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A Model garments and other apparel to display clothing before prospective buyers at fashion shows, private showings, retail establishments, or photographer. A model, has also a role to advertise commercial products (notably fashion clothing) or to serve as a visual aide for people who are creating works of art .Some models pose as subject for paintings, sculptures, and other types of artistic expression.

Hey there, That was indeed a unique question and a Unique chgoice of career. Though as the above counselor has explained you about Jewelry modeling, I wont repeat the same. Only I would like to mention here is that, since you like to collect jewelry and wear them, it would be an excellent idea if you could hold exhibitions of the jewelry during cultural fests or puja or any other occasions. Though it is completely your choice, this is just a suggestion. Wish you good luck.......

  It's understandable to feel frustrated when your passion collides with your parents' expectations. Here are some steps to approach this situation positively and try to convince your 1v1 LOL parents:   1. Understand their concerns: Talk to them openly: Ask them why they are hesitant about your dreams. Are they worried about financial instability, the competitiveness of the industry, or something else? Listen to their concerns with an open mind. Be empathetic: Acknowledge their fears and validate their perspective. Show them you understand their co

To achieve success as a British model and Hollywood vocalist, one must possess unwavering commitment, diligent effort, resilience, and a methodical approach to developing one's career in the entertainment sector. online games

its depend on after completed bcom and mass comm and mba is better for you i think so