the UPSC board. The minimum qualification criteria is you need to be a Graduate in any field, with minimum 50%. You would have to clear the prelims and Main entrance exam followed by Personal interview.   In terms of preparations, please note being logical and most importantly witty is a must. Also important is reading. Read everything right from politics to history to current affairs to sports to health to cookery etc. Please note, just not reading, but being to art

Dear Aspirant, You can take admission to Foundation course of Cost Accountancy after 12th. You will be required to give your 10th and 12th std marksheets and passing certificates while taking admission to Foundation Course.  Duration of Foundation Course is one year. Cost of Foundation Course is around Rs. 4000. Best wishes