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  Hello Mansi,   A warm welcome to Career   Thanks for visiting us and writing us your career query.   Its good to hear that you have been thinking of making a career in the Banking Sector. Banking has been always first preference career option by the commerce and economics students. For them making a career in Banking is a big dream.There have been a great career opportunities in both the Private as well as Public Banking Sector. The person who aspires to make a career in the Banking Sector especially in the Public Banking Sector they need to go through the exam.

Of course, you have the usual options of a career in Banking, Finance, Business, etc. You also have other options such as pursuing careers in Economic Consultancy, International Trade, Marketing and Retailing, Business Administration, Insurance, Credit Analysis, Market Research and Analysis, Budget Analysis, Government Planning Commission/Department, Business media Reporter, Management Consultant, etc. And of course, you can teach too as there is a dearth of good teachers and professors for Economics.

Dear Aspirant, Diploma in Economics is not at all industry recognised and known to many. I recommend you NOT to go for this. Instead do Graduation and Masters in Economics from Delhi School or Gokhale Institute or Madras Institute, Symbiosis School - all for economics. Economics is a technical course and a masters in that is highly recommended for a good career and growth. Best wishes

Hi Arjun.. You have to choose a course based on your interests, not based on the salary or reputation. You can find such options to get good salary and jobs if you are pursuing your interests. For getting much details on the engineering courses and economics courses, you have to visit the sites of institutes like Christ university, VIT university , SRM university, Lovely Professional University, etc. 

Hello Sukhamani,Happy new year and Pray that this year brings to you a lot of happiness and success all through your way.Before I answer your question, I would like to ask you a question, Do you have any idea what does an Economists do, or rather the role or responsibilities of an Economists???Let me here begin by answering the above asked question.An economists is the one who predicts the future of a company in terms of their investments in layman's terms.Basically an economists study, does research and predicts and evaluates business and revenue trends of an industry.They are mainly the Fina

Yaa.. You can work in industries and other companies as  accountant, financier etc and also can work in stock markets. You can go for higher studies in M.Sc Economics in best institutes like JMI, Symbiosis, Lovely Professional University, Christ university etc. You may can find your job partner through the placement drives in these institutes.