Earlier ,students who has good communication skills with literature background use to apply for J&mass communication degree, but in this competitive world before opting this subject do the self-analysis of your creativity, reading abilities , knowledge regarding current affairs and news , communication skills, should have articulation  skills about the most complex of issues ,how to handle delicate news , presentation skills and a great deal of patience.. So once the students is meeting above qualities can opt for this subject..

Hello Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I completely understand your confusion but I very much appreciate your multi-talents. You have also scored pretty high in tenth class. Wonderful! May I ask you what you want to do in future? Have you thought any time on what you want to become? Have you ever liked any famous personality and can you reason out why you like and also in what profession are they in? Have you got any role model who inspired you the most? If you can try to explain these questions to yourself you will achieve some clarity to know what interests yo

Hi,    Before getting so stressed about an entrance exam you should know the course work that you will be learning in a much more profound manner.    An entrance exam in just a aptitude test designed for particular subjects in its own manner to test your skills and interest towards it. So obviously you need to train yourself for such exams right from the beginning of class 12 so that you can balance both your preparation for your life after school as well as for your school leaving exam. This way you will be able to learn time management and be focused on yo

Dear Aspirant, Being in the BA Literature, the best option would be Journalism or Mass Communication. I think you can maintain your cooking as a hobby which will give you more happiness instead of doing it full time in the hotel industry. Literature and Journalism / Mass Communication are complimentary to each other. It would best to go for Journalism from good Institutes in Mumbai or Pune or Delhi after your BA Literature. Best wishes

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,Glad to see you approach CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance.87% are very good percentage in HSC level.TV, Media, Theatre, Dance are Arts field and BJMC will not help you here since BJMC is a course related to only Journalism and Mass Communication. Journalism includes TV reporting, print report, investigation, and media / mass communication include advertising, event management, communication, public relations, etc. Theatre, acting, dance are not related to BJMC course and career.Anyways, BJMC and Economics honours are two course apart from each other. Both are

1. University of Florida – College of Journalism and Communications 2. University of Georgia – Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications 3. Indiana University, Bloomington – School of Journalism 4. University of Kansas – School of Journalism and Mass Communication 5. University of Maryland, College Park – Philip Merrill College of Journalism 6. University of Missouri at Columbia – Missouri School of Journalism 7. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – School of Journalism and Mass Communication 8. Nor

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Hi, There are many such colleges in Journalism and MAss-communication in India. The field is growing each year as the more and more people are getting attracted toward the Mass-media career field. this is one of the interesting and challenging career field as it lets have diverse experience of society and culture therein. Dear Aspirant, we have enlisted some of the top colleges with course details as following.     1. Kalindi College (Delhi University) B.A. (Hons.) Journalism Course Duration: 3 years Educational Qualification: 10+2 Level pass Admission Procedure: Cut off -

Hi, It is one of the good queries. Nowadays Mass-communication has emerged as an inalienable part of the world affairs for the very importance of Mass-communication in the development of the society and the world at large thereby. The rise and spread of Information Technology (IT) along with the concept of Free Trade and Global Village, the world seems to get closer thanks to the development of the Media and mass communication technology. The awareness and curiosity of the people make it obvious the mobilization of information and the exchange of ideas between groups of people located in

Hello mam,  Though there are many colleges / institutes that provides mass communication courses, I am listing down few well know names. Please note the course is provided under different titles like BMM, Diploma in mass communication etc. Check the following institutes: 1. Apeejay institute of mass communication, delhi 2. Amity school of communication, uttar pradesh. 3. Institute of Mass communication and media technologtly,haryana 4. Film and television institute of india., pune 5. Xaviers institute of mass communication, mumbai 6. Symbiosis institute of mass communication, pune 7. Indi

Dear Aspirant, Career in Animation has a bright future since animation has now not remained only for entertainment purposes but also for educational purposes.  It would be better if you do formal courses in animation. However before that, I would recommend you if you are not a graduate, to do Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA). This under graduate degree course will help you understand all the aspects of designing, which are essential for animation also. You can choose specialisation in animation also later in the course. After BFA, you can do a short term course in advanced animation technique

