Because I am really confused which stream to choose after 10th

i wan to study science (PCB) and I'm really bad in mathematics so it will definitely effect my 12th results. If by chance i didn't get entrance to medical line then what will i do? Please help.....

by Anasuithstyles151
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4 answers

RE: Because I am really confused which stream to choose after 10th

Bharati Kumari
Bharati Kumari
Verified Career Expert
Regional Manager at CL Educate Ltd. Navi Mumbai
  • Mumbai


First, Please Do not get into Biology simply because you are not good in Mathematics. Let me show it in a different perspective. You got into Biology because you did not like mathematics, then you started you medical studies. upon dissection of dead human body you fainted and then you realised OMG ! its not my cup of tea.. Point is you cannot always escape from a situation.

Let me tell you there a many other career options which are good career options in addition to Medical and engineering like CA/CS/ CFA ,Law, fashion Designing, Jounalism, Business management, Hotel management, tourism , Actuarial sc etc.

Second , you should get your psychometric test done. You never know what are your innate skill set most of the time unless it was intentionaly or accidently found out .

Third, Please do not get pressurised by your peers, society etc and take Biology to become Doctor or Mathematics for Engineeering etc. There are many others options to choose and are good careerwise as well as mentioned above.

Let me give one example Sachin Tendulkar made it big in Cricket because of his skill, hard work and perseverance. Lata Mangeshkar is the ultimate singer. Do you think the profession of Sachin and Lata could be swapped in a performer outcome? No Skills does matter.

Point is some skills are innate and some can be groomed to suit the profession.

How do you know about it? through a test ,which will be testing you keeping you in focus as a unique person.

All i can suggest You should walk in the Correct shoes otherwise it really Hurts as you have to walk more and more.

So its better you find your own shoes and then take the plunge !

All the Best !!!

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RE: Because I am really confused which stream to choose after 10th

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear,

I liked your intention to join medical field. Apart from medical field, there are many other science fields in which you can make your career. Science is really a big field and there fore it becomes important to cautiously and seriously choose an option for a career for life. I am glad and thank you for approaching for seeking guidance on your career query.

My colleague here Ms. Bharati Kumari has excellently adviced you the important points already however I would like to put in my part of advice which may be can give you an additional view.

Firstly according to me, dont become a doctor if you cant become a really good one. Aiming for becoming a doctor is fine, however you should first check the reality about your self in terms of strengths and weaknesses. If you are poor in maths and run away from it, there is no point in being into science field. This is my frank opinion.

Instead of Medicine, you can go for Engineering or a normal science graduate and then may be a post graduation in science stream in subject of your choice and interest would be good.

If you wish to change your field altogether you can change it after HSC and enter into commerce or arts field.

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I would strongly suggest you to do a [psychometric assessment][1] for stream selector which is also available for download on This test is a self test and can be done at your home and by your self only thing is you should be sincere and honest while answering the test. This test will show you exactly which are your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these both are very necessary before choosing a career stream or course, sinc eif you do not, you are sure to go unsuccessful and get frustrated later.

RE: Because I am really confused which stream to choose after 10th

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur

Hello there

Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I appreciate your interest in PCB program. I am happy to add up some extra points in here apart from the counselling already given by my colleagues Ms Bharati Kumari and Mr Anand Wadadekar. I studied PCMB at my higher secondary and therefore I wish to give you some guidance on this. Just like you, I neither liked maths nor have been good at it. But still I had to choose studying PCMB as there was no option to study PCB at that time. Completing my PCMB, I did BTech Biotechnology. Then got into Psychology and Management and this is where I am now.

I advice you to carefully choose your stream. You should carefully understand where your interest lies and what you wanted to become in future. For this, taking up a psychometric test from this website will be very useful. Interest varies as one grows and it cant be said that what ever you study, you will have a career associated with it. With my case, I liked Biotechnology at school and therefore choose to study it at degree level. But completing Biotech, I was placed at a software company and then got into management. I didnt get interest into software and also lost touch with Biotech as i worked for IT company. I carefully choose to get into Management and studied abroad at MS, Mphil levels. And now in my PhD. This is how life shapes up most of them. You either have to have a target and work on it or be flexible to get accommodated with whatever that comes your way. I gave a glimpse of my story to help you and feel comfortable, to say Maths is not all life is. I ignored maths but still I am able to achieve what i want in my life.

My sincere advice to you, do PCB course and I really appreciate your will to ignore PCMB as you are not comfortable with Maths. You are in the right direction already and congrats on that. All you need to do is, explore what PCB can give you in future.

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To help you further, I am putting down a picture here on the PCM career path.

Unorganised Sector

So with a PCB, you can do the following courses as in the above picture:
  1. MBBS - General medicine
  2. BDS - Dental
  3. B.V.Sc - Veterinary science
  4. BAMS - Ayurveda, medicine and surgery
  5. BHMS - Homeopathy, medicine and surgery
  6. BSc Nursing
  7. BSc Home science
  8. BSc Physics
  9. BSc Chemistry
  10. BSc Biology
  11. BSc Botany
  12. BSc Zoology
  13. BSc Micro biology
  14. BSc Bio chemistry
  15. BSc Medical technology
  16. BSc Biotechnology

Some other courses you can also try doing apart from the ones listed above are
  1. BSc Agriculture
  2. BTech Agriculture engineering (You will not require maths)
  3. BTech Horticulture
  4. BSc Psychology
  5. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  6. Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  7. BSc Sociology
  8. BSc Psychology with clinical psychology as major
9. BSW Social work
10. BBA - Business administration

You have a variety of options to do and please feel free to explore your world. Please write back if you require further help. Happy to help. Many thanks.

RE: Because I am really confused which stream to choose after 10th

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear Aspirant

It is with great pleasure I am thanking you for approaching counsellors at this Mera career guide platform. First of all that being not interested/ good in one subject will never cause a failure in career/ life. So I first wanted to tell you to stay calm and relax. Before i proceed to counsel you, please let me introduce myself. I am Gomathi Venkat and i am a professional counsellor practicing in this industry for over 23 years now. I specialise in guidance and counselling for education choice and career line for students and all other people. I am also the Managing Director of GV Counselling group established in Bangalore and recently started in CHennai as well. So lets go into the topic now.

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Okay, I understand maths is not your good friend. But if you are aiming a career in medicine, then i really advice you to take PCMB. Please understand that maths is an integral part of MBBS/ BDS admission exams throughout India. If you really want a career in medicine, I really feel that you should give a try. Do you know? I want to tell you something very important here. Four years back, I had counselled a group of students, almost eight and none of them were interested/ neither good in maths but were truly inclined to studying MBBS/ BDS. All eight students in the group prepared their mind to take PCMB and put some extra effort on maths subject. Some of them felt it as a duty to study maths just to get a high score for MBBS/ BDS. But almost five of the eight got truly inspired with mathematics as they started studying it. They felt it interesting and were surprised themselves how they started liking maths. Well you never know right? And the result is almost four got MBBS admissions, two for BDS, one went to study BTech Biotechnology and guess what, the eight student choose to study BSc Maths and is currently doing PhD Maths in the UK now. I am saying this story to just tell you, interest changes as one student started exploring the subject and may be you can also get interested in maths as you get to read it with a focus on MBBS/ BDS admissions.

I highly feel that students should not presume that they cant survive in a subject and they may not get medicine seats. Whats the harm in trying my child? I see counsellors here have adviced you on options for PCB. Do you know you can also go into the same PCB career routes even by pursuing PCMB? the only difference with PCMB and PCB is, PCMB will give you engineering, medicine careers but PCB will not give you such professional careers. I feel you are a highly capable student and should study PCMB. In case you dint get good scores, fine, you can still go into a career that a PCB can offer. But what if you happen to succeed with Medicine? I just want to encourage you and give a try. All the best child.

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RE: Because I am really confused which stream to choose after 10th

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