The main work and responsibilities of a News Reader are explained below:1. The most important task of any news reader is to read the news aloud on the news show. They have to do this in such a way that they provide all the necessary information and do not miss anything. At the same time they have to stay creative in order to arouse the curiosity of the audience. For TV news readers it is very important to work on their expressions along with their voice modulation. The way they present the news indicate how good they are in their work and therefore should focus a lot on this.2. Quite often the

As a News Reader, one has to do a lot of tasks. Below are the day to day activities of a News Reader: They have to do in depth research and analysis of the various issues and the news that are trending on that particular day. They also work with the journalists in writing the news stories. Sometimes they have to take the interviews. In that case they have to do their preparation and practice it.   They arrange the news bulletin and practice them few times to get comfortable with the news. Their main role is to present the news stories on the Television or Radio and make an effective

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You need to learn a number of things if you want to get the job of a News Reader. Below is the list of things that you should learn and that will help you finding the [job of a news reader][1]. 1. You need to learn a lot about journalism in general. If you are looking for this job you must be a student of [mass communication and journalism][2]. You need to get your basics right as a journalist. The important thing here is to understand the news process and how would you be able to contribute as a news reader.2. You need to get the exposure of camera and live television. This is the most diffi

Below are the list of things that any News Reader works on most of the times:1. The newsreaders keep a check on the latest news and happenings around the world. They have to stay alert all the time and cannot afford to be ignorant about anything and anywhere in the world. These days with the wonderful reach of internet and social media websites have made things easier for them. They keep a tab on their twitter feed and have to react immediately if something happens.2. The newsreader have to prepare their presentation before hosting a live show or even recorder television or radio. They have to

If you want to become a successful news reader you should have the following work values:1. You need to understand the time management and the importance of it. You cannot afford to take more time for the recorded news as you are also wasting the time of whole crew while doing that. A successful news reader will understand the value of other people's time and therefore will not take much time in order to shoot the show.2. As a news reader, one has to have the right knowledge and thorough understanding of the various issues that matter to common people. It is important especially in case of int