Earlier ,students who has good communication skills with literature background use to apply for J&mass communication degree, but in this competitive world before opting this subject do the self-analysis of your creativity, reading abilities , knowledge regarding current affairs and news , communication skills, should have articulation  skills about the most complex of issues ,how to handle delicate news , presentation skills and a great deal of patience.. So once the students is meeting above qualities can opt for this subject..

Hello Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I completely understand your confusion but I very much appreciate your multi-talents. You have also scored pretty high in tenth class. Wonderful! May I ask you what you want to do in future? Have you thought any time on what you want to become? Have you ever liked any famous personality and can you reason out why you like and also in what profession are they in? Have you got any role model who inspired you the most? If you can try to explain these questions to yourself you will achieve some clarity to know what interests yo

Different entrance exams in the field of Mass Communication are the entrance exam into Indian Institute of Mass Communication, AJK MCRC Jamia Milia Islamia, Manipal Institute of Communication, Lovely Professional University etc. The preparation can be based on General Knowledge and the basic information regarding the contemporary media in India and the World. SO you can prepare on these fields. Your good score in the entrance exam may help you to get good amount of scholarships in institutes like Lovely Professional University. The practical knowledge and the exposure you are getting in this f

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Dear Aspirant, Being in the BA Literature, the best option would be Journalism or Mass Communication. I think you can maintain your cooking as a hobby which will give you more happiness instead of doing it full time in the hotel industry. Literature and Journalism / Mass Communication are complimentary to each other. It would best to go for Journalism from good Institutes in Mumbai or Pune or Delhi after your BA Literature. Best wishes

Hi Tanvi.. Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication is a good option for a person who want to seek a career in media. Such a career will definitely make you more enthusiastic        and to enjoy your life. ANd your 12th score is quite good and so you can get admission in leading institute for Bachelors in Mass Communication like Christ University, Madras Christian College, Lovely Professional University, Manipal University etc. You can also avail scholarships in some institutes. 

1. University of Florida – College of Journalism and Communications 2. University of Georgia – Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications 3. Indiana University, Bloomington – School of Journalism 4. University of Kansas – School of Journalism and Mass Communication 5. University of Maryland, College Park – Philip Merrill College of Journalism 6. University of Missouri at Columbia – Missouri School of Journalism 7. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – School of Journalism and Mass Communication 8. Nor

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Firstly it’s important to understand the meaning of ‘mass communication’. It generally represents the social media, television, news, radio, newspaper, research and reporting. Importance of mass communication in our society – Well, it does play a vital role in today’s time. Almost every age group of people tend to use a medium of mass communication in one or another way. For example Radio, Televisions etc. It can be also called a part of our daily routine. But this actually helps us to stay in contact with everything, and we remain updated as to what all is happen

What is Journalism? Going by the orthodox thinking of people it’s just running after celebrities for their photos and knowing what’s up in their life. TOTALLY WRONG. Journalism consists of pulling together, evaluating, producing, and presenting the world wide information and events on the go. Belonging to the largest democratic country in the whole world, thepress has the complete right to broadcast all the bitter truths even because with democracy comes more events, more oppositions, and more debates. Providing the common people, with the correct information is the job of a journa

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Hello There,  As said by the proverb, " A pen is mightier than a sword" explains in short what journalism is all about. The main role of a journalist is to keep people or masses informed. It can be related to any field like health, sports, education, politics, finance / stock market employment opportunities etc. In terms of courses. Any 12th pass any stream can opt for BMM. A 3 years under graduate course and opt for specialization in journalism. Entrance exam is the eligibity. Or any graduate can opt for a pg diploma in mass media. Entrance exam is the eligibility. Please note a degree i

Hello Aarifa,  Wish you good luck for the final year. Do well. By the way, I suppose you pursuing LLB so that you can practice Law or atleast practice as a legal advisor. Just wanted you to know that the bar council of India does not recognise a correspondence law course. Even after you graduate you would not be allowed or rather eligible to practice as a lawyer or advisor. Hence I would suggest, if interested in working as a lawyer, then after graduating opt for a 3 years LLB course, by clearing CLAT    Wish you good luck...

In today’s world, fast growth in the communication world can be seen because our lives surround around technology. Those days are gone when we used to get just shorts news reports for just the sake of news. It has become more of a moral duty to bring the truth in public rather than just stating minimum facts. This is sudden growth has impacted the audience also, people are more involved in the country politics, they remain updated with the facts which are the current need of the era. Wherever you go, group discussions or interviews only and only comprise of the current affairs. Also, wit

Mass Communication comprises of the exchange of the information which can be regarding any individual, or any entity and to communicate the information to the audience at a particular time. Firstly, it’s important to understand the meaning of ‘mass communication’. It generally represents the social media, television, news, radio, newspaper, research and reporting. Importance of mass communication in our society – Well, it does play a vital role in today’s time. Almost every age group of people tend to use a medium of mass communication in one or another way. For e

First of all, it’s important to know what mass communication stands for. Mass communication involves the study of media which comprises of radio, television, internet, newspaper etc. It is more useful than the other forms because at a time it connects a large number of people. Generally, in today’s world, a person of even a small cadre can raise his voice and make millions of people join him in his fight. To be heard, it is not necessary to be a public figure or have a big surname. It has generally helped the poor and middle-class to raise their voice against the corrupt who snatch