Financial Planners - Career Queries

Managing money is a tricky business, managing other people' money  is not just tricky its also challenging and difficult. Considering most people need guidance on where to invest , how to save taxes, the best insurance scheme, which fund to invest in, which stock to hold , which one to sell , how to plan children education and their own retirement. Financial planners are most sought with a fast growing working population that earns well and needs expert handling of their finances. Financial planning helps people make advance provision for financial needs that may arise in futu

Corporate Finance & Control: A career in corporate finance centres around  mobilization and utilization of financial resources for short & long term purposes from domestic & international markets through a proper mix of debt  & equity, with the goal of optimizing returns. Treasury management has become an Integral part of corporate finance. Financial Services & Investment Banking:  Financial Services covers project planning, merchant banking services, portfolio management, venture capital assistance, credit rating,loan Syndication etc. Investment banking