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What can I do after passing Vocational course in Electronics after 10th? Can I join BA/BSc or B.Com?

by Dinesh Bhandari
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RE: What can I do after passing Vocational course in Electronics after 10th? Can I join BA/BSc or B.Com?

Preetha Ajit
Preetha Ajit
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Dear Dinesh,


The National Vocational Education Qualification Framework (NCVEQF) has clearly laid down rules for the shift of students from vocational education to regular higher degree courses

According to NCVEQF order,  "the students shall have the option to  move from vocational education to general higher education or vice versa at various stages, as provided by the school boards, universities and colleges. lf there are competency gaps identified in a candidate a bridge course to acquire those competencies will be imparted by the receiving institutions."  

Candidates acquiring a vocational diploma moves to general stream and goes on to complete a degree or continue two levels more to acquire advance diploma in vocational.  

Candidates who has passed grade 10 in general stream can join vocational stream in level 3 after passing a test of NVEQ level attained, provided he attains the skills of level 1&2.  

Candidates undergoing general education upto grade 12 can join vocational stream in level 5 after passing the level test.  

A level 7 certification in NCVEQF is a post graduate diploma in vocational education and a level 9 is a post graduate degree.

The ministry of HRD is coming up with a proposal in which a student passing vocational education can write an English qualifying examination and also a subject examination for which the students aspires to take a graduation and can enter the general stream of education.

Now B.Com Vocational and B.Voc is prevalent in many institutes across India, which ensures a graduate degree.

For further information you may please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3iY5dard3U and also the official website http://www.aicte-india.org/vocationaledu.php

Hope this helps.

Happy career planning

Preetha Ajit

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RE: What can I do after passing Vocational course in Electronics after 10th? Can I join BA/BSc or B.Com?

chandni chaudhary
chandni chaudhary

sir,i am passing 10+2 vocation course in electronic subject and i have complete two year aprentice so, am i eligible in railways alp? and other courses- bsc-electronics, msc- electronics 

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