Earlier ,students who has good communication skills with literature background use to apply for J&mass communication degree, but in this competitive world before opting this subject do the self-analysis of your creativity, reading abilities , knowledge regarding current affairs and news , communication skills, should have articulation  skills about the most complex of issues ,how to handle delicate news , presentation skills and a great deal of patience.. So once the students is meeting above qualities can opt for this subject..

Hello Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I completely understand your confusion but I very much appreciate your multi-talents. You have also scored pretty high in tenth class. Wonderful! May I ask you what you want to do in future? Have you thought any time on what you want to become? Have you ever liked any famous personality and can you reason out why you like and also in what profession are they in? Have you got any role model who inspired you the most? If you can try to explain these questions to yourself you will achieve some clarity to know what interests yo

Hi,    Before getting so stressed about an entrance exam you should know the course work that you will be learning in a much more profound manner.    An entrance exam in just a aptitude test designed for particular subjects in its own manner to test your skills and interest towards it. So obviously you need to train yourself for such exams right from the beginning of class 12 so that you can balance both your preparation for your life after school as well as for your school leaving exam. This way you will be able to learn time management and be focused on yo

Dear Aspirant, Being in the BA Literature, the best option would be Journalism or Mass Communication. I think you can maintain your cooking as a hobby which will give you more happiness instead of doing it full time in the hotel industry. Literature and Journalism / Mass Communication are complimentary to each other. It would best to go for Journalism from good Institutes in Mumbai or Pune or Delhi after your BA Literature. Best wishes

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,Glad to see you approach CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance.87% are very good percentage in HSC level.TV, Media, Theatre, Dance are Arts field and BJMC will not help you here since BJMC is a course related to only Journalism and Mass Communication. Journalism includes TV reporting, print report, investigation, and media / mass communication include advertising, event management, communication, public relations, etc. Theatre, acting, dance are not related to BJMC course and career.Anyways, BJMC and Economics honours are two course apart from each other. Both are

1. University of Florida – College of Journalism and Communications 2. University of Georgia – Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications 3. Indiana University, Bloomington – School of Journalism 4. University of Kansas – School of Journalism and Mass Communication 5. University of Maryland, College Park – Philip Merrill College of Journalism 6. University of Missouri at Columbia – Missouri School of Journalism 7. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – School of Journalism and Mass Communication 8. Nor

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Hi, UPSC-CSE/IAS examination is the toughest examination in the nation due to its widely elaborated and grand selection criteria and performance metrics and plays an equal importance. Every year the number of applications for these exams are getting high and high which is making the competition tougher than ever. And to create a better impact and in order to perform good, and in the least competition, it is important to study with a definite approach. For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths – Take here: Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test   Here are

Hello There,  As such to be an actor, you do not require any qualifications as such. But still, you could join acting classes like eg anupam khers acting classes. Another route is through theatre group. You could join a theatre group and get noticed. But please note lifespan of an actor is shortlived. So best would be to do some short term course or graduation in film making, direction, cinematography, sounds and lighting etc Wish you good luck...

Responsibilities of Journalists: It is true that we are living in the materialistic world today, but a journalist is not a part of the hoi polloi of humanity. He is deemed an elite, a person with sensitive ears and eyes. He has the power to transform the data gathered during an event into a video clip or an article that could trigger a mass movement.  During the past, we have witnessed many such incidents and no doubt, we shall relish much more like these in the times to come. Hence, if the pen is mightier than the sword, why should we not give it the burden of responsibility? The tip of

Hello Smayra, Interesting question. What kind of issues are you talking about? Please note, every media channel, would have their own representative. And but of course they would wish for their person to be the best and want publicity for themselves. But these are challenges which you would face in every stream or organization. Rat race is something you cannot escape from.  Hence, in terms of responsibility, I can say, stick to your ethics, your morale. Reach the write source, the right way to get your information, and be honest in picturing the news to the public. Hope this is the answer

Journalists of the new millennium have a host of roles to play. Similarly, their responsibilities must also be given serious consideration. The media are capable of influencing, informing, or motivating a large number of people. Thus, these journalists can use their thoughts as tools to guide or persuade the masses. They use the media to communicate such thoughts and opinions. If a group of individuals is capable of influencing the minds of people, the responsibilities of this group must be clearly defined, lest this group should change the course of social and political events of a nation. It

Hi, Journalism is a force, which binds a society or nation as an organic mechanism. In the new era, it has assumed prominence because of its potential as a “change agent”. It informs, innovates, mold, and impresses people living in a region or country. Humans are in a supine posture as far as the bombardment of news, views, critical comments, and thoughts on their minds are concerned. The combination of audio, visual, and audio-visual tools of communication has created a new ethos that affects us all. Journalism, supported by high-technology tools like TV, DTH and the internet make

