Hi Tarun,To do Btech/ BE course in genetic engineering you need to have Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology at plus two level. Some universities offers Bsc in genetics without maths. Most institutes do not offer courses in Genetic Engineering as a special discipline but as a subsidiary in biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry streams. Undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Biotechnology offer specialisation in genetic engineering. Good luck

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Hi There, As I have already mentioned above, Cytogenetics is mainly a specialization available at the masters level, i.e. an M.Sc or a PG Diploma program. See above, mentioned the links to few institutes that provides the courses. And as it is clear that cytogenetics is the diagnostic tool used to determines genetic disorders due to a gene mutation or chromosomal abnormality. Thus after your M.Sc, if you are not interested in research, you can get jobs in Clinics, hospitals and or diagnostic centers. Mainly you would be taking the samples and studying them in the laboratory to determine an

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Hi There, There is a thin line of difference between the two fields. Both are the diagnostic tools to detect abnormalities. Both study chromosomal defects as well as gene mutations. But the difference lies in the Research area. In cytogenetics, the reason to study the genetic combination is to reinvent measures to help prevent disorders in future, whereas in Molecular diagnostics, its mainly to detect a factor in the chromosome that leads to a disorder. Both are laboratory work. Its for you to decide whether you wish to pursue cytogenetics or molecular diagnostics. Since a B.Sc in geneti

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Hi There, As such even telling you the approximate salary would be difficult. But since these are the team who are into diagnostics and I know someone into this field, a rough idea that I can provide you, is that as a fresher, you can start anywhere between 20 to 25K. It all depends on the position and the years of experience that your salary would vary. Also depends on the settings that you apply to.

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Dear Sheikha, Thanks for writing to www.careerguide.com. Hope such conversations are helping you take informed decision. Meghna Mukherjee has provided detailed answer and I am sure it is helpful. I am adding few important information for your reference. I believe you are confused about taking up UG course. You may consider taking up BSc in Life Sciences. After graduation you can do, PG in Molecular Diagnostics or Cytogenetics or Post BSc diploma in Cytogenetics. Cancer research are done more at Cytogenetic Unit. I would recommend you to talk with Professor from any of the below Univers

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