We can compare both by the following factors. 1. On the basis of Salary: Starting salary for Bank PO Job - 38,000 – 42,000 Starting salary for IT Job - 20,000 – 25,000 We know that one day bank will pay us atleast 40% - 50% more than than the IT Companies. So it is very clear that here the Bank Jobs Wins. 2. On the basis of Job Security: It is very clear that Bank Po Job is the GOVT Job !! Only this is quite enough for the comparison. 3. On the basis of Job Location: Bank PO: Mainly in the rural Areas. IT Job: Metro Cities. In this factor IT field wins the race. Most of us want to

I have one question...right now i m working in idfc first bank my question is that is it helpful in promotion or salary hike after doing of mba in finance...ppz suggest

Hello Anjali, A warm welcome to careerguie.com Thanks for visiting us and writing us your career query. With the policies like Financial Inclusion and Rural expansion mandate the financial sector has got a tremendous career opportunities especially the Sector like Banking and Finance has been growing at the rapid rate. Due to the Bank Expansions every year there are many job openings in the Banking Sector. The Candidate who apsires to make a career in the Government Finance Sector for them Banking is one of the Best Career option. There have been a great career opportunities in both the Privat

Hello My Dear Banking Career Aspirant,Banking is one of the topest of career options and the sector is slated to keep growing due to the growing business opportunities and post elections business environment. Banking is rightly considered as the back bone of the Indian Economy and there fore its very imperative to have qualified and proficient professionals to keep the banking system running without problems.Glad that you decided to approach CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance for your career concern. Banking as a Career: Since you have already done your commerce graduation by now I

Hi,Dear student you are a very intelligent child , this i can make out from your question. Let me explain and give you an answer which you need to understand rather than what you want to know. There is a difference in what we need and what we want, hope you understand.I can very well see that you you opted for Science stream right from 11th, 12th and BSc, that too you excelled in it by achieving first division. Many children go for science stream due to many factors like parents wish, peer pressure, social status etc. So they put all their efforts into it to achieve a good %. You can not make

Bankers welcome people from insurance, who are good in sales who can do investment planning for their premium clients who can manage portfolios. It will help if you arm yourself with a Certified Financial Planner course, which takes you into wealth management from insurance. Most of the public sector banks recruit through entrance examinations for the general stream. There is no specialized recruitment for wealth management. If you wish to get into general banking, and you are within the age limits, you are free to appear for the Probationary Officer Entrance Examinations. Certain banks onb