Hi, In the light of the aforesaid dissuasion, one can opt for journalism because of the features mentioned: A professional journalist is on the payroll of a journal, magazine, newspaper or TV channels. He can also be an employee of an internet website or a dot com firm. He works on a full-time basis for his employer. If he is self-employed, he works for a host of media organization on an assignment basis. He covers news, views, and events of various kinds. He is a generalist in most of the cases. However, specialists can also become journo. He is known by different designations, namely editor

Hello Sir,  Anyone from the army generally have the management and or admin position open for them.  Apart from this they are also taken as consultants in many firms. Since you are from the technical background, you could work as a consultant in any technical firm. If interested you could also work as guest lectruer. You could also join the training group and work as a trainer. As such in terms of the courses you could opt for a diploma or certification in management or supply chain management can be helpful. You could pursue a certificate course in training and development too. Hope

Hi, There comes a time in every professional where he or she needs some direct exposure to the industry in order to gain the technical knowledge about their domain, within the boundary of their existing intuitions. In that phase, an internship plays the most important role in order to create a profile as well as giving you the direct exposure you want.  An internship can be defined as the recruitment process in which you are hired by a company for a shorter period of time, and not as a full-time employee. This helps you to be a part of the organization and understands how things work with

Hello Devanshi, To pursue Mass Communication or a course in Mass media or BMM, a 3 years course after 12th.  Any 12th pass student (any stream) with minimum 50% needs to appear for a entrance exam. The exam consists of questions testing ones logical, creative and aptitude skills. Wish you good luck...

Have you ever thought to buy or sell a product through online shopping by clicking and viewing some pictures. Your order is right at your doorstep in a few days after doing an online transaction for the products in your shopping bag. All this process of buying and selling goods and services using the internet (an electronic medium), both by the recruiters and consumers, is known as electronic commerce or say e-commerce. E-commerce emerged in early 90’s and now its demand is increasing rapidly after demonetization. Due to rise in the demand of e-commerce and digital marketing, all big and

Hello Poppy,  Initially you mentioned of being unsure of a career and then you mention of being an environmentalist. Hope you are sure of this career stream. Because sometimes an interest can be pursued as a hobby and not just as a career. Please note as an environmentalist your job nature would be to maintain hygenic environmental aspects, which includes cleanliness of pollution, water cleaning, fertilization and crops etc. Mainly this would be a research oriented job, but mind you this is also a field job. You would have to travel to rarest area under any condition to collect samples an

Hello Hisham, Good question. But please note, I can only list down colleges, whether they are the best or not, is for you to decide. Check the websites for the course details, its placements, internship opportunities etc, all criteria s you are looking out for and only then apply. http://www.animaster.com/industry-placements/ www.nid.ed  http://toonzacademy.com/   http://www.maacindia.com/ http://academyofdigitalarts.com/ http://www.zica.org/   Wish you good luck..........

Hello Hisham, Good question. But please note, I can only list down colleges, whether they are the best or not, is for you to decide. Check the websites for the course details, its placements, internship opportunities etc, all criteria s you are looking out for and only then apply. http://www.animaster.com/industry-placements/ www.nid.ed  http://toonzacademy.com/   http://www.maacindia.com/ http://academyofdigitalarts.com/ http://www.zica.org/   Wish you good luck..........

Hello Catherin,  To know the job market for Animations in Australia, you have 2 options. 1. Surf the internet and read job reviews. Apply online to few organizations. 2. Approach an abroad job consultant especially one who deals with jobs in Australia. You can drop in your Resume to them and they can help you. Wish you good luck...

Hello Salman,  Interesting question. Both the fields are related to the field of computers. But please note both the fields work on 2 different domains. Simply saying BCA is related to developing and installing the application whereas animations is related to working on existing softwares. Also both require a different skill set from individuals. BCA is more technical oriented whereas Animations tilts more towards creativity. Please note, this being a techno savvy century, computers are now to stay and hence we would see lots of new and innovative results and developments which will make

Hello Vandana, Interesting career choice. But before I answer your query, I wish you had supported me by mentioning your qualification as such. Since your question is posted in the Media section, most probably you are or are seeking to pursue career as a Journalist and that too in the medical field. Please note there is a major difference between being a Medical Writer and a Medical Journalist. A medical writer is mainly from the Pharmacy background or from the Science background with knowledge about medicine and its components. They are the ones who write in details about the medicines right

Hello Deep,  Interesting and again an important question. Since selecting a college is equally important to selecting a stream as both determines your future. Coming to your question. Please note selecting a college is a personal choice. You only will have to make a decision. Only necessity is criterias. You have certain criteria which if fulfilled you could select a college. Few criterias that students keep in mind while selecting a college are: 1. Recognition of the college. The board that recognises the college, which shows the ranking of the college and the syllabus being approved 2.