Interesting Career option. You wish to be a part of a Rock Band, be a go-setter and join a band. Before that I am sure, I don't have to tell you, you should have mastered various instruments, but specialized in one, good with vocals, knowing of both classic-alto Indian to-western music, Retro music, music of all genres, [Good musical sense][1], very important know different languages. Currently note knowing your qualifications, it is difficult to advice you anything at the moment. If you have not completed your Graduation, you could graduate with Indian Music, or [electronic engineer][2] o

Hi Harini.. It is all about your interest to pursue your studies in Music or in Painting. Don't think that the job of musician is not good for girls. If you are talented, you can excel in Music field and to find new arenas. And nowadays girls can go to any fields, so you don't have to restrict your interests. Ferguson College, Hindu College, Lovely Professional University, University of Mumbai, Asian Academy etc are the leading institute to pursue a course in Music. You can also avail scholarships in some institutes. 

Hi Dear,This is a very common problem that students of your age face and I can very well understand that it is extremely disturbing as well. Many a times parents and children have different opinion about careers and probably both of them are right in their own respect. It is sometimes difficult to say who is right as both seemed equally right and convincing.Though I am sure that you know yourself the best but your parents have their own experiences from which they are taking. Hence the best way to deal such a problem is by opting for [Career Counselling][1] session that will help you f

Dear Aayushi,There is no other profession or vocation as cooling or soothing than music.Music is all over in the world around us. Now as  aprofession, yes the lifespan or [career span of a musician][1] or a singer is shortlived.It depends on the genre you select.Like these days hip-hop is quite fampous, and if someone comes in with classical then it wont work.Plus story ;line a;long with music is again important.But this does not mean you cant take uyp [music as a career][2]. Though short lived, but it lasts for a lifelong.Apart from delivering music, one can also become a music teache

Hi Riya.. If you have talent in Acting, Music, Painting, Sculpture making, Film making,Direction, Musical instruments, graphics etc., you have the options like graduation in Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Designing, Multimedia and Animation etc. You can choose course based on your interest and talent. Good institutes to pursue your courses are Asian Academy, Vogue Institute, Lovely Professional University, Appeejey Institute etc. You can check the websites for choosing the best course for you. 

You are required to check your CBSE 12th Board Result then you will able to know that what should be pursued by you. To check your result, follow this link – Class 12 CBSE Result 2018 For pursuing BBA (bachelor’s in business administration), you will not have to appear in any entrance test. You will get the admission on the basis of your 12 Board Score.  Through BBA, you will get an overview about MBA courses.