Financial Planners - Career Queries

I am listing down the activities that you will get involved in, as a part of your daily schedule while working as a financial planner:Throughout the day they have to respond to the client's mails and queries. They have to have those patience to communicate them well even in pressure situations.They arrange meetings with clients, accountants, investment bankers in order to understand the project better.It is a research oriented profession and the financial planner has to do great amount of research from the various resources that they have.All day long, they have to communicate with the oth

Corporate Finance & Control: A career in corporate finance centres around  mobilization and utilization of financial resources for short & long term purposes from domestic & international markets through a proper mix of debt  & equity, with the goal of optimizing returns. Treasury management has become an Integral part of corporate finance. Financial Services & Investment Banking:  Financial Services covers project planning, merchant banking services, portfolio management, venture capital assistance, credit rating,loan Syndication etc. Investment banking