Dear Aspirant, Radiology is a very good career field. It has good scope today and future since that is a necessity medical requirement for people. You can choose BSc Radiology and further MSc Radiology. Initially, it is recommended that you work under a Radiologist for some years. This will help you gain the practical technical experience as well as how to treat the patients and help them. If you opt for MBBS and then Radiology specialisation, you will be called as Radiologist yourself and you then need not remain a technician. Later you can approach a bank for loan and have your own

As a fresh Company Secretary you will join a corporate or a Company Secretary firm as an Assistant in the secretarial department under the Company Secretary or a Deputy Company Secretary or Legal Counsel in the company. Generally the salary offered for a fresher CS is around Rs. 30,000. If you are a CS and LLB candidate, you can definitely get that salary. You will also be exposed to legal department work along with the routine secretarial work. As you go on working and gain work experience, the salary keeps increasing and you may achieve the designation of Company Secretary when you become co

Glad to know you. Wishing you success in life.

Dear Aspirant, Nice to know that you chose Mass Communications at the under graduate level itself. Hope you have the aspirations to be in the media & communication industry. Media & Communication industry offers tremendous scope and excellent job opportunities with great learning experiences. A Masters degree in Journalism or Mass Communication or Mass Media is highly recommended for better job prospects, more in depth knowledge about the domain. Try to do your Masters from the top Media and Journalism Institutes. Best wishes  

Dear Aspirant, Firstly I would like to ask strongly, why was your percentage in 12th std less? Was that because of your casual attitude or last moment study attitude or an overall lethargic attitude towards your own career? Todays, world is competitive and therefore you cannot be casual about your marks and performance. In your case, I would suggest that you can take admission to Mass Media or Journalism or Mass Communication as a Masters course after completing your BA with minimum 55%. However, choose one of the above options very carefully since that will decide your future career life and

Dear Aspirant, Nice to see that you are so interested in animation as a career that you are thinking of doing a degree course in animation.  Here, I would suggest that instead of just an animation degree course at under graduate level, it will be more beneficial if you go for Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA) as a degree. In this you can choose animation also as an optional subject or you may do a course later in animation. Doing BFA, will give you the best foundation knowledge and command over the designing, concepts and artistic approach. This will also help in non-animation areas like graph

Hello sanjay, A very good question. But it is too subjective. Some people are able to self introspect and hence know their skills and are able to choose a suitable career accordingly. Some require the help of psychometric testing called Aptitude test to know their potentials and thereby choose a career. But please note, satisfaction is again a personal perspective. And for few it is just getting a job whereas for others it is getting to a peak level at their job.  Sometimes even an extra curricular activity can give you that boost. Hope this helps. Wish you good luck..

Dear Aspirant, After MSW, you are thinking whether to choose Journalism or Fitness? Wow! What has happened to you? Why did you do MSW and now it appears that you are not able to get a job or able to make a living out of the MSW degree. Now that you are looking elsewhere apart from Social Work, it indicates that you did MSE without any aim or thinking or out of some nonsense illusion or dream. Again, you are making a big mistake by comparing between Journalism and Fitness. How can you compare and decide which to choose? This also means that you have been comparing yourself with others too and t

Dear Aspirant, Your question definitely indicates that you are too much confused and have done all irrelevant courses which do not suit yourself and your thinking. Please take the Ideal Career Test from CareerGuide.com. This psychometric test is a must for you at this stage when you are confused and have done something which you should not have done. The test result instantly generated, will tell you the suitable career for you based on your aptitude, interest, etc. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, Acting does not require any academic or educational qualification. This field is entirely dependent on your skills. There are many highly qualified people in the Film industry and Acting world, therefore you being an MBA, and thinking of getting into the acting career is absolutely fine. You will also be among the respected personalities due to your qualifications. In a way, it is good that you are academically in a sound position, since if you cannot make your make in the entertainment industry, your MBA will be of geat help to get into some other type of job. However, since y

Hello Jayesh, I agree with Dr Anand that you are merging 2 different careers Journalism and Tourism. As an additional point here, I would like to make is, just that you are aware, Journalism has many specialisations like Health, sports, media etc. Similarly you could opt for Tourism Journalism, whereby you write articles related to only tourism. Wish you good luck...