You cannot become a doctor as you have completed BSc nursing. But you can improve your career as an expert by upskilling with advanced nursing courses. Click here

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Dear AspirantWelcome to CareerGuide.comI am very happy to answer your question and clear your doubts. First of all, let me congratulate on the choice you made by selecting MSC Psychiatric Nursing. I sincerely hope that you selected that course out of passion and not because you want to earn more money. Career is all about passion. A passionate career person earns knowledge and experience. The knowledge and experience gives the person what ever the industry can offer and it shall be maximum. Passion towards the career is primary and incentives secondary. Hope I am clear.In every sense Psychiatr

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Your B.Sc Nursing is the same as the BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) in the US. US requires equivalent to a BSN for entry on a green card and to pursue an MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing). Your best bet would be to go straight for the Bachelor's if possible. Depending on the state where you want to work, you may need to take the CGFNS exam. All nurses working in the US must take the NCLEX exam. You will also have to write your English exams. The score that you get form those are only valid for two years so don't try to get that done now.You can work as an RN(Registered Nurse) after jus

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What is the date of government couseillng

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now only I cleared 12 class and want to join 

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Hello Student, Yes! definitely, we are happy to reply you that after qualifying  tenth class examination a person can opt for a course in nursing provided that they have interest, personality attributes and right aptitude for it. Candidates who have successfully completed their tenth class examination can apply for a Auxilliary Nurse and Mid wifery course(ANM) provided by many nursing schools and training center's under state govt. in most of the states. It seems from your interest in this profession that you are quite compassionate and service oriented person as you a

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