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IAS or CA - What is more challenging? What are the peculiarities of their own?

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RE: IAS or CA - What is more challenging? What are the peculiarities of their own?

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This is a good query. IAS and CA are both good profession, however, we cannot term IAS-Indian Administrative Service under the profession category as it is more of a service to the people and to the government of India though is a job. Let’s see in detail what is IAS and CA through every angle, e.g. Nature of the Job, Benefits, Salary and perks, Challenges to be faced, and other such related aspects comparatively.

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IAS – Indian Administrative Services 

The still frame of India’ once described by the eminent, IAS that is Indian Administrative Services has been famous for its popularity since British period in India. The IAS Officers have become a great help for the central government to maintain unique quality of administration all over India and implement the developmental policies very effectively.


Mode of Selection of the Officers for IAS: The UPSC, an autonomous and constitutional body at the national level is responsible for the selection process of the candidates through a three-stage exam and finally the Government recruits the candidates selected by UPSC as probationary officers.  Further, the training will be conducted at Mussoorie and other such centers for specific services. The Civil Services Exam - CSE, which is also called the IAS Exam famously, is one of the toughest selection processes in the world as it has been considered so. The Exam is being conducted in three stages which have judicious combination of Objective qualifying test, i.e. Preliminary, descriptive Mains Exam and the last one is Personality Test. No one can pass this exam with merely and shallow knowledge but the continuous and dedicated study for more than 1 year is required.

Nature of Job: Considered as a job with power and status, the IAS has been considered as a high profile job thanks to the vast administrative power an IAS officer usually possesses. Right from solving the day-to-day socio-developmental problems of common people to the complicated work of revenue collection, management, law and order, control and supervision over literally every administrative work and also overseeing of private –industries, etc come in the jurisdiction and authority of IAS officer who works at the position of District Collector/Magistrate(DM) or Deputy commissioner (DC). A DM or DC will be the complete authority in itself at the district. Also, the IAS officers work as a Secretary in the various departments of government at central and state level. Its just simply we can say the IAS officer works as an agent of change.

Salary and other benefits: There are so many facilities and real power provided to the IAS officers by the government India that I don’t consider anyone would bear any second thought when it comes to the joining this proud and class one services. Normally, the IAS officers are provided with good residential facilities and other allowances to bear the cost of daily expenditure including traveling. Still, the salary will generally go beyond the 60 to 70K approximately. Frankly speaking, no one does this job for salary and the power and status cannot be compared with the monetary benefits.


CA - Chartered Accountancy:

The CA - Chartered Accountant is a very challenging and a professional course offered by ICAI - The Institute of Chartered accounts of India. One, who is good at the calculation and numbers with the fond of reading/analyzing financial data and information, can be a good CA. Bellow, you would find some of the aspects of this profession.

Mode of Selection of the Chartered Accountant: The ICAI, the premier statutory body for the professional Chartered Accountants in India, established by the act of the parliament for the purpose. The ICAI selects the candidates through the process of examinations and articleship along with the IT Training. The process will essential take minimum 3 years for a graduate holder and 4 and half years for Twelfth pass students. There are various stages in the exam - CPT-Common Proficiency Test, IPCC Exam, Orientation Course, Final Exam, Articleship, IT Training, GMCS Course and finally after successfully completing these stages one would be awarded the Charted Accountancy.

Nature of Job: Chartered Accountancy is an inalienable part of the business world as finance is the core to them. A chartered accountant will be engaged in various challenging and important functions related to the financial matters such as accounting, auditing, consultancy to corporate management, taxation, business governance and other such financial matters. In a first place, it is considered a great achievement being a CA and it really is. Even being a CA, you can have a very good job prospects like, own practice in the field, doing a job for companies, consultancy, etc.

Salary and other benefits: The CA will always be in good position when it comes to the monetary benefits. Being the global qualification and having the opportunities to work overseas, the CA will always earn more money compared to other professions. One can practice setting an own firm and also can work for corporate world at various positions earning lakhs of rupees per month. A Finance in itself is a lucrative profession so does the CA-Chartered Accountant.


Closing words:

If we look at these both – IAS and CA and even though they are having their own benefits at its best, there is no comparison for IAS. Being the most challenging and with the full of opportunities to change the lives implementing socio-economic policies, IAS can be the most preferable. Still, everybody has different aspirations and the person who wants to be in the lucrative profession and if that is the only criterion then the CA should be opted for.

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RE: IAS or CA - What is more challenging? What are the peculiarities of their own?

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