Watch the video below to see the work of a Pharmacist. It will give a good idea of what they do in their day to day life:The typical day is consists of following activities:The day starts early. In some cases they have to work in the night shifts also.They receive the orders and therefore have to check them at the beginning of the day. They plan for the dispatch of all of them and plan the day ahead.Throughout the day, they have to provide the consultations and prescriptions to the clients. They spend time with other medical practitioners and discuss various issues with them.They have to

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Dear aspirant Thank you for approaching counsellors at Pharmacy is an interesting career and i am sure with a BPharm degree itself you can get to find excellent job scope in India. On this context I would rather advice to only choose to work as this will make your resume look good when you show some work experience. However if you are interested in doing an MPharm and then go to work, then please free to do it. MPharm is a nice route if you want to focus a career in education sector or even at resaerch and development sector. Completing an MPharm degree, you can be q

Hey Dear,I am sure you are working hard for cracking your AIIMS and AIPMT exam. Both of the exams are really tough exams are require one to work hard and enough to crack the exam. Every years Lakhs of Students sit for the exam and only a very limited and handful of students qualify the exam and get admission.Dear from this year there is only a single MBBS entrance exam is held and hence only the toppers will be selected. All the colleges will take admission on the basis of the merit list that will be prepared. So you will have to work even harder to get through a good college.every one wants t

                 Sky is the Limit. Any profession has a range of income opportunities. It's the same being a Dental Surgeon. Earnings in the next five years would depend on a variety of parameters. First comes the skill that you possess. The better skilled you are the more chances of gaining popularity and increase in patient flow and vice versa.The investment that you put into your clinic also plays a role since we are in the 21st century and all machinery , equipments and latest technologies have to be incorporated in practice. If you have

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Hi Rahim,   The examination content for any competitive exam should as per the syllabus followed by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the body which prescribes NCERT books in schools. It is quite difficult to clear an entrance exam, as prestigious as AIIMS by only studying NCERT books, because you'll not be able to develop a deep insight and proper understanding of any given topic. It is therefore, advised to study only the relevant topics in reference books in detail for focussed preparation of a competitive exam. A review of the last three years entrance examination papers wi

Dear student, Firstly, congratulations for achieving good marks in your 12th exams. Your interest in Psychology is appreciable, given the lack of awareness of [the scope of this field][1].With this percentage, it is possible for you to get admission in a good college under DU. Generall the 1st list cut-offs for some of the colleges are high but with many options to go to, you will get a good college.Under DU, the following colleges offer [a BA Hons in Psychology][2]Daulat Ram College at Maurice NagarIndraprastha College for Women at Shan Nath MargJesus and Mary College at ChanakyapuriKesh

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Hello Sanjiv,, I have never heard of a diploma in medicine course after 10th. Ofcourse there are pg diploma programs available for Medical Graduates. Please do write back what exactly are you looking out for so that I can help you. Wish you good luck..  

Hello Riya,  There is no midway. Either you pursue MBBS or try and convince them that you would not be able to cope up with the course. Doing a course just to satisfy parents without any interest would not help you score to your maximum potentials. Ofcourse a course in physiotheraphy, occupational theraphy or dentistry are and very much in demand like other specialization in medical. Find a way to talk to them before you jump into a course. But do not negotiate on emotional terms, be practical and logical, only then will your points be taken. Or else take an Aptitude test.

Hello Dhanya,  Just like admission to any course, admission to counseling psychology course is the same. Apply to the University, with your final year marksheet. No entrance exam. The procedure remains the same if you wish to pursue a distance learning program too. Wish you good luck..  

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thank you mam but I also wanted to know about hospital management pgdhm and course pattern..whether itz scope good??

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Hello Megha,  Please note whether government or private  college, admission to medical course is based on the combined score of your 12th score as well as the entrance exam.score. So not only score well in entrance but also your 12th.  Wish you good luck...

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Being a higher secondary school student or parents of this student you might have been a bit anxious taking the future course after completing 12th level of education. Obviously, all the 12th students and their parents will have to think about what is next after 12th. What after 12th is a question that haunts students and parents equally across the cities and rural areas with the same extent. We the CareerGuide work exactly what it requires to resolve the queries and guide the students helping fulfill their career aspirations successfully. In India, we find many such professional and academic

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If you are into the field of medicine or hospital management you already know very well what clinical research means. Clinical research is the testing of drugs and medicines on human subjects that can actually bring about a change in the human condition and can eradicate disease altogether. For example, Alexander Fleming invented the penicillin, the antibiotic that changed the world forever. Testing a new drug to cure a disease or a condition was easy in the past as people would willingly be submitting themselves as part of the research for a small amount of money. However, this is not true fo

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 Hello Sumant,  Good question asked. National Defense Academy popularly known as NDA is a training centre for all the 3 services combined namel airforce, navy and army. Candidates can join NDA after they graduate mainly by appearing for the Civil service exam conducted by the UPSC. For more information check:  / Wish you good luck..        

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Forensic science today is a vital and crucial part of the today’s police, judicial and other investigating systems, where a forensic expert deals with the helpers in a close coordination to find out the evidence and depicts the same to the courts and helps in the whole process of investigation to prove the results.To reach a certain conclusion or say a definite result, forensic experts adopt various forensic science procedures and theorems in the investigation of criminal cases. The MBBS students have the advantage over the other field students in the field of forensic science, as they a

Students just after the 12th standard. Wanders around to collect the information about the various courses available as per their interests. For those who are from the science background, the majority of the students takes the engineering or plain BSc or at extent specialized BSc as a subject, their vision is somewhat restricted to these lines only. In India, a bulk proportion of the students, as well as they, don’t know about various challenging and job oriented courses, Forensic science is one among them. Due to lack of the information and discussions not only in the communities but al

Hello Pranav,  What is the connection between the courses?. I have never heard a combination of commerce with psychology. As far as I know psychology can be pursued either through the science stream or ARTS stream but never heard through commerce. Are you planning a distance learning course in psychology and commerce through regular mode? If yes. Then I wouldsuggest against it. Mainly because pursuing psychology through distance will skip the practicals needed like conducting tests etc and also if you wish to pursue Journalism as a career then what is the role of Psychology there. Just ad